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Ride of the Red Dreamer was created by GM Auchand and re-introduced several characters from the Griffin Sword Saga centered around the Dreamwalker Chaeye and other various protagonists of that era. Its primary struggles were elements of Ronan's order and the residents of Elanthia's fear of the power released or obtained of a fallen Dreamwalker named Indhis, or the Red Dreamer.

The story line took place from the winter of 2009 to August 2012. Most of the event took place in Solhaven and its environs plus elements of Eve of the Reunion 2010, Feast of the Immortals 2010, plus sections of the Viridian Circle storyline on Teras and in Icemule Trace.

This is that story, its events, tragedies, and key players along with it's contributors. Many, lost to time.


Posted by ENCELADAN 22 March 2010

Lately many have been experiencing visions, most of a recurring theme regarding a man rising up from the darkness, causing untold death and destruction. References to him being a traitor betrayed, who would blind the eyes of the gods. More also regarding watchers who keep an eye on these things, and a reference that "he" knows what they fear. I wish I had more concrete on this, but I don't.

Instead, I will summarize what happened this evening in regard to the man named Ardence. He arrived in town some months ago, but has remained mostly out of sight for that time. He is a sworn enemy of Tseleth, and has clashed with him many times over the years. He outlined a general idea for potentially dealing with Tseleth, though for the moment it's believed that Tseleth is safe and secure in his sanctum.

He also told a story regarding the Dreamwalkers, how the first came to become one, and how at the height of their strength, there were nine in this order. It was also indicated that this is the same order that Chaeye Larrinthe once belonged to, years ago.

For the moment however, there isn't much to go on. Some discussion was made regarding traps and bait, but nothing conclusive. No fighting, no tactical assessment. Just things a'brewing that we need to keep an eye on.

-Aydan Mursilis, Protector of Solhaven-

Old Faces, New Enemies 1/18/10

Posted by ENCELADAN 23 May 2010

Citizens and Defenders of Solhaven,

As many now know, our town faces a new threat, one which may seem familiar at first to many of the townspeople who have lived here in recent years. This threat, for the moment, goes by the name of Tseleth. While he has the visage of a human, he is anything but. He is a powerful servant of Luukos, not quite alive, and not quite dead either. He gathers fragments of people's souls, using them to sustain himself. Unfortunately, the souls he corrupts or acquires fragments from leave the person capable of being influenced and controlled by him. I will leave it to those who have suffered this fate to tell their tale, if they so choose.

Some may have noticed by now the occasional presence of shadow reapers. While at this time I am not aware what purpose they serve or why, they are bound in some form to Tseleth. At this moment, it's unknown if they have specific targets, or if they are simply sowing terror where they can. I've yet to see one myself.

Tseleth seems to delight in trying to get people to make compromises or break oaths. He obtains fragments of souls by people telling small, tiny lies, and even that is enough for him to be able to take hold of a person. He is able to consume these souls to sustain him, which leads me to believe he is a Devourer of sorts. He has said, though, that his purpose here is to give his Master his due, before something more terrible happens.

We've heard before, almost a year ago, of a potential threat regarding a man or being of sorts that is attempting to be freed from his prison. Tseleth referred to him tonight as someone that has been lingering in a fever-laden dream for many years, and has become fury made flesh. He seemed to imply that this threat was imminent, and there was little to do to stop it. He seemed perfectly willing to give a name to this being, but every time he attempted to speak its name, he was silenced by Lady Lorminstra. No clear reason why, only idle speculation.

This would mean, then, that Tseleth is merely a sign of things to come. I would urge everyone to remain vigilant, guard their words and their oaths, and give him no ground to take from you. Maintain watch for threats, and keep listening for information that might indicate specific goals, or ways that we can better defend ourselves against this threat.


The First Duskborn 4/29/10

Posted by ENCLEDAN 23 May 2010

This evening, not long after sunset, a rather large beast was seen flying through the sky. It swooped into South 'Haven, grabbed someone or something (unfortunately my thinking leans toward it being someone) and flew off.

Not long after, Tseleth appeared in the market. He claims that the creature was not of his number, but that it was merely the first to escape from whatever confines that restrained it. A night terror, winged horror, some sort of creature.

He spoke at some length about things already known, that he is raising forces, but stated that he intends to strike at whoever or whatever is behind this. Unfortunately, as has happened before, any attempt he made to speak in detail about it was intercepted by what I can only assume was the hand of Lorminstra Herself. The answers simply won't be found so easily.

As many have already surmised, much of what is to come seems to center on the woman who sleeps within the temple of Ronan. Tseleth implied intent to strike against them (the Dreamwalkers), and believes his forces will prevail.

Of other note was the appearance of the Dreamwalker Chaeye. Showing the straightforwardness she is quite known for, she spoke some threats against Tseleth and then gave him a rather sound slap. Unfortunately, she seemed rather bewildered by the whole confrontation, and withdrew soon after.


Lieutentant Usurper 5/21/10

Posted by ENCLEDAN 23 May 2010

Solhaven got hit this evening. We had Tseleth tell us at the festival that his containments had failed and his forces were in the streets. We returned to engage them, and Tseleth fought us in person. He said that he was basically left with no choice, and he lashed out at us. He was put down rather easily in the end, and we had it confirmed that he is, indeed, destroyed.

What happened, though, is that the lieutenant, the one who we believe is the fusion of Bristenn and Melorra's soul, rebelled against Tseleth and is the reason for the "containment" having failed. He forced Tseleth's hand, knowing that it would lead to a confrontation. Not bound by the same inability to speak the name of the looming threat, he gave us the words we'd been seeking for so long.

We now identify the threat to Solhaven, if not the world, by the name of the Red Dreamer. A Dreamer, possibly of Ronan (that part wasn't clear) who was the best, most powerful of them all. He somehow fell from grace, and now even the Arkati themselves fear him.

And he's sealed away in Solhaven.

After the fighting died down, we adjourned to Ronan's temple to see if Llumen were there. He showed himself, but nothing new was revealed. He seemed indifferent to Tseleth's death, and mentioned still that he hoped that the other Dreamwalkers, if they still lived, would return to watch over Yaolara, the woman sleeping within and likely keeping the Red Dreamer contained.

I don't share that hope. We'll want to remain alert, because Tseleth's army still exists, and is under new leadership.

We have a name for the "Lieutenant." His name is Athamael. He appears as sort of a dark opposite of Bristenn, with Melorra's intellect, and a lot of other animated bits and demonic parts. He's made it clear he's our enemy, but again, I still consider the Dreamer to be the real threat. This fellow does need to be dealt with, as he seems to seek to expedite the Dreamer's awakening, and somehow taking whatever makes the Dreamer so powerful as his own.

It was a long night, and as always, the worst seems yet to come. Athamael promised to return on the morrow.


The Twisted Existence of Athamael

Bristenn's report to the Order of the Silver Gryphon (1/10/2010)

Bristenn says, "I ask that you please bear with me, as this is a rather lengthy report, and save questions and discussion until I have finished.  That way, we can get through it with expediency."

Bristenn says, "The thread of events stretches over a course of nearly six years, so I will have to start at the beginning."
Bristenn says, "Date back to the opening months of 5104- during the turmoil of Zerroth's siege of Solhaven, I encountered one Alisaire of the Dark Alliance alone in the city.  At the time, the Dark Alliance was openly aggressive, the Berserker's legions attacking the city with reckless abandon, and their agents performing abductions and ritual sacrifices of its defenders."

Bristenn says, "I bound this Alisaire, one of Morvule's contingent, to a promise- that the next time she would attempt to perform one of her perverted rites on an innocent person, take me in their stead.  To the best of my knowledge, through the last year of the war, and for the past six years, this act had protected many lives."

