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Alteration/Order Book Basics

An Alteration Book is a book that can be used to alter certain items without the intervention of a live merchant. These books will ERASE any previous short+long and show descriptions on items are altered with them.

There are several different parts that can be combined in different formations to create the item's description. They are noun, adjective, color, material, embellishment, embellishment adjective, embellishment color, embellishment material, and embellishment attachment.

Only the noun is required, and if no noun is chosen, will default to the existing noun. These options can be selected in different combinations, but cannot exceed 13 words or 75 characters.

Most of the time, the description will be built <adjective> <color> <material> <noun> <embellishment attachment> <embellishment adjective> <embellishment color> <embellishment material> <embellishment>. Some embellishments shift the order to <embellishment adjective> <embellishment color> <embellishment material> <embellishment><adjective> <color> <material> <noun>.

Scripted items can be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to be allowed to work with the order book, using REVIEW <ITEM> WITH BOOK. The script must have no customization options or alteration restrictions listed in the item's ANALYZE information. All options in the book must work with the script messaging for the script to be allowed.


This Tailor Order Book will allow you to customize simple garments without the assistance of a live alterer.

You can OPEN the book to begin an order, TURN or FLIP through the pages, WRITE your preferred design for each selection, and REDEEM the book to complete your order.  CLOSE the book to cancel your order.  PROD the book to toggle between "some" and "a pair of" for plural items.  If you are stumped for ideas, give the book a PONDER.

If you have your own preferred color, POUR your dye on the book when it is open to the color selection page.
You may TWIST a gemstone on the book for a special color related to that gemstone.  This is the same pool of colors as the Person of Honor items.
You may DROP a gemstone or an item that inspects as a special material to have that property imparted to the alteration.
The item, gemstone, or dose of dye is consumed and cannot be returned.  Not all descriptions will work with all materials and colors.

The order book can be used 2 times on non-Espousal items before the start of your wedding.  The book will be discarded after that time.

Use of this order book is restricted to you.


Verb Purpose First Third
Verb Style First Person View Third Person View
Alteration Book Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Miscellaneous
Item(s) Applied to Basic Clothing Items
Some Scripted items
Alterable No
Light/Deep No
Customizable No
Original Release Merchant Weddings
Original Release Venue Rings of Lumnis
Attunement Permanent
Attunes to Character
Item Verbs


You flip to page 4 of the order book, entitled "Colors."

You see headings for pinks, reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, violets, whites, blacks, browns, multicolored, or all.  TURN the book to COLOR {CHOICE} to see those colors.
You may also choose none.

WRITE your choice in the book to proceed.  FLIP the pages to go back to a selection of adjectives to choose from for your item.  TURN the pages to move forward to a selection of designs to choose from for your embellishment.  REDEEM the book to finish your order.

On the left side of the page is a drawing of some twill pants, which you envision as some pants.

If you are on Wrayth, all of these options are hyperlinked. If not, then you will want to use the syntax below:


