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Anchoring is a method that causes non-corporeal undead to decay on a normal timer rather than a fast timer. Only one attacker in a group is required to have magical anchoring, regardless of who gets the killing blow.

Fast Decay

Non-corporeal undead are difficult to loot because they decay very quickly after death.

Creatures have an action timer between their actions, and non-corporeal undead will decay as soon as their action timer would have ended. With this in mind, it is possible to work around this issue by timing the killing blow immediately after the creature's last action, thereby maximizing the time between death and subsequent decay.

A strategy for warding casters is to avoid CHANNELing, thereby avoiding roundtime, to immediately attempt to loot the creature after each CAST.

Spells such as Pious Trial (1602) and Slow (504) that increase the roundtime for actions naturally also increase the action timer.

Magical Anchoring

Magical anchoring can be achieved with the help of a cleric.

A cleric may bestow a Bless (304) upon weapons that causes non-corporeal undead to be anchored. This requires that the cleric has at least 40 ranks of Spiritual Lore, Blessings.

A cleric may permanently Sanctify (330) weapons. Each tier of Sanctify gives a 20% chance of anchoring, with a Tier 5 Sanctification offering 100% anchoring of all kills.

Clerics may also anchor their own weapons by applying Sanctify (330) to their weapon by EVOKE, which applies a 4 hour buff that can be seen by LOOKing at the weapon. Along with anchoring, this also grants the cleric upgraded Holy Fire flares. Only clerics may benefit from this temporary enhancement.