Bristenn says, "Presently, in the last month of 5109, she chose to finally act on this promise in order to 'properly celebrate this year's Feast of the Immortals.'  At the time, I was south in Torre on crusade, so I was contacted repeatedly by her vulture Faen.  Each response I did not answer was met with more and more aggression, until she stated that not only would she abduct and murder an innocent, but that innocent would be in fact Melorra Tirentha."

Bristenn says, "I chose to answer, and my initial response was that of a challenge- if she wished to take a sacrifice, she would have to first best me in a cordial test of skill at arms.  She balked at this, and instead prepared to beleaguer the people of Solhaven and Melorra.  I chose to go, then, and take their stead.  Alisaire made one concession: that we would be alone, and none other would be present."

Bristenn says, "The night of the ritual, the White Shield came to me before both Protector Aydan and Melorra, bid me to do what is right, and bestowed unto me a glimaerstone of light.  This has long been in coming, as for the past year I have been questioning my own sanity- a voice in my head, urging me towards duty, and bidding me to not falter on the path of the Holy Crusade.  It became clear on this night that it was indeed the guidance of the Paladin Voln."

Bristenn says, "I was taken to the Luukosian temple upon Teras, where Armaxis awaited Alisaire and I, and instantly I knew that this was a trap, and realized she had broken her word.  Before she began the ritual, and Armaxis attempted to make it appear that he had left the temple, I decided the best course of action would be to enact my given right to self-defense, the same right anyone would have in this situation."

Bristenn says, "I gave her ample time to prepare her defenses, yet instead she chose to attempt the ritual regardless of my participation or not- I struck her down, and immediately afterwards, Armaxis showed himself and launched his attack.  Might I add, it took him a fair number of strikes with a Disintegrate spell to bring me down.  Regardless of my efforts, a 'fragment of my soul' was still consumed by Luukos.  They claim I had 'broken my oath,' but I do not see it."

Bristenn says, "I returned to Solhaven the next day, accompanied by several odd occurrences- animals frightened of me and so forth.  Over the course of a week, the pale priest of the Solhaven Luukosian temple was spotted hustling to and fro- one of his points of interest being Melorra's house.  He had made thinly-veiled threats to Melorra, stating that 'were he a monster, a wooden door would not stop him,' and I engaged him in conversation to ward him off.  Afterwards, Alisaire demanded to speak to Melorra, and so, accompanying her, I oversaw this conversation."

Bristenn says, "She asked only to know the specifics of our oaths when we took up these bracers.  Afterwards, still set on the lie that I had 'broken my oath,' Alisaire informed me that she would be besmirch my name to Sir Cryheart, about my 'conduct'."

Bristenn says, "During an expedition into Darkstone Castle, my party was beset by 'shadowling creatures,' with the warcry of 'Oathbreaker.'  No longer did Voln speak to me, and we decided the best course of action would be a cleansing ritual lead by Intercessor Shannivar of the Solhaven temple of Lorminstra to remove any taint or mark placed on me."

Bristenn says, "Later, during the zealot's festival for the Feast of the Immortals in Solhaven, a creature named Tseleth appeared.  He transported me into the ever-so-carefully hidden temple of Luukos beneath Solhaven, where despite my best efforts, I was once again subjected to a piece of myself being taken by Luukos- afterwards, I returned to the Market, where Tseleth exhibited his slight control through these soul fragments to those present. I had no knowledge of what he was forcing me to say.  We rushed to Lorminstra's temple to perform the cleansing ritual with haste."

Bristenn says, "However, during this ritual, Tseleth and members of the Luukosian Order, Hadya and Alisaire, interrupted- Tseleth transported us all to the Luukosian temple where a heated exchange occurred.  Shortly afterwards, the glimaerstone I was given began to shine brighter than it had before, and a priest of the Lorminstra temple teleported us out of the situation.  There, we completed the cleansing ritual."

Bristenn says, "However, Tseleth exhibited his control over Shannivar, and forced her to attack us with shards of ice- after this, he produced a symbol of Luukos somehow within her robe, and she discarded it- afterwards, a symbol appeared on her face in the form of a tattoo.  She removed it, and this piece of her flesh was taken, and then returned by Hadya, fashioned into a mask by Tseleth.  This was a horrifying display of what, exactly, the Luukosian order intends for Solhaven and its people."

Bristenn says, "Some days later, Melorra and I were alone at Niima's shrine, where we were abruptly transported to the Luukosian temple once more; we were bound by their old magics, unable to do anything but speak, when the pale priest and Alisaire appeared before us again.  Alisaire said that she had a debt to collect.  My glimaerstone, having lost its light after the previous incident in their temple, was taken from me, and, despite all of my efforts, every ounce of strength I had, the priest used his sorcery to force my hand to fell Melorra.  Armaxis appeared shortly after this to gloat."

Bristenn says, "They left us, and I recovered Melorra from the hidden temple.  I decided, after this, that enough was enough; no longer could I tolerate the threat that these retainers of the Four pose to Solhaven.  They have been given a lifetime of chances to reform and cease their destructive ways, yet even half a decade after the fall of the Black Temple, they still seek to wage war.  With great reluctance, and let me stress that- *with great reluctance* I issued them an ultimatum- they are to walk away and go in peace, or I would annihilate them."

Bristenn says, "The first of their ilk I had encountered was Hadya.  After a rather heated exchange, and her pleas of 'innocence' and 'good intentions,' she sulked off.  This was begrudging on my part, as despite her involvement, she has always been the one to take the brunt of justice in the place of the Luukosian order's more prominent members.  Though, of her own accord, she has 'betrayed,' as it were, the Luukosian order, how I do not know- yet she has been stripped of her mark and targetted by Tseleth.  She sought protection, but given her involvement in this, her history of betrayals, and her previous treason against both Solhaven and the Barony of Vornavis during the War for the Sword, and realizing this to be a risk I would not take and further endanger others, I only gave her my word that she could go in peace, and I would not pursue her."

Bristenn says, "Finally, Tseleth has met with several of us, myself included- he has proposed several bargains and compromises.  The first was to me, that in exchange for the fragments of mine and Melorra's souls, I would tell 'a simple little lie.'  I refused.  He showed me that the fragments believe they are wholes, and currently they suffer in the Lord of Lies' fire; I told him simply that, if they believe they are the whole of us, then they would understand this decision, and they would endure."

Bristenn says, "His second offer was to give up Hadya to him, in exchange for the same.  Once again, it was rebuffed."

Bristenn says, "This concludes my report, however the situation continues to escalate."

The Second Duskborn 5/22/10

Posted by ENCLEDAN 23 May 2010

This evening, more black mist shot out of the top of Ronan's temple. Not long afterward we saw a winged creature come from the darkness and swoop off toward Icemule Trace. We followed, just in time to see it land in the northwestern part of the town and devour a poor halfling. Some remains were recovered and left with a prominent citizen named Xiandrena in the hopes that a proper burial could be arranged.

Returning to Solhaven, things were quiet for most of the evening until Athamael showed up to chat a bit more. Most of what he had to say was similar to what he said last night, though he went a little more in-depth that his intent is to fight against fate itself, as he seems to feel the means of his creation was unfair. This is a reference to his "soul" having suffered at the hands of Luukos for what seemed to be an eternity before given its current form.

The status of the army he acquired from Tseleth, along with any further abilities, is currently unknown.


Origins of the Red Dreamer

Posted by ENCLEDAN 23 May 2010

Beonas, one of the Dreamwalkers, and the first one willing to talk to us about the Red Dreamer, attended the picnic this evening, and told the tale of the Red Dreamer's origins.

His name is Indhis, a former Dreamwalker of the same order that Llumen, Chaeye, and Beonas were a part of. For love of Yaolara, he sought to rid himself of his vows by the use of an artifact, The Shroud, as he had sworn to Ronan to put his god before all else. For this, his actions were found to be treasonous and a grave threat. An attempt to slay him failed, which left Llumen badly injured, and resulted in one of the Dreamwalkers, the man we knew as Tseleth, to be punished by Ronan.