To view the available Black Colors, click here.
Blacks: black, blue-black, charcoal black, ink black, jet black, midnight black, obsidian, obsidian black, onyx, onyx black, raven black, ebon, ebony, fuliginous, night-hued, sable, grey, dark grey, light grey, ash grey, blue-grey, dove grey, fog grey, iron grey, misty grey, pale grey, smoke grey, smoky grey, steel grey, stone grey, ashen, glaucous, pewter, dove-colored, slate-colored
To view the available Blue Colors, click here.
Blues: blue, blue-tinted, blue-tinged, dark blue, light blue, deep blue, ahmdir blue, baby blue, celestial blueglacial blue, ice blue, icy blue, iris blue, lagoon blue, midnight blue, navy blue, ocean blue, pale blue, pastel blue, peacock blue, royal blue, sea blue, seafoam, seafoam blue, sky blue, slate blue, twilight blue, aquamarine, azure, cerulean, cobalt, cornflower, hyacinth, lapis, mazarine, pavonated, periwinkle, sapphire, sky-hued, turquoise, ultramarine, zaffre
To view the available Brown Colors, click here.
Browns: brown, dark brown, light brown, ale brown, clove brown, nut brown, oak brown, bistre, caramel, caramel-hued, champagne, chestnut, chocolate-hued, cocoa brown, cinnamon, auburn, fawn, ginger, hazel, henna, roan, russet, sorrel, tan, taupe, tawny, topaz-hued, umber, walnut brown, whiskey-hued
To view the available Green Colors, click here.
Greens: green, green-tinted, green-tinged, dark green, light green, deep green, pale green, apple green, emerald, emerald green, grass green, hunter green, forest green, ivy green, jungle green, laurel green, leaf green, lime green, mint, mint green, moss green, pastel green, pine green, sea green, seafoam green, blue-green, celadon, chartreuse, corbeau, jade, olive, olivine, sage, teal, verdant, verdigris, vert, viridian
To view the available Multihued Colors, click here.
Multicolored: multicolored, multihued, colorful, kaleidoscopic, prismatic, rainbow-hued, varicolored, autumnal, black and white, black and grey, blue and white, gold and silver, orange and blue, green and white, pink and black
To view the available Orange Colors, click here.
Oranges: orange, orange-tinted, orange-tinged, bright orange, dark orange, light orange, deep orange, pale orange, burnt orange, fiery orange, sunrise orange, sunset orange, vivid orange, apricot, brass, bronze, carnelian, melon, papaya, peach, persimmon, pumpkin, ochre, red-orange, rust-colored, sienna, sunset-hued, tangerine
To view the available Pink Colors, click here.
Pinks: pink, pink-tinted, pink-tinged, dark pink, light pink, deep pink, pale pink, pastel pink, blush pink, blush-hued, coral, coral pink, pearl pink, rosy pink, salmon, salmon pink, twilight pink, azalea, fuchsia, magenta, mauve, rose, dusky rose, raspberry, strawberry-hued
To view the available Red Colors, click here.
Reds: red, red-tinted, red-tinged, dark red, light red, deep red, berry red, blood red, brick red, cardinal red, cherry red, fiery red, flame red, fox red, lava red, rosy red, ruby red, vibrant red, alizarin, burgundy, carmine, cerise, claret, cranberry, crimson, dark crimson, deep crimson, garnet, maroon, murrey, ruddy, sanguine, scarlet, vermilion, wine
To view the available Violet Colors, click here.
Violets: purple, purple-tinted, purple-tinged, blue-purple, dark purple, light purple, deep purple, pale purple, nightshade purple, royal purple, twilight purple, amethyst, aubergine, eggplant, grape-hued, heliotrope, indigo, lavender, lilac, mulberry, orchid, plum, thistle, violet, blue-violet, red-violet, wisteria
To view the available White Colors, click here.
Whites: white, bone white, cottony white, cream, creamy white, daisy white, downy white, frost white, gardenia white, ghostly white, lily white, parchment white, pearly, pearly white, porcelain white, pure white, oyster white, snow white, winter white, argent, alabaster, almond, beige, bisque, coconut, ecru, eggshell, ivory, niveous, pearl-hued, platinum, snowy, silver, silver-tinged, silvery, silvery blue, silvery green, moonlight silver, vanilla
To view the available Yellow Colors, click here.
Yellows: yellow, yellow-tinted, yellow-tinged, bright yellow, dark yellow, deep yellow, light yellow, pale yellow, buttery yellow, pastel yellow, amber, dark amber, banana, banana yellow, orange-yellow, canary, citrine, coppery, electrum-hued, flaxen, gold, gold-tinged, coppery-gold, golden, honey-hued, honey gold, pale golden, goldenrod, butterscotch, lemon, marigold, mustard, saffron, sunny yellow, sunshine yellow, topaz, turmeric, wheaten

Note liking any of these color options? Not a problem you can fix this by pouring your favorite dye color on the order book.

