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Welcome to GemStone IV Wiki's Announcements page, the place to be for all the latest and greatest information about GemStone.

Latest Announcements

Please use this form to make Papermaker Update requests. Papermaker Request Form | Papermaker Update Request Form


Notes issued from the bank when WITHDRAWing money will no longer incur a .1% fee. Additionally, notes written out to players when selling goods to the gemshop, furrier, and pawnshop will no longer incur a .2% fee. | Bank Note Fees Banished

The HESS request form and the Shop/Item request form will both be closing soon for February requests. The deadline for new HESS service requests is 12/1/22 and the deadline for new Shop/Item requests is 11/15/22. Get those in ASAP if you have something on your wishlist! | Duskruin February 2022 Requests

Parasite Armor now has increased reserves up to a maximum of 550 and the blood infused will now also be increased by a flat bonus of affinity * 2 (Health Drained + (Affinity * 2)). | Parasite Armor updates

All Announcements

Page Subject Category Author Date
Papermaker Update Request Form Rings of Lumnis: Papermaker Update Request Form Events GS4-Thandiwe 2022-11-27
A Grand Banquet General, Development, Prime, Premium, Platinum, Events, CHE, or MHO. Match the Discord announcements channel. GS4-Netz 2022-11-17
Bank Note Fees Banished Bank Note Fees Banished Development GS4-MESTYS 2022-11-12
Duskruin February 2022 Requests Duskruin February 2022 Request Forms closing soon Events GS4-TIVVY 2022-11-09
Parasite Armor updates Parasite Armor updates Development GS4-RETSER 2022-11-07
Holiday Giftwagons 2022 Holiday Wagons Arrive in River's Rest General GS4-TIVVY 2022-11-06