Yaolara agreed to imprison Indhis, hoping that this would imprison him for all eternity. Obviously, this doesn't seem to be working.

Beyond that, the winged nightmare was spotted again, with another victim in its maw.

Athamael put in a few appearances over the course of the evening, though it seems he's more interest in social visits for the moment. He answered questions (many of which have been asked and answered before). He shows a desire to learn more about us before it comes to battle. I'd expect this to change sometime soon.

-Sir Aydan Mursilis, Knight Banneret and Captain of the Vornavian Reserve-
-Adjudicator, Order of the Azure Sun-

Seeking Ronan

Posted by ENCLEDAN 27 May 2010

Ronanites gathered to hold a private vigil this evening. Others it would seem caught wind of it and what began as a small outing grew to something larger and more defining. They had decided to meet in one location and move to a more private, undisclosed one, area later.

A commune attempt to Ronan was held tonight at the Shore of Dreams. This resulted in Chaeye answering the request. The events of note included the conversion of Hadya, (She had accepted a ronan symbol to wear) the insistence that faith in Ronan will help to strengthen Him and the needs of the Dreamwalkers when it comes to resisting Indhis. Also, mention was made that it seems Ronan Himself is not able to speak on the matter, but another indication of the existence of the Library, where the answers could be found, was made.

It was also mentioned that the two nightmares, plus others that may escape, can be slain with weapon and spell. The one that has been troubling Solhaven seems afraid of the wild mages of Mestanir, and has been avoiding that area, hence its preying on Solhaven.

-Sir Aydan Mursilis, Knight Banneret and Captain of the Vornavian Reserve-
-Adjudicator, Order of the Azure Sun-

(Ronanites, Prayer Sessions, and player RP were nightly events for much of the first year. The Ronan prayer sessions happened nightly and were led by Falvicar and others.)

The Shroud

(Have to collect this. It's more of a theory, but it's mentioned by Beolas several times and masks the owner from sight by even the Arkati. This was the main reason people sought to "take" the Red Dreamer's power, but in truth the years of imprisonment did more harm warping him and unleashing his nightmares than the Should potentially could have.)

Sheru Answers

Posted by VRAIRDRICK 3 June 2010
  • This is from Vrairdrick's perspective
Solhaven, Eastbridge Lane]
Paired temple gates stand on either side of the street, the gate to the east bearing the silver clenched fist of Kai and the gate to the west bearing the silver sword of Ronan. Flanking Eastbridge Lane, the two temples guard the roadway from the bridge and the temples of Lornon south of the canal. You also see a barn owl that is flying around, some yellow jasmine incense, a slender indigo candle, a tall black candle and a lacquered mahogany altar with some stuff on it.
Also here: Sovine, Sir Eahlstan, Sir Bristenn, Sir Aydan, Kilthal, Hadya, Kasia, High Lord Falvicar
Obvious paths: north, south, west

A chill breeze swirls through the area, and your breath fogs.

You cough.

Hadya glances around the area.

Kasia shivers.

Bristenn folds his hands behind his back.

You say, "A slight chill."

Sovine raises an eyebrow.

Bristenn casually glances around the area.

A silvery black sword-shaped candle glows warmly with a soft, flickering light.

Hadya quietly says, "That's odd given the season."

Sovine says, "Cool bay wind."

You say, "It would seem out of place."

Eahlstan surveys the area.

Eahlstan unlatches the visor of his crested helm and slides it down over his eyes.

From the nearby shadows, someone laughs low in his throat.

Eahlstan searches around for a moment.

Hadya turns around.

You exclaim, "Who hides in the shadows!"

The sword-shaped candle flickers softly, casting a warm light throughout the area.

Kasia says, "Ah, now its a party."

Hadya glances around the area.

Sovine says, "As would that an the snuffed candle, however no one seems to be to forward , just in the shadows."

You nod to Sovine.

A silvery black sword-shaped candle glows warmly with a soft, flickering light.

Falvicar ponders.

A gentle baritone voice suggests, "Nothing but the night and its voice. Nothing at all." Despite its outward calm, the voice drips with threat.

Falvicar gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

Falvicar tightens his grip on his black veil iron katana.

Kasia says, "Yes because thats believable."

Bristenn rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Sovine says, "The sweet sound of death."

A bit of melted wax drips from a silvery black sword-shaped candle with a hiss. The flame jumps, burning high for a moment, then settles into a warm glow.

Far off in the distance, jackals bay and howl.

Kilthal frowns.

Falvicar traces the lines of his symbol of Ronan.

Hadya frowns.

Bristenn slowly observes, ".. well, that's pleasant."

Kasia ponders.

Kilthal softly asks, "Who are ye?"

You say, "Lord Ronan, give us the power to toss these jackals to the side."

Falvicar commandingly says, "Show yourself."

A faint, flickering light emanates from a silvery black sword-shaped candle, warming the area with its glow.

Speaking to Kilthal, Sovine says, "Someone who enjoys blood an suffering is a safe bet."

Hadya raises her chin slightly in a show of defiance.

Footsteps resound down the cobblestones, moving at a measured pace. The chill subsides from the area, and almost as if a cloud has passed away from the night sky, the street seems to become brighter.

Sovine says, "Hes moved off it seems."

Nostus, Voice of the Night

After the events on Eastbridge lane the night prior a curious messenger in the form of a crimson-eyed slender ebon jackal was delivering messages to residents of Solhaven.

  • In the Common language, it reads:

Good evening, friends in Solhaven.

It is my hope that you are all doing well this evening. Pay no mind to my pet. We intend you no immediate harm. Blessings of the True Lord of the Dark be upon you, and I look forward to meeting all of you face to face very soon.

Nostus, Voice of the Night

  • Then he came in the flesh

What followed was a far more overt introduction to those who met him. Terror, pain, and nightmare. The realms of Sheru.

Shadows coalesce around you.

You feel a strange presence stir within your mind, and the temperature suddenly drops to a bone-numbing cold. A low howl echoes around you as a mist creeps across your vision. Glowing crimson eyes suddenly surround you as you find yourself in a neverending darkness. A curl of shadow strikes at your legs, pulling you painfully to the ground!

The eyes around you blink in a disquieting unison. Suddenly, a pair of them leap toward you, revealing a being of shadow with a gaping maw slavering hungrily as the nightmarish vision lunges toward you! It proves too quick for you as it clamps your hand in its jaws, ripping it off cruelly! Within seconds it melds back into the darkness as the shadows about you ripple with wild laughter!

Suddenly the shadows around you descend upon you en masse, whirling around you in a vortex of teeth and claws. Your hand is ripped painfully away as you bend and twist to try and get out of their reach. Just as they come within mere inches of your body, an intense pain rages inside your head, causing you to fall to the ground and scream in anguish! When your vision returns, your surroundings are normal and the nightmare is over, but the warm presence of your blood trickling from your ears tingles against your skin.

Throughout the day today, people had been attacked by a vision of a crimson-eyed jackal (They included head and hand wounds). It seemed to feed on their terror, fear, and suffering. It culminated into what we believe was some sort of ritual to empower Nostus, as we saw a vision of a seemingly dead, or perhaps comatose man being infused with power and living again.

The vision.
Something tugs at your senses. The strange sensation of being pulled, originating from the center of your brain, intensifies and magnifies into a sharp pain. For just a moment it is as if a veil has been torn aside in your mind's eye, and you see through another's eyes. A male form, fleshless and weak, lies on a slab of black stone, dressed in gold and ebon clothing. As you watch, its features flush with life and muscle pulses to fill the wasted skin. The man's eyes open, and they burn like molten gold. The vision ends, and you are slammed back into the confines of your own body.