[Syntax: POUR {my} dye on {my} BOOK]

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Not all designs are available for all options.

To view the available Design for Animals, click here.
alligator, bat, bear, bronco, buck, bug, bumblebee, bunny, butterfly, capybara, caribou, cat, centaur, chinchilla, cobra, cow, crab, deer, damselfly, dog, doe, dolphin, dragon, fly, dragonfly, eel, elephant, elk, fawn, fish, firefly, fox, frog, gazelle, goat, griffin, ghost, ghostfly, glimaerfly, hart, hawk, hog, hedgehog, hind, horse, iguana, jackal, kitten, koala, kobold, koi, kraken, ladybug, lemur, lion, lizard, lobster, loris, mantis, minotaur, monkey, moose, morduska, moth, mouse, mustang, narwhal, octopus, orc, otter, panda, pegasus, penguin, phoenix, pig, pixie, polar bear, pony, puppy, qahzumar, rabbit, raccoon, reindeer, roa'ter, rolton, sea anemone, selshis, serpent, shark, skeleton, skull, snake, spider, sprite, stag, stallion, starfish, teadragon, tentacle, tiger, toad, tortoise, troll, turtle, unicorn, weasel, wendigo, whale, witch, wolf, wombat, wraith, wyvern, yierka, bird, bluebird, cardinal, chicken, crow, duck, dove, eagle, egret, blood eagle, finch, flamingo, flycatcher, heron, ibis, macaw, merlin, owl, parrot, peacock, pelican, pheasant, raven, rook, rooster, seagull, songbird, swan, turkey, wren, fairywren, hummingbird.
To view the available Design Florals, click here.
floral, flower, blossom, alyssum, amaranth, anemone, angelica, aster, begonia, bleeding heart, bluebell, bougainvillea, buttercup, butterfly weed, campion, cactus flower, carnation, cherry blossom, chrysanthemum, clematis, clivia, columbine, cothinar flower, crocus, daffodil, dahlia, daisy, dandelion, datura, dragonstalk, edelweiss, feverfew, flamestalk, forget-me-not, freesia, frostflower, gardenia, geranium, ginger blossom, goldenrod, heather, heliotrope, hellebore, hibiscus, honeysuckle, honeywort, hyacinth, hydrangea, iceblossom, iris, lavender, lilac, lily, blood lily, calla lily, daylily, tiger lily, snow lily, stargazer lily, water lily, lotus blossom, jasmine, jessamine, larkspur, lupine, magnolia, monkeyflower, moonflower, morning glory, mournbloom, nightshade, orange blossom, orchid, pansy, snow pansy, passionflower, peony, petunia, phlox, plumeria, poinsettia, poppy, posy, rose, rosebud, dog rose, primrose, fairy primrose, tea rose, winter rose, sirenflower, snapdragon, sunflower, thistle, trillium, tulip, tuberose, violet, alpine violet, wood violet, wildflower, wisteria, zinnia.
To view the available Design for Nature, click here.
autumnal, celestial, heraldic, moon phase, paisley, frost, tropical, star, starburst, sunburst, moon, moon and star, crescent moon, threefold moon, nightscape, eclipse, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, cloud, storm cloud, thundercloud, rainbow, lightning bolt, raindrop, snowflake, snowman, flame, fire, rising smoke, paw print, footprint, handprint, claw, talon, jack-o-lantern, bramble, branch, cactus, fern, forest, frond, ivy, leaf, maple leaf, mushroom, palm frond, pine needle, pumpkin, wreath, holly, mistletoe, reed, rosette, shamrock, tendril, thorn, toadstool, tree, vine, grape vine, willow, coral, seascape, shell, wave, volcano, apple, berry, cherry, cake, cookie, fruit, honeycomb, muffin, pie, pie slice, pineapple, potato, strawberry, tart, waffle, watermelon, marallis berry, sovyn clove, sweetfern, garlic clove.
To view the available Design Patterns, click here.
abstract, arabesque, dotted, fractal, geometric, herringbone, lattice, scalloped, scrollwork, scale, sinuous, woodgrain, zigzag, anchor, arrow, bell, chevron, cityscape, coffin, diamond, feather, heart, square, triangle, interlocked ring, spiderweb, spiral, wisp.
To view the available Design for Professoin, click here.
bow, claidhmore, sword, shield, shield and sword, crossed sword, scimitar, sickle, boat, brigantine, carrack, frigate, galleon, ship, airship, pirate, pirate flag, bottle, wine bottle, gear, sprocket, coin, lock, key, lock and key, lockpick, scarab, playing card, clasped hands, praying hands, open hand, skull, demon, eye, rune, runestaff, runestone, shrunken head, scroll, wand, cauldron, mortar and pestle, book, quill, artist's brush, brush stroke, palette, palette and brush, lute, flute, harp, music note, skillet, butter churn, needle, needle and thread, spindle, mitten, sleigh, wagon, giftbox, present, spoon, fork, teapot, teacup, bride, bridesmaid, groom, maiden, cigar, guillotine, bone, brain, corpse, fang, finger, fingernail, fist, intestine, incisor, kidney, liver, spleen, toe, toenail, tooth, gravestone, headstone, tombstone, broomstick, mop, candelabra, chalice, lamp, lantern, sconce.
To view the available Design for Religion, click here.
angel, anvil, artist's brush, black widow, broken skull, cat's head, chelioboros, clenched fist, conjoined circles, crescent moon, crown, crystal ball, dagger, dagger-pierced heart, doe, dolphin, eight-pointed star, feather, flame, gate and key, grain sheaf, heart, hourglass, jackal's head, key, leaf, lily, lute, musical note, ouroboros, pegasus, rose, tentacled star, six-tentacled star, slit-pupiled eye, scimitar, scroll, serpent, shield, sickle, skull, star, stone giant, stone giantess, sunburst, sword, trident, two-headed serpent.
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Embellishments generally come after the noun. Embellishments that begin with a hyphen will be placed first in the description, prior to the adjective.

