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The Needle of Pentas is situated on the Isle of Ornath, and where scholars and adventures converge for the trials of the Rings of Lumnis. Each of the five Rings of Lumnis offers unique challenges to solve! The five rings are Planar, Spiritual, Elemental, Chaos, and Order, and rewards from each will be tracked on a powerful relic received upon entry to The Needle. As trials are completed, the relic will grow more powerful.


Rings of Lumnis is a SimuCoins pay event that is opened to attendees on a limited release.

The quest has been ran on the following dates so far:

  • April 20 - 29, 2018
  • April 19 - ??, 2019 (tentatively scheduled)

Quest Info

When you use QUEST to be transported to the Needle of Pentas, you'll be confined to this area of the Isle of Ornath. There is some exploration that anyone can take part in, whether you want to participate in the event or not. There are five teleportation disks, Planar, Spiritual, Elemental, Chaos, and Order, that will bring you to Liabo. Each section will have a ring you enter which is where the trials take place. This is where you'll need a scholar's card and a brooch (the relic). You are awarded an increment to your brooch upon entering the puzzle area, win, lose, or surrender. The increment is only good for the "ring" you're entering. For example, entering Planar will increment the Planar benefit by +1. If you want to increment the Elemental benefit, you'll need to visit the Elemental "ring" to try your knowledge (and maybe luck) there.

Successfully completing both puzzles and trivia will award a prize on top of the experience. The common prize will be lightening notes. The uncommon prize will be deepening notes of different varieties. And a rare prize will be an RPA orb. If you have a free hand, it will be delivered right to you. If you don't, it will be on the ground. Hopefully they are both entertaining and challenging as well.

For additional help in completing the various puzzles and trivia found within the trials, please visit Research:Rings of Lumnis - SPOILERS.

Reward Info


Planar Spiritual Elemental Chaos Order
Lumnis' Enlightenment Lumnis' Vigor Lumnis' Fortitude Lumnis' Divergence Lumnis' Repose
Larger experience capacity Instant absorption Adventurers' Guild
task performance boosts
Randomly selected from
other four benefits
Extra bounty point

The brooch is a pin worn item that has five benefits. The benefits can be changed at this event via the TURN verb an unlimited amount of times. The brooch can be set to another benefit once a month outside of the Rings of Lumnis event. To change it to something outside of the event, you will need to make your way to the DragonSpine Fane and seek the niche dedicated to Lumnis there. (Lich Room ID: [Zul Logoth, Ancient Passage - 26072]) You will have an hour after you make the decision to change it if you want to change it back, but after that, there is a month cooldown. The brooch also unlocks verbs that do cosmetic changes to your character as well as additional messaging for your relic after completing a number of increments to your brooch.

The brooch can be upgraded quite a bit. It starts out gaining benefits very rapidly, but slows downs as the potency becomes stronger. Planar, Spiritual, and Order take the total you have and directly add it to the benefit. Elemental is a bit different in that the number translates to a percent bonus where +100 equals 10 (always rounding down). Chaos will randomly select one of the other benefits with a chance to be up to 10% more of a bonus.

The brooch MUST be activated to use. Spiritual is instantly used. The others stays active for thirty (30) minutes. The brooch starts off at 1x/day, but with many runs, you can begin to gain additional uses. Gaining extra uses takes the entire's brooch's progress into account, not just the specific benefits, as does unlocking verbs. Don't worry about memorizing the numbers. We have a detailed ANALYZE on the item that will tell you exactly where you are with the benefits.

The brooch is account attuned (only one allowed per account), but passing the brooch off is completely your responsibility. The cooldown resets at midnight. ANALYZE provides much information, such as: the unlocked verbs, the number of times it has been used today, and the currently selected orb (also available via LOOK).

If you need to respec which benefit you've assigned runs to on your brooch, you can do so by speaking to the NPC at the center of the zone and they charge 50k silver per run that is reassigned.

[Needle of Pentas, Foyer - 26944]
A lithe giantkin monk nods slowly and says, "You want to know more about changing the allocations of your trials? I am able to do this for you as long as you're holding the brooch in your right hand. In addition, there will be a charge for my time. For every rank that I transfer, it will cost you 50,000 silvers. It's a painless process on your end, and all you have to do is ASK MONK ABOUT EXCHANGE <# of ranks> <RING to move from> <RING to move to>."

Dyannae continues, "I will ask your approval first before making any changes to your item."

Fluff Tiers

Fluff Unlock Tiers
#Runs Verb Example
35-50? COVER Hide the brooch from showing in your inventory.
75 TICKLE Eye characteristic changed to "[color]-haloed"
100 SPIN Unique line changed to "a sheen of [color] lends his/her skin a luminous quality."
125 PUSH Hair changing to "an incredibly long [special color]-highlighted Liabo-white hair"
Where [color] it is red, blue, green, black, or white. Where [special color] it is crimson, cerulean, viridian, ebon, or golden.

Cost per Reward

Bonus Per Run: # of Runs: Total Runs: X/day: Bonus Provided: Total Bonus: SC Cost: Total SC Cost: Premium Rate:
10 10 10 1 100 100 950 950 $9.99
5 20 30 1 100 200 1900 2850 $24.98
4 25 55 1 100 300 2375 5225 $44.98
2 50 105 2 100 400 4750 9975 $79.97
1 100 205 2 100 500 9500 19475 $149.98
1 100 305 3 100 600 9500 28975 $219.97
0.5 200 505 3 100 700 19000 47975 $359.95
0.25 400 905 4 100 800 38000 85975 $644.92
0.2 500 1405 4 100 900 47500 133475 $994.88
0.1 1000 2405 5 100 1000 95000 228475 $1659.90
Totals: 2405 2405 5 1000 1000 228475 228475 $1659.90
Max Ring: 12025 12025 10 1000 1000 1142375 1142375 $8299.50

x/Day Targets

Uses Overall Increments/
# of Runs:
1x/day 0
2x/day 100
3x/day 300
4x/day 750
5x/day 1500
6x/day 2500
7x/day 4500
8x/day 7000
9x/day 10000
10x/day 12025

Liabo Moon Bonus

Total Runs Bonus
500 10%
3500 20%

Liabo has a very short orbit at just over 7 days (7.3 days) and lasts roughly 29.2 hours. A carefully timed usage can get some extra mileage out of the brooch with these full moons. To see current Liabo moon phase, be outside and LOOK LIABO

Area Info

Begin in the first room you're transported to. Go <color> balcony and enter the teleportation disk to transport to the puzzle area. With your scholar's card in hand, enter a ring in any of the rooms to start a puzzle.

[Needle of Pentas, Apex - 26938]
Carnelian balcony = Planar
Alabastar balcony = Order
Azurite balcony = Spiritual
Aventurine balcony = Elemental
Onyx balcony = Chaos

There are 5 supernodes at the event.

[Garden of the Planes, Fountain - 26954]
[Garden of the Spirit, Fountain - 26947]
[Garden of the Elements, Pool - 26980]
[Garden of Chaos, Fountain - 26972]
[Garden of Order, Fountain - 26969]

To exit the event, go to the gazebo and enter a glowing ring.

[Isle of Ornath, Landing - 26962]