Nostus whispers, "Your sacrifice is appreciated, and taken in exchange for the gift of pain that your master so strongly desires."

You see Nostus, the Voice of the Night.
He appears to be Human.
There is a smoothness to his features that makes his age difficult to guess. He has deep-set luminous amber eyes and pale skin. He has short, gleaming dark golden hair. He has a boyish face and a close-cropped beard on his chin.
He is wearing an obsidian and amber stud earring, a dark cloak clasped by a metal disk bearing six blinking eyes, a bronze velvet waistcoat with golden buttons over a well-tailored black cotton shirt, an amber-set braided gold wristlet, a pair of loose black trousers secured at the waist by a golden cord, and a pair of dark cuffed leather boots.

The man then addressed some people via thoughts after his supposed reanimation, but seemed reluctant to share details about himself or his intent. He did speak of details he learned from those who were attacked throughout the day, though whether this was simply intuition on his part or the result of the brief link he shared with them while drawing on their fear is unknown.

One surviving quote from the reanimated corpse is as follows, "That Aydan is going to get what's coming to him.. no one makes a fool of the boss and gets away with it."

The Power of Terror

Posted by ENCLEDAN with credit to Hadya 7 June 2010

Things were mostly quiet today, until the prayer ceremony that the Ronanites have been holding almost every night. At its conclusion, the shadows began to take form, and Nostus made his presence known, though he never appeared outside of the shadows. Those gathered who made their defiance known were attacked, much as the shadows had struck others in the past few days. This went on for some time.

A voice booms from the shadows, stating, "This is the price of forcing my hand. Remember that."

Soon after, Nostus displayed a new talent. He can influence an individual (thankfully not everyone assembled as we had faced before against our late elemental foes) mentally, causing them to attack others nearby. There does not seem to be a way to counter this, nor was anything able to be done as Nostus never stepped out into the open where he could be assaulted.

Nostus gave a 'gift' to Evelith, which he mentioned was incubating. Her eyes went black briefly, as well and he took her away.

After these events concluded, one of which involving a rather noteworthy and courageous attempt on the part of Hadya to challenge Nostus. Hadya was asked by Farliegh to take him down to the temples to get Evelith. So she went through the temples (Luukos' first, then Sheru's) and found Evelith with Nostus. She picked Evelith up off the floor announced "They were leaving." and ran like hell for the doors. Then a wave of sympathy affected most of the town.

Things quieted down until Athamael showed up to see what was going on. A few people had been plotting to harm him, and he claimed he was simply acting before they could do the same. Some chasing ensued, some insults and defiant remarks tossed back and forth, when Athamael, surprised at a not-quite-coincidental shadow attack like the ones before, departed to try and find its source. While trying not to read too much into it, this would be an indication that Athamael and Nostus, at least until that point, had not met or otherwise been working together.

A side note, Nostus at one point was able to draw a creature from our memories, something that was feared. That creature turned out to be a winged horror, much like we had fought in Solhaven last summer. The potential for this to happen again requires readiness.

-Sir Aydan Mursilis, Knight Banneret and Captain of the Vornavian Reserve-

Visions at the Icemule Temple

Posted by ENCLEDAN 25 June 2010

(These visions actually stayed until 5/2012. If someone could please send them to me.)

It seems that there are visions of figures, believed to be Indhis, Yaolara, and the other Dreamwalkers visible at Ronan's altar in the Icemule temple. A hint was given at some point (again, I wasn't there when this one actually was) that indicated that they may be visions of certain aspects that weren't readily seen, and this may be some of them.


Nightmare Descending

Posted by ENCLEDAN 27 June 2010

Tonight, the followers of Lornon managed to get Hadya (She seemed to be a popular target for rituals) to a place where they were able to perform a rite on her, torturing her and killing her. Although attempts were made to rescue her, they were ultimately unsuccessful.

Not long after the rite was completed, some disturbances occurred outside of Ronan's temple. A shadow descended upon the area, drawing all of us present into what could only be considered a nightmare realm. Several creatures, appearing to be Lornonite in nature, attacked us. The fight culminated in an encounter with an animated elemental aberration, much the same as we fought during the cataclysm. I wish I could say we won that fight, but we didn't. Overheard as the heroes fell.

Someone shrieks, "Pleased well to leave me to my nightmares, are you? Do you like being trapped?"

While the aberration was plowing through heroes, towards the end.

Someone begins to sob faintly, the mournful sound echoing through the surrounding darkness. As the crying grows louder, the darkness begins to flicker strangely.

Outside of Ronan's temple is a statue, which words cannot describe.

After the battle, in front of the gate where the statue appeared, while people were being raised, and yelling elsewhere. A voice gurgles, "The nightmare will return. It always does."

The statue appears.
a twisted humanoid figure statue

Bound in chains from neck to ankles, this pathetic humanoid figure appears to have endured a nightmarish measure of torture and anguish. Neither male nor female, the androgynous form of this figure is missing one eye and one ear. In exquisitely repulsive detail, the artist has shown fingernails that are peeling back from the nail beds, the fingers themselves swollen with infection. Limbs are broken and one knee appears to be completely dislocated, as the figure stands at an odd posture.

The statue sounds uncomfortable.
A muffled moan escapes from the statue.

The aberration left before it had completely killed everyone.

Summer is Over (Call to Arms)

Posted by ENCLEDAN 12 September 2010

Not too long after sunset this evening, a fierce storm gathered overhead amidst an earthquake. We gathered outside of Ronan's Temple, where we all had a vision of the panther made of red starlight, what we've long considered to be the symbol pertaining to Indhis. Not too long after it, red bolts of lightning struck down from the sky, destroying the statue that had been left outside the temple for most of the summer.

As we huddled together, we noticed shadows within the temple itself. It seemed that a battle was being waged inside, and at a couple of points, we saw Chaeye cutting them down through the gate, and heard Beonas shouting that the temple was defended. Around this time, Nostus made his presence known, chiding some of the others who were trying to break through the gate to aid the Dreamwalkers. He set nightmares upon us: oculoths (yes, demons) and winged horrors like we'd fought last year. This resulted in a drawn out battle, as we were both a bit out of practice, and also trying to adapt to new requirements on fighting techniques.

Things seemed to quiet down, with Nostus noting the effectiveness of our defensive effort.

Consider this a full call to arms.


Renewed Onslaught

Posted by ENCLEDAN 17 October 2010
  • Recently seen or overheard in Solhaven

The images in the brazier's flame solidify. A man's shape, clad in crimson and mounted on a steed of flame, rides his dread mount down a shattered street. One of the horse's hooves crushes a golden crown into twisted scrap in the rider's passage.

Soft whispers build in the air, tugging at your attention although they are words you do not know, or perhaps not words at all.

The meanings of the voices grow more concise, although the intensity of the mad whispers rises to a fever pitch.
"Two lost, beyond saving..."
"A speaker of blood..."
"He rides!"
"Stone will fly.
"A dark paradise rises."

This evening a jackal was overheard howling at Lornon. A few moments later, a number of spirit jackals ran into the market and attacked, with an oculoth right behind them. This effectively devastated any initial defense effort we pulled, so it was a while longer before we could effectively repel the attack.

On several occasions Nostus himself taunted us, informing us that the future was racing toward us at breakneck speed, and that with it would come the death of prophecy and a time of darkness. He said the only way to be spared is to join him.

Force composition was the aforementioned jackals, some Sheruvian acolytes, winged steeds, shadow serpents that burrowed like roa'ters, oculoths, vathors, and abyran'ra.

The demons played hell with the sanctuary in the Lance. Last I checked it's still compromised, so triage needs to act accordingly.

Beyond that, the enemy began to withdraw around midnight, with only a few minor skirmishes to follow. No indication if this is just a raid or a renewed assault.