Usually available

design, motif, -motif, accents pattern, -patterned


applique, lining, -lined, threading, trim, embroidery, beading, beadwork, -beaded

Embellishments that cannot take a material

engraving, embroidery, design, motif, -motif, pattern, -patterned, toes, baby's breath, cork

Embellishments that cannot take a color

neckline, engraving, carving, baby's breath

Jewelry: pattern, motif, design

Embellishments that can take designs

embroidery, motif, -motif, pattern, -patterned, design, applique, charms, buttons, buckles, fasteners, pendant, totem, inlay, -carved, -cut, -engraved, -etched with, engraving, -embossed, -shaped, mosaic

Embellishments that can take hard materials (gemstone, wood, metal, etc)

clasps, fasteners, buttons, buckles, high heels, grommets, studs, beading, beads, beadwork, pendants, charms, carving, circlet, diadem, tiara, totems, chains, accents, stays, closures, boning, links, plaques, bars, threading, bells, holder, handle, -beaded, lid, cap, stopper

Embellishment Adjectives

Embellishment adjectives are the words that come between the embellishment attachment and the embellishment to describe the embellishment.

Embellishment adjectives - Fabric - pattern, motif, embroidery, design

bold, contrasting, elaborate, faint, graduated, intricate, repeating, stylized, subtle, swirling, vivid

Embellishment adjectives - Sheen

bright, brilliant, faint, glimmering, glossy, iridescent, lustrous, opalescent, slight

Embellishment Attachments

The attachment phrase is the action phrase that links the item with the embellishment.

