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Category: Events
Subject: MOARdrobes, a sorting clothing container for private properties, will be available at Duskruin.
Author: GS4-TIVVY
Date: 2023/02/06

At some point during Duskruin, a cart will be put out where private property owners will be able to purchase "a miniature wardrobe replica" that will allow placement of a new, sorting clothing container in an indoor room in their private property. This will not work in premium homes, tents, or any other location except in a private property you are the owner of.

Are they alterable? Yes. You can change the description, add a long description, and/or a show, customize the scent messaging seen when you open the MOARdrobe, and customize the adjectives before the mirror inside by taking your replica to any willing GALD merchant.

The MOARdrobe has 9 subcontainers inside that garments get sorted into when you PUT them in it. There are 7 style sets of subcontainer descriptions, each with an accompanying default scent, that you can choose from before you create the wardrobe. If a custom scent is set, it will override this default. Once the MOARrobe is placed, these cannot be changed.

The MOARdrobe and its subcontainers may not be deepened. In total, they hold 200 pounds of clothing items. You cannot put armor, weapons, or armor accessories in it.

The first time you TURN your replica, you'll create a key that can be used to lock and unlock the MOARdrobe once it is placed. You will need to hold it when you are placing it in a room. The key is wearable and can be FLIPped to change the worn location between wrist, neck, and belt BUT you must be holding it in hand to lock and unlock the MOARdrobe.

Now that the fine print is out of the way, let's get to the fun stuff.


GAZE will show you a nested list of everything inside the MOARdrobe, including what's inside a container placed in one of the subcontainers.

LOOKing in it will show you a list of the containers and anything directly on/in them.

PEERing at the MOARdrobe will allow you to look at yourself in the mirror hanging on the door inside it.

SNIFF and RUB are fluff verbs.

Style Sets:
Fight Night, Leonine Lord, Barebones, Witching Hour, Necromantic Noir, and Druidic Dreams are the different style sets you can choose from for the containers inside the wardrobe.

As one example:
>turn my replica Your wardrobe replica is currently set to style setting: Witching Hour This includes the following subcontainers: a moon-carved ebonwood box, a velvet-draped pale jadewood trunk, a smoky green eclipse-painted bin, an open grimoire-shaped shelf, some gilded wand-shaped pegs, a row of moss-veiled hangers, a silk-shrouded robes rack, a lace-wrapped finery drawer, and some tiered widowwood shoe trees. The current scent setting is: a smoky, mingled farrago of incense and blood orange


MOARdrobes, a sorting clothing container for private properties, will be available at Duskruin.