A Not So Festive Evening

Posted by ENCLEDAN 18 October 2010

The appearance of a vathor before the dance sponsored by the Ladies of the Swan began resulted in another fun evening.

After the vathor was defeated, the dance began a bit later, and Nostus showed up, taking the chance to chat a bit under 'civil' terms. Naturally, this led to quite a bit of strife, and attempts to fight him were made.

Any attempt at attacking him failed, and in retaliation he summoned a few more demons to assault the town.

After Nostus sent forth his demons for the second time, the wounded were gathered in triage at the Lance. Nostus appeared and grabbed Mohrgan, transporting them both to the underground altar at Sheru's temple. There was something of a battle of wills that took place, but ultimately, Nostus summoned an acolyte of Sheru which held Mohrgan fast while Nostus himself burned the symbol of the jackal into Mohrgan's neck. The wound, however, proved deeper than just a mark. Mohrgan's spirit was drained utterly, and he awoke at Lorminstra's altar.

Making it back to the Lance, the mark began to burn and it was obvious that something was very wrong. Auragin and Falvicar practically had to drag Mohrgan up to the Shore of Dreams. Soon others from Solhaven followed.

In short, what happened next was that the sound of baying jackals approaching the Shrine could be heard. Mohrgan was pretty much delirious with whatever had been done, but everyone made ready to fight back the assault that seemed imminent. However, at that moment, the altar flared silver and a rider rode out from the shadows, and outside. In moments, the jackals voices turned to terror, and they fled.

At that point, the nameless rider returned into the Shrine. The rider's name was never given.

The rider explained that Nostus was now in possession of a part of Mohrgan's "essence" and that Nostus was likely going to attempt to use it in some sort of parlay with Athamael. What will come of that partnership, we can only wait and find out. And be prepared.

Those who gathered at the Shrine of Dreams bore witness to Ronan's herald, and we now know that Nostus' words are meaningless. Indeed, it was made clear that Ronan, and other Lords and Ladies of Liabo are indeed watching and likely to become more and more involved.

The figure spoke that what lies ahead may be extremely dire. Using chess as a metaphor, he implied that a crown will fall...but which crown remains to be seen.

The mark of the jackal was removed from Mohrgan's neck, but whatever it was that Nostus did to him is clearly still with him.

Whatever is to come, all will need to be united against it, that much is clear.

After things settled, Athamael was seen in South 'Haven , and mentioned having a symbol that Nostus left behind. He was seen descending into the caverns beneath the town, where it is assumed he attempted to reach Nostus.

The Third Duskborn

Posted by ENCLEDAN 14 November 2010

Another release of shadows shot into the sky from Ronan's temple last night. The darkness shot up and formed clouds which caused a thunderstorm. A small (by typical standards) attack resulted: some constructs, Sheruvian shamblers (these seemed to be undead), the usual jackals and spirit hounds, and one oculoth. Casualties were sustained, but the enemy was defeated.

No word on whether the breach of the temple resulted in another nightmare being freed. (It had.)


(Then silence...for nearly a year)

Watcher of the Eternal

Posted by ROLFARD 30 September 2011

(This was part of the Viridian Circles storyline, which I am lacking information on, but these events took place on Teras Isle

The circle burped tonight, releasing some shakes and a handful of weak earth elementals. Those were dispatched quickly.

A strange elf arrived by the name Vaelsoth. He seeks to do something about the circle, but it's yet to be surmised if he wants the power himself, or feels a sense of remorse for losing this demon "years ago".

Groups from the elven nations arrived to warn us of him, as he is a follower of "the Grandfather", meaning he places knowledge (forbidden being the tastiest) above all else, including life.

Before leaving us in a rather drunken state, Vaelsoth bestowed upon those listening to his slurred story of a demon captured (Nershuul) that escaped 3 books and advised that reading them would give insight to that which we face.

I will follow-up after reading or sleeping or both if anything.

Rolfard Spellbindar

Hand of the Flawless

Posted by VONVENDETTA 3 October 2011

Today is Volnes, day 3 of the month Jastatos in the year 5111.
It is 17:13 by the elven time standard. It is currently late afternoon.

Yesterday at the elven standard 20th Hour of Tonis, Restday of the month Jastatos in the year 5111, a massive dim circle one named *Vaelsoth Inzunniel of Ta’Illistim* had been experimenting with became more then active as shadows suddenly swirled up within the circles confines while a deep chill overtook the area. The locals of Teras quickly took notice and began warding themselves with protection at once.

A cold voice murmurs from within the haze of the circle's shadows uttering, "I will treat you fairly, bipeds. I have zero quarrel with you. You are simply in my way... So I am giving you the opportunity to get out of it."

Glazing within the circle only revealed a six legged creature who actions were only held back because of a weaken seal and yet the cold voice continued to murmur from within the haze of the circle's shadows, "I seek something in your mines. I can cleave a path of fire and death on my way there, or we can be... civilized." Small pieces of volcanic ash and soot drifted slowly down from the sky, covering all in a small layer of grit as if almost weeping for those knowing not what fate had in stored for them that evening.

The cold voice murmured from within the haze of the circle's shadows, "You've been warned. My legion will soon arrive. You may... do as you please." A faint, mirthless chuckle echoes out from the circle afterward as the shadows died down and the ground beneath all violently shook and rumbled causing not even the grand to keep their footing.

The sound of a gong echoes throughout the area, its vibration lasting for some time drawing the attention of all near. The tremors seem to pass through everything around us as sigils on the circle begin to pulse rapidly. Shadows bleed up from the ground, forming a huge column within the circles confines as brisk winds whip the area fiercely and again the ground beneath us violently shakes and rumbles.

The shadows begin to part, revealing a tall figure whose eyes pulse with the same hue as the luminescent green sigils on the circle and says "I am Nershuul. I am the *Hand of the Flawless*. I will not be denied what is ours. Now... begone from my sight." The Hand of the Flawless then slams his massive blade into the ground, causing an immense shockwave of hazy white energy to ripple across the area with a deafening explosion. All are caught by the force and sent soaring in many directions from the Dragonspine and Krodera area.

Upon landing and catching my breath I quickly returned to what locals call the statue area only to find it surrounded with minions of the undead, living and demons. Veiny-winged dark creature flew high within the air while rotting hags cracked with extreme delight. Snake-headed soulstone golems stomped the surroundings cause additional shaking, pale serpent magess were crawling at fallen corpses while rippling shadowy oculoth sought something which was unknown at the time.

Realizing I was outnumbered and outmatched I attempted to seek out the Islands safe haven until something drew my attention to the south of the Dragonspine and Krodera area. A shadowy haze engulfs the area, pulling back to reveal the towering forms of demonic horrors and nightmares and among this nightmare stood Nershuul.

He ran to the docks which lead to the Abandon Mines, an area the local kiramon are known to roam, and I quickly pursued yelling out in elven "Wait." It was the only thing at the moment I could think of to draw his attention and to my surprise Nershuul glanced at me and then paused. Sadly however this did not stop his minions from attacking therefore leading me to defend myself.

Nershuul with a cold yet sly demeanor asks, "Mm?" Yet at this time his strongest of demons surrounded me and had knocked the winds from my lungs something horrible. While attempting to catch my breath Nershuul waved his hand in a dismissive gesture to his minions saying only “Go. I’m having a chat”. As quickly as the words left his lips so did the minions. With the simplest of gestures Nershuul allows air back into my lungs and I soon find myself no longer stunned.

My neck, armpits and other important areas, however, began to swell up painfully. It felt as if my skin were on fire. Yet through this new pain I uttered in elven, "I wish to.. To be a voice to prevent the death and mayhem your future could intend.” My words are cut short by red spots appearing on my skin suddenly. The edges were raised and seemed to be spreading rapidly, as this happens Nershuul only smirks.