Embellishment attachments that can take designs

carved with, chiseled with, engraved with, etched with, painted with, embossed with, stamped with, tooled with, incised with, threaded with, stitched with, graced with, covered with, decorated with, embroidered with, beaded with

Embellishment adjectives - buttons, buckles, clasps

fastened by, held by, secured by

Embellishment adjectives - cords, laces, ribbons, drawstrings, bows, sashes

cinched by, tied by, held by, pulled by

Embellishment adjectives - beads, beadwork, beading

dotted with, festooned with, strung by, displaying

Embellishment adjectives - threading

shot with, shot through with, woven with

Embellishment adjectives - fringe, tassels

dangling, dripping, edged with

Embellishment adjectives - overskirt, underskirt, crinoline, petticoat

layered over, split over, front-split over

Embellishment adjectives - filigree

caged by

Embellishment adjectives - circlet, tiara, diadem

cascading from, falling from, suspended by

Embellishment adjectives - designs - cloth

accented by, threaded with, stitched with, graced with, covered with, decorated with, embroidered with, beaded with, dotted with

Embellishment adjectives - designs - gemstone

accented by, carved with, chiseled with

Embellishment adjectives - designs - metal

accented by, engraved with, etched with

Embellishment adjectives - designs - leather

accented by, embossed with, stamped with, tooled with, incised with



compact, large, small, formal, structured


drawstring, flap, strap, straps, clasp, clasps, fastener, studs

Button, buckle, clasp etc, adjectives

oversized, small, tiny, polished, round, simple, smooth, square



pack, backpack, carryall, sack, rucksack, haversack, knapsack, bag, case, tote



bag, carryall, case, harness, messenger bag, musette, purse, pack, sack, reticule, satchel, tote



pouch, belt pouch, gem pouch, coin pouch, bag, sack, satchel, hip-satchel


Embellishment Adjectives - neckline

low-cut, daringly cut, high, plunging, lace-edged, keyhole, square, sweetheart

Embellishment Adjectives - fringe, tassels

dangling, evenly spaced, evenly cut, knotted, beaded, thick, heavy, light, wispy



belt, sash, hip-sash, hip-scarf



cap, hat, tricorn, cavalier hat


floppy, narrow, round, short, sleek, smooth, tall, curve-brimmed, wide-brimmed, feather-adorned


band, veil, netting, brim, feather, feathers, plume, plumes

Feather adjectives

large, long, oversized, short, small, trailing



shirt, tunic, blouse, tabard, doublet



gown, dress, frock, sundress, houppelande, cotehardie, kirtle, ballgown, bliaut, wedding dress, bridal gown

Embellishment adjectives

soft, sheer, sleek, stiff, silver-threaded, gold-threaded, sequined

Embellishment adjectives - train, skirt, petticoat

asymmetric, crisp, diaphanous, dramatic, flounced, flowing, frilly, gathered, graduated, lace-inset, layered, long, multilayered, tiered, multitiered, narrow, ombre-dyed, pinned, pleated, rustling, shredded, slashed, sweeping, voluminous, wide

Embellishment adjectives - train


Embellishment adjectives - sleeves

diaphanous, frilly, narrow, pleated, wide, sequined

Embellishment adjectives - bodice

low-cut, open-backed, back-laced, front-laced, tightly laced, narrow-waisted, wasp-waisted



skirt, skirts, kerchief skirt, circle skirt, wrap-skirt, kilt, greatkilt


sleek, tailored, asymmetric, crisp, fitted, side-laced, side-slit, svelte


overskirt, overskirts, underskirt, underskirts, underskirting, crinoline, petticoat, petticoats, bustle, capelet, train, bustled train, fishtail train, forked train, sweep train, watteau train, sash, sashes, bow, bows, ribbons, overlay, panels, paneling, buttons

