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Athalia Aricia Malwind is the daughter of Baron Dunrith Malwind of Vornavis. It is unknown why she also carries the Aricia name. She has appeared at Court on several occasions and was impersonated by the first Duskborn during Ride of the Red Dreamer. Her brother is Salnim Malwind.

On the 14th day of the month Lormesta, in the year 5117, Sir Cryheart Thaxin of the Order of the Silver Gryphons petitioned Baron Dunrith Malwind for permission to court Lady Athalia — which was granted.

Behind the scenes

Athalia's Appearance

You see Lady Athalia Aricia Malwind.
She appears to have come of age. She has moss green-flecked midnight blue eyes and milky white skin. She has very long, glossy braided golden brown hair tied off with an argent-threaded emerald hair ribbon. She has a heart-shaped face, an upturned nose, and full rose-tinted lips.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a delicate white gold diadem dangling emerald teardrops from each filigree foliate segment, a pair of oval absinthe-hued peridot earrings set in platinum filigree, a silvery-sage green suede cloak emblazoned over the right breast with an ivory silk swan, a perfect winter rose adorned with silver and blue ribbons, a silver sage cinched linen bliaut edged with alabaster lace, a pair of white lace half-gloves, and a pair of pale grey suede boots fastened with tiny dark absinthe buttons.