Speaking in Elven, I said, "I know of you." And then my vision suddenly spins, unbalancing me. I felt my face become flushed and broke out in a sweat. Someone was whispering to me with irritation in their voice. Scale-like, shiny blebs began to appear on my skin, growing with frightening rapidity.

Nershuul says, "Many do. I care very little. If you didn't notice, I am perfectly capable of speaking for myself." He shrugs leaving me more and more time to bide time for the others to come to my current location throughout the fighting.

Fighting my own pain and becoming faint because of the lack of blood I asked "What is in the mines you need?" Suddenly I realize that I can look up to see the floor as something burns irritatingly under my armpits and along my neck.

The Hand of the Flawless gazes out at the waters ahead and says, "I've something to retrieve. This idle chat is unnecessary. You may go, or die." Scale-like, shiny blebs continued to appear on my skin, growing with frightening rapidity as Nershuul strode across the water as if it were nothing.

Things went black for me and I awoke out of breathe and stunned on the ferryboat. Once it arrived to the mines I was met by three others. A dark elf named Rolfard seemed to be leading them and surprised to see me in the condition I was, still mobile. He asked where the Hand of the Flawless was and I could only guess to the location which ended up being the digging site. However the demons overwhelmed us and all fell into a darkness of sleep.

When I had awaken it was in a temple yet wounded and weaken I returned to the task at hand meeting with two females. One of the Syvlankind named Erienne and a hu-man named Sadrae, I could be spelling her name wrong. I’ve never been good with hu-man words and names. The three of us raced to Nershuul but it was a moment to late. He had found what he had been searching for and vanished just as quickly as he appeared using the minds of many to taunt us all. I recorded my findings to the dark elven one called Rolfard and that within my possession were three of the original books in further questions. Sickness overtook me and I needed finding rest. It wasn’t until moments later I learned he and one other experienced the same moments after I had left them.

Further investigations on this matter have been mildly hindered because of the Call to Duty back home in Ta’Vaalor. But, as soon as time allows it I will be returning on the first ship back to the volcanic island.

What I have learned is that both Vaelsoth and Nershuul were or are *Watchers of the Eternal eye*. This group for the most part, are a group of Illistim scholars whose sole goal is amassing of knowledge that the Masters of Lore otherwise ignore or deem too hazardous to collect using current resources. Often times, the Masters of Lore are unwilling to pursue a subject with as much dedication as they would another - deeming it too much on the 'fringe' of practical research to be noteworthy of study -- this is usually where the Watchers pick up the threads. They are somewhat radical in their methodology, lending to the fact that most of those within this society consider Fash'lo'nae a patron. Their research into history has produced some very amazing surprises - such as alternate bloodlines of certain families and certain acts committed by important higher ups, all with the necessary proof to be credible. Such revelations put them quite at odds with some families.

Nershuul has been more then troublesome for many. What is the woe of one town will be the woe’s of many should his allies return to assist in this new scheme which has resurrected one believed to have been slew.

Squire Legionnaire
High Lady VonVendetta


Posted by encledan 12 October 2011

So, a few small things have been happening in recent weeks.

At the memorial held for the anniversary of the cataclysm, an animated stone oracle, much like the ones we had fought once before, formed and warned us (as we've been warned many times before) that "He" would awaken soon.

At the reception for my and Shannivar's wedding, a woman named Kynaris brought us a gift, at which point she began coughing up blood, and a tentacle ripped out of her throat and she died, presumably of her wounds. Athamael then appeared and held his sword over her body, drawing in an emerald light into the blade. Some words of little consequence were exchanged, and he left.

Tonight, we heard the howl of a jackal, and a voice on the wind telling Beonas (who many may remember as one of the Dreamwalkers) that it was almost time. Furthermore, a voice said that the walls were thinnest here, and growing thinner (a reference to the entrance to Fash'lo'nae's Library.)

While with the seamstress Naelyne, a half-elven fellow showed up at the end and had Naelyne make something for him. He then began showing the same symptoms, and as before, a tentacle burst from his throat. This time though, Athamael appeared before he died and beheaded the fellow. Once again, he held the claidhmore over the corpse and absorbed an emerald green light from the body.

Afterward when asked, Athamael said that they were seeds, and beacons, and made a reference that "he" would be very hungry. My thoughts, which should be far from a conclusion given the lack of evidence and details, leads me to think right now that he has somehow marked or otherwise infected people and is beginning to harvest what he has sown.

On a whim, Bristenn and I stopped by the gates to Ronan's temple, and I called out to the Dreamwalkers, to inquire as to what had happened. Chaeye answered, and gave the sort of cryptic responses that so many have come to accept as guidance. She says that there have been three total of those who suffered this fate, and that Athamael plans a fourth, and a fifth. She said that his intent is to open a portal of fire, a bridge of life to a door of death, and that we must allow it to happen. She also confided that she is not able to defeat him herself.

She said that when he opens the door, he must be forced through.

But she also says that when this happens, the Dreamer will ride. She knows this, sure as she knows her own name.


Coming Together at the Shrine of Dreams

Short excerpt follows - Please read the coming together at the shrine of dreams for the full transcript as its exceptional.

  • The log begins just after Vrairdrick recovers from being poisoned and dying on his way from Icemule Trace at the Shrine of Dreams outside of Wehnimer's Landing.

Inky, shimmering shadows roil up the walls of the shrine.

Strange shapes blossom and twist over the walls, formed of starlight and silver mist.

The voice of Beonas says, "You call to the Dreamer."

A tall man's shadow, raw-boned and only slightly bent by the burden of years, detaches itself from one of the walls.

The voice of Chaeye says, "But there are only dreams here."

A slight female shadow joins the first. Her eyes are smoldering pits of silver light in the darkness.

The voice of Llumen asks, "Why have you called?"

You say, "We wish to strengthen our bonds, the enemy has sought to defile this place of worship."

A third shape, broad-shouldered and powerful, detaches itself from the walls and joins the other two.

You say, "The enemy spies us, and we pray our Lords power to shield this area from intrusion."

You say, "And we seek guidance in the actions we should take next..."

The shadows drip away from the three figures, sublimating into cool, dark mist.

[The Shrine of Dreams]
Stars surround you, twinkling brightly as far as the eye can see. Or so it seems, until you look more closely, and realize that the walls and ceiling of this room are made of rocks pieced together in such a way that bits of light flicker through the crevices, giving the illusion of being beneath a starlit sky. Pinpoints of light reflect off of the polished black marble floor, adding to the sensation that you have entered the heavens themselves. You also see a frayed meditation mat, a small black marble altar with a hammered gold chalice on it, a tired-eyed black-clad man idol, a tiny black pearl and a graceful marble altar with a shallow font on it.
Also here: Llumen, Chaeye, Beonas, Mohrgan who is kneeling, Kerl who is kneeling, Scrivener Rolfard who is kneeling, Geijon who is kneeling, Greganth who is kneeling, Lady Chisandra who is kneeling, Karibeth who is kneeling
Obvious exits: out

A Dream Deferred

Posted by ENCLEDAN 20 October 2011

My attention was drawn to a voice on the wind calling out to Beonas, and a thunderstorm that accompanied it. The voice urged Beonas to show himself, that there was a truth that he was avoiding that needed to be faced. Some of us gathered outside of Ronan's temple and it began to rain blood. Beonas was reluctant to appear, but finally appeared before us, willing to speak with the spirit who then manifested in turn.

The spirit was that of his old mentor, who had trained many of the other Dreamwalkers as well. He chided Beonas for being unwilling to tell the complete truth about what we face, and with gentle urging, reminded him that it does not serve the cause to be false. Unfortunately, the nature of this truth could not be shared by the living. Only in death could this secret be shared, and that meant Beonas would have to die. He faced this willingly.