Embellishment adjectives

soft, sheer, sleek, stiff, silver-threaded, gold-threaded, sequined



cape, cloak, capelet, coat, greatcoat, jacket, kimono, longcoat, longcloak, greatcloak, mantle, pelisse, mandelion, surcoat, surcote, jerkin, burnoose, robe, robes


draped, knee-length, hip-length, thigh-length, floor-length, flowing, sweeping, voluminous, cowled, hooded, deeply hooded, short, long


buckle, clasp, closure, fastener, buttons, pockets, hood, cowl

Hood adjectives

deep, soft, stiff, trailing



bodice, corset, corsets, cincher, waist-cincher, half-bodice


asymmetric, crisp, fitted, side-laced, side-slit, svelte, buttoned, back-buttoned, front-buttoned, strapless, low-cut, open-backed, back-laced, front-laced, tightly laced, narrow-waisted, wasp-waisted


laces, lacing, cords, cording, ribbons, buttons, grommets, closures, boning, stays, neckline, panels, overlay



pants, trousers, breeches, leggings, pantaloons, breeks, britches


asymmetric, crisp, fitted, side-laced, side-slit, svelte



shoes, boots, dancing shoes, moccasins, poulaines, sandals, slippers


narrow-toed, pointy-toed, pointed, round-toed, square-toed, side-buttoned, side-buckled, open-toed, ankle-tied, calf-tied, ankle-laced, calf-laced, backless, heeled, high-heeled, low-heeled, spike-heeled, wedge-heeled


buttons, buckles, closures, fasteners, laces, studs, bows, ribbons, heels, high heels



bowtie, cravat, neckerchief, necktie



garter, thigh-band


frill-edged, ruffle-edged, dag-edged, tatted



gloves, casting gloves, fingerless gloves, half-gloves


sleek, long, short, thick, thin, elbow-length, shoulder-length, wrist-tied


buttons, closures, fasteners, palms, finger pads





cuffed, knee-high, thigh-high, bow-topped, ribbon-edged





undershirt, gambeson, doublet



leggings, stockings, petticoat, petticoats, underskirt, underskirts


asymmetric, crisp, fitted, side-laced, side-slit, svelte

Stockings adjectives

knee-high, thigh-high, bow-topped, ribbon-edged



antique, dainty, delicate, fragile, gilded, hefty, knotwork, polished


ribbons, bow, bows


inlay, -inlaid, -set, -inset

Embellishment Adjectives for chains

long, short, tiered, braided, twisted, multitiered, multi-stranded, entwined,twining



ring, wedding ring, engagement ring, band, wedding band, engagement band, thumb ring, pinkie ring, signet ring, signet band


narrow, slender, slim, thin, thick, wide


Gemstone: cabochon, cluster, setting, solitaire, gemstone only (no word), design as noun

Wood: carving, -carved

Metal: band, filigree, engraving


Change to singular for earring. Piercing jewelry not applicable.


earrings, bar earrings, chandelier earrings, earbobs, hoops, stud earrings, studs, earcuffs





amulet, choker, collar, medallion, lavaliere, locket, neckchain, necklace, pendant, back pendant, prayerbeads, talisman, torc, totem

Adjectives - Pendant, Totem, Talisman, Amulet, Medallion

large, small, oversized, tiny

Adjectives - Necklace, Neckchain, Choker

tiered, multitiered, multi-stranded


medallion, pendant, talisman, totem, plaques, bars, charm, charms, beads, -beaded, bells, cabochon, gemstone only (no word), design as noun, cord, thong, chain, chains, box chain, rope chain



Ring Box


box, jewelry box, ring box


lid, lining, trim, padding

Drink Crate


box, crate, trunk, basket, picnic basket


lid, lining, trim, padding


Not all materials are available for every option.

You may DROP an item that inspects as a material in order to use that material in your alteration, if it is not listed here.