He marched off to the underground encampment that Tseleth, and later Athamael had inhabited, where the numerous creatures and constructs had been left for longer than I'd care to admit. While he urged us not to follow, those of us resolved that a good man should not die alone, and attempted to meet him, but we were too late. We saw visions in our mind of Beonas battling the creatures, and doing quite well against them. Athamael showed soon afterward, unaware of what was going on until he heard Beonas challenging the creatures. Athamael then went through the barrier that we could not pass, and engaged Beonas in combat. Despite his age, Beonas overcame Athamael, but in his victory, fell victim to what we've known all along: Athamael cannot die, and he struck Beonas dead as he leaned over to check the body.

Nostus was present with us as well, being a little irreverent about the outcome. He implied what we feared, that they do indeed have an alliance of sorts.

Athamael emerged soon afterward, and Rolfard attempted to battle him. Though Rolfard held the upper hand most of the battle, it was impossible to keep Athamael dead. Ultimately Athamael won out through an ability he was taught by Nostus.

Before departing, Athamael gave one last threat: he intends to restore Tseleth, and seems to be of the mind that Tseleth would be more of a threat than he would be when that happens. That is why he has been gathering the souls these past couple of weeks.

After returning to the surface, we heard a moaning on the wind. As Beonas had mentioned that under Gosaena's realm, he would have been free to tell the secrets he kept, I led the group to the temple, and we were met by Beonas, who told us the full, uncensored tale of Indhis and his fall. (A log of this will be forthcoming)

In short, he told the story of Indhis' rise, his love of Yaolara, and the imprisonment of Indhis. The truth that had been so painstakingly hidden was due to the fact that Beonas never told Yaolara the truth of what she would actually be doing. Furthermore, all of the Arkati of Liabo were involved in this. The shame they bear is due to their having done this to a pure, innocent girl.

Before Beonas' spirit departed, he spoke of a possibility that a book, written by the former (assumed Drake) master of both Ronan and Sheru, may allow for some means of quieting Yaolara's dreams. While this would not be a permanent solution, in the sense that Indhis would still exist, it may be enough to ensure he remains imprisoned.

Others may have more details to share, or different insight. I encourage them to present them here as desired.


  • (MUST READ - Beonus spoken story)

The comments from Beonas and others were recorded for us by Lady Kyaloria.

Beonas says, "When I first came to this town, I told a story."

Beonas says, "But there were parts left out of that tale."

Beonas says, "I shall tell the tale as it must be told, as it should have been told, as some feared it would be told."

Beonas says, "There were nine of us, once, so long ago."

Beonas says, "Eight, in truth, for we had already welcomed Nostus into our fold, not knowing or guessing his true intentions."

Beonas says, "He entered into a deceit so deep, so dark, that I doubt he knew it himself during his waking hours."

Beonas says, "If you have not walked in the Dream, it may be difficult to fathom."

Beonas says, "But the waking mind is not the sleeping mind."

Beonas says, "In your dreams, you might fly, or wield magics beyond your own waking imaginings, or love a person you hate while walking in daylight."

Beonas says, "And when you wake, you think those meanderings a lie."

Beonas says, "They are not."

Beonas says, "Before my death, my waking form was ancient and weathered, but in the dream I was young and strong. Had I not valued my sleeping hours so much, perhaps I could have found the strength to do this sooner."

Speaking to Maltok, Beonas says, "I am saying that when you dream, you are with the Lord of the Night."

Beonas says, "And when Nostus dreamed, he was his true self."

Beonas says, "But there were nine, and I was the Lord Commander. It was my duty to keep the Order safe and whole."

Beonas says, "And I failed in that."

Beonas says, "His name was Indhis, the one who would be our doom."

Beonas says, "He is called the Red Dreamer. He has almost broken free in the past, or perhaps shadows of his madness have. I think the two are one and the same."

Beonas says, "I remember the day I found him at a tourney near Tamzyrr. He seemed a promising student. Strong for his size, tenacious, with a fierce desire to prove himself."

Beonas says, "And for a time, he was my best student. He could match me on the training field, blow for blow, and I was decades his senior and with the strength bestowed upon me by the Lord of Night besides."

Beonas says, "And his faith seemed sure, seemed true enough."

Beonas says, "No, that strikes me as too weak a way of putting it."

Beonas says, "He was passionate. About everything."

Beonas says, "Swordplay, learning, service to Liabo."

Beonas says, "...and Yaolara."

Beonas says, "She was not one of us, you must understand."

Beonas says, "It was perhaps my first failing."

Beonas says, "Llumen was not from the Empire, as you know. He came from the woods of his homeland with the singular goal of joining our order."

Beonas says, "And he brought his sister with him. Could I refuse to allow her quarter, once I had accepted the service of his sword? Of course not."

Beonas says, "She was good for us all. She reminded us of the innocents for whom we fought."

Beonas says, "We had women among our order, of course. I daresay Chaeye was the strongest of us, and the closest to the Dream Lord."

Beonas says, "But Yaolara brought a softness, a purity of vision, from which we all benefited. For a time."

Beonas says, "I do not know if Nostus put the thought of pursuing her into Indhis's head, or if the seeds lay there all along, waiting to be nurtured."

Beonas says, "But he pursued her, and, to the surprise of us all, won her heart."

Beonas says, "And in doing so, gave his own heart away."

Beonas says, "My prized student was suddenly distracted on the battlefield, resentful of orders, and..."

Beonas says, "...I suppose I knew even then that he was slipping away from us."

Beonas says, "But we serve at the pleasure of the Lord of the Night, not our own whims."

Beonas says, "I held him to his vows when he sought to be free of them."

Beonas says, "...and that was my second mistake."

Beonas says, "We were set to guarding an artifact."

Beonas says, "The Lord of the Night seemed... discomfited by its very existence."

Beonas says, "I did not understand why."

Beonas says, "It was a mere length of--even in death, I cannot find the words to describe it adequately."

Beonas says, "Fabric, perhaps. Hide? I am uncertain."

Beonas says, "It was a shroud, yes."

Beonas says, "Soft to the touch, almost as if grazing fog with one's fingers."

Beonas says, "And yet it glittered like chips of black sand falling through an hourglass."

Beonas says, "It had the strangest quality, I recall..."

Beonas says, "When touching it, I could not sense the eyes of the Lord of the Night upon me at all."

Beonas says, "It was as if..."

Beonas says, "...I was suddenly no longer part of this world."

Beonas shudders, and trailing wisps of mist around him vanish into the darkness.

Beonas says, "I was not entirely a fool."

Beonas says, "When I found Indhis's letter, telling me that he would be free of the Lord of the Night no matter the cost..."

Beonas says, "...I knew what was happening."

Beonas says, "I was just too late."

Beonas says, "He wanted to take her away. To be free, and I did not grant him that wish."

Ebonrose asks, "He tried to take it?"

Beonas says, "Tried, and succeeded."

Beonas says, "He could not have chosen a better time to strike. I believe Nostus lent him aid in the planning of the attack."

Beonas says, "He and one other guarded the Shroud."

Beonas says, " you now name Tseleth."

Beonas says, "I believe Nostus had made an Alliance with Indhis, and feigned his own death."

Beonas says, "Tseleth always had such a rigid sense of propriety."

Beonas says, "He could not stand having been defeated by a stripling boy. After being defeated, he never returned to us."

Beonas says, "Now I know, as some of you do, that he left to seek a reason why his strength failed him..."

Beonas says, "...and he found his answer in the ruins of Bir Mahallah, and the Serpent's coils."

Beonas says, "Indhis might have cut every one of us down on his path to Yaolara."

Beonas says, "...but the Lords of Liabo came to me in a dream as we awaited his assault on our headquarters."

Beonas says, "They told me that they could not see him, could not stop him."

Beonas says, "The visions--I have never felt fear like that, before or since."