To view the available Delicate Fabrics, click here.
Delicate fabrics: silk, baldachin, bourde, brocade, brocatelle, chainsil, charmeuse, chiffon, crepe, damask, dupioni silk, faille, figured silk, flyrsilk, jacquard, lace, marbrinus, moire silk, muslin, organdy, organza, ramie silk, samite, satin, sea silk, spidersilk, taffeta, tulle, velvet, burnt velvet, watered silk, wild silk
To view the available Everyday Fabrics, click here.
Everyday fabrics: broadcloth, burlap, canvas, cotton, felt, linen, muslin, oilcloth, sailcloth, tartan, tweed, wool
To view the available Leather materials, click here.
Leather: leather, buckskin, doeskin, kid leather, kidskin, lambskin, suede
To view the available Gauzy Fabrics, click here.
Gauzy fabric: faille, gauze, gossamer, lace, ridgeweaver silk, taffeta, tatted lace, tulle
To view the available Furs, click here.
Furs: angora, cameline, chinchilla, coyote, fur, fox fur, lynx, mink, pashmina, paeline, sable, shearling, wool
To view the available Gemstone Materials, click here.
Gemstone: agate, alexandrite, amber, amethyst, beryl, blazestar, bloodjewel, bloodstone, crystal, deathstone, diamond, doomstone, emerald, feystone, glimaerstone, jacinth, jade, jasper, moonstone, obsidian, opal, pearl, quartz, ruby, saewehna, butterfly saewehna, hummingbird saewehna, moth saewehna, sapphire, star ruby, star sapphire, starstone, sunstone, topaz, tourmaline, turquoise
To view the available Metals, click here.
Metal: alum, brass, bronze, copper, electrum, faenor, gold, imflass, invar, laje, mithglin, mithril, ora, pewter, tin, platinum, pink gold, red gold, rose gold, white gold, silver, silvery, sterling silver, steel, vaalorn, vultite, eahnor, eonake, golvern, rolaren, vaalin
To view the available Woods, click here.
Wood: wood, aspen, ash, birch, carmiln, cedar, cocobolo, driftwood, ebonwood, faewood, fel, haon, hazel, hickory, hoarbeam, kakore, mahogany, maoral, maple, bird's-eye maple, mesille, mistwood, modwir, mossbark, oak, rosewood, rowan, ruic, tanik, thanot, villswood, walnut, willow, witchwood, yew, fireleaf, glowbark, wyrwood
To view the available Natural Materials click here.
Natural: antler, bone, coral, glass, glaes, horn, ivory, mother-of-pearl, nacre, sea glass, shell, tusk
To view the available Feathers click here.
Feathers: bird, bluebird, cardinal, crow, duck, dove, eagle, blood eagle, flycatcher, heron, owl, peacock, pelican, pheasant, raven, seagull, swan
To view the available Stemware Materials, click here.
Stemware: glass, crystal
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Adjectives that start with a hyphen (-motif, etc.) will be preceded by a chosen design or material as appropriate (silk-lined, rose-motif, etc.).

Always available

elven-crafted, elven-styled, dark elven, dwarven, erithian, sylvan, gnomish, aelotian, simple, elaborate

Usually available

-motif, -patterned, subtly patterned


braided, brushed, burnished, filigreed, hammered, lustrous, matte, shiny, twisted, -engraved, -etched, -shaped


elaborately carved, glossy, lacquered, lustrous, painted, sculpted, striated, varnished, -shaped, -carved


flawless, faceted, filigree-caged, large, shiny, -carved, -cut, -shaped


-carved, -incised


-embossed, -stamped, -incised, -tooled, buttery, supple


coarse, downy, fuzzy, glossy, lustrous, luxurious, rich, silky, sleek, sumptuous, smooth, thick, velvety, warm


elegant, embroidered, fine, finespun, pristine, smooth, striped, ribbed, tone-on-tone, coarse, finespun, knitted, lightweight, ruched, silky, summerweight, winterweight


sleek, tailored


dark, deep, light, muted, pale, vivid