Beonas says, "And they asked me to secure Yaolara's assistance."

Aydan quietly says, "They could not even influence it. Normally if you know something is there, but can't see it... you can at least lash out or influence it."

Beonas says, "The Shroud was an artifact of creatures that came before, who fought the masters of the Arkati."

Beonas says, "...we call them Ur-Daemons, now."

Beonas says, "It was beyond their power to affect directly, and so, therefore, was Indhis."

Beonas says, "I believe I knew, even then, that what I was asked to do was wrong."

Beonas says, "But I could not tell her."

Aydan quietly asks, "It wasn't willing, was it?"

Beonas says, "The Lord of the Night himself guided my hands as I lay the wards around Yaolara."

Beonas says, "She had to be willing for them to work, but she did not need to--"

Beonas says, "--she did not need to be informed."

Beonas seems unable to meet any eyes in the audience.

Aydan quietly says, "I've seen it. The look of shock, when they embraced. Not in his eyes alone."

Jandria asks, "You did not tell her what they would do?"

Beonas says, "No. It was forbidden."

Beonas says, "So many presences in my mind, so much power... I had never risen higher in service to the gods."

Beonas says, "And so I made her into a trap."

Beonas says, "I cut her dreams off from the realm of the Dreamer."

Beonas says, "And when she and Indhis embraced..."

Beonas says, "He was pulled, bodily, into her empty mind."

Beonas says, "And she was left to rest... forever."

Beonas says, "It is with him. Waiting."

Beonas says, "All of the Lords of Liabo lent me their aid in the magics I worked."

Aydan says, "I've seen the embrace. Some months ago, more than a year, shadowy images of the events he speaks were able to be seen in the Hall of the Mind, in Icemule's temple."

Beonas says, "And all were involved in barring the recording of that deed."

Beonas says, "The shame of it is so great as to wound the hearts of the Arkati."

Beonas says, "And that is why they will not help you with Indhis."

Beonas says, "...because they betrayed Yaolara, pure and innocent and honest as a child."

Beonas says, "And I helped them."

Beonas says, "Keeping her safe... that was my penance."

A single crystalline teardrop falls from the corner of one of Beonas's spectral eyes and lands on the stones beneath him.

Aydan quietly says, "I'd say it's more image, at this point. Helping would prove to all their foes that Liabo was not as holy as claimed."

Ebonrose asks, "And Indhis has esaped? Is escaping?"

Beonas says, "He will escape."

Ebonrose asks, "What will that do to the girl?"

Beonas says, "He has torn at the walls of his prison for over two hundred years."

Beonas says, "If there is anything left of Yaolara..."

Beonas says, "...I do not know."

Aydan quietly says, "We'll meet him when he does, then. We can do nothing else."

Hadya quietly says, "Who cares about their goodly names! That woman has held a monster for a long, long time.. all at their hands."

Beonas says, "They cannot see him, and cannot predict what he will do."

(Hadya throws up her hands in frustration.)

Beonas says, "He blinds the eyes of prophecy itself."

Hadya quietly says, "If they do not help, they only make matters worse."

Aydan says, "It's been said he will be the death of prophecy itself, at that."

Beonas says, "I believe I know what he will try to do, if he is freed."

Beonas quietly says, "The Shroud serves a purpose for which it was not created."

Beonas says, "There are other artifacts in this world, artifacts that remain in the Emperor's keeping to this day..."

Beonas says, "...which may also bear the touch of the Dark Ones upon them."

Beonas says, "Crystals that destroy the very flows of magic."

Beonas says, "And, when fed with mortal blood, expand their range exponentially."

Beonas says, "I believe he wants nothing less than a world the Arkati cannot touch."

Beonas says, "Cut off from magic, cut off from the gods themselves..."

Speaking to Beonas, Aydan says, "A holy land, devoid of the holy."

Aydan says, "With him as its ruler? I can't exactly support that."

Beonas says, "There may be a way to keep him from escaping."

Beonas says, "It is not a permanent measure, but it is one with promise."

Beonas says, "There is a book that is rumored to record the knowledge of the master whom both the Lord of the Night and the Great Pretender once served."

Beonas says, "If there is a way to settle Yaolara's dreams and keep Indhis from breaking free..."

Beonas says, " is in that book."

Raelee slowly says, "... in the library."

Aydan says, "I have a very educated guess."

Beonas says, "It was last in the possession of a sage named Augustin Vespertinae."

Aydan says, "So many roads lead back to him."

Beonas says, "And now you know the truth."

Beonas says, "I believe it was worth one life, but it has cost more than that."

Beonas says, "Although I regret what was done to him..."

Beonas says, "...I dare not think what Indhis would have accomplished had he not been stopped."

Beonas says, "Perhaps my greatest shame is that I would not change a thing."

Beonas says, "...gods help me, I would not."

Beonas turns translucent and slowly sinks into the ground. After a few moments, he is no longer there.

In Fire

Posted by ENCLEDAN 22 October 2011

The rumors were true, there was a rite performed tonight. Several in fact, but I'll get to each in turn.

Shortly after sunset, Nostus sent jackals and Sheruvian minions to the surface, and we battled them for the better part of two hours or so. As things had gone quiet, some of us went our respective ways for a time, until the ground began shaking again. We went underground, and saw a green tile in the caverns. Touching the tile brought us to a large chamber, seemingly a shrine to Luukos. Five pillars stood near an altar and statue of Luukos' maw, and Athamael used the souls he had acquired over the last couple of weeks to light each pillar. Nostus arrived after the first four were lit, and gave Athamael a bauble that supposedly contained a spark of a Dreamwalker's soul. Athamael crushed it and released the soul, and instead shoved Nostus into the maw screaming. He then drew up what we believe was Nostus' soul and used it to light the final pillar.

The maw was opened, and Athamael, quite comically, tried to draw out Tseleth's soul. Upon finding it, Tseleth was not exactly what one would call grateful, and began lashing out at him, accusing him of his foolishness for drawing "her" there. He had, in fact, drawn Chaeye's attention, who broke the sanctuary protecting the place. We then assaulted Athamael, distracting him long enough for a fiery tendril to lash out and pull him in. The maw then closed.

Nostus and Athamael both are no more, if we believe what we've seen.

We returned to the surface with Chaeye's help, and she departed, saying that something still didn't seem right, as the quakes continued. Soon afterward we found ourselves at Lorminstra's temple, as Chaeye met us there to enact a plan for another problem that was presenting itself. She took Shannivar to a sanctuary, and a rite was performed to bind Shannivar to a wraith that is known to some of us. This wraith then assaulted Luukos' temple, in the hopes, I believe, of interrupting an even direr rite. While he met some success, easily plowing through the temple guards, he was unable to prevent it from occurring. Chaeye used a viewing glass to allow us to see Nershuul, and what I must assume were two other Luukosian lieutenants perform a final rite. They drew Hadya to them, making her allegiance to Luukos plain to all who saw, and slew her, along with a huge number of others, in a rite that brought about the return of Morvule.

Yes. Morvule.

Bristenn tells me he saw Morvule draw Tseleth back from the Maw. Not long after, he said he saw something fall from the sky. We gathered up and returned to the underground encampment, where we did indeed find Tseleth. He is now in the form of an arch lich, and is far, far more powerful than he had been before.

He said that not since the days of Despana, had a being such as he walked the face of Elanthia.

He lamented that he would have been our savior, but we never gave him the chance. He stated that he felt he would need other methods, and went to work at employing them. He stole something from my own soul, much as he had others, and stepped through the barrier.


The Maw of Luukos

  • The Shadow Templar Chaeye Larrinthe used a viewing glass to allow many of us to witness a Luukosian Ritual. For those of the Lornon faith they got a much closer view from the Observatory.
[The Maw of Luukos, Observatory]
The dark tunnel opens up into a massive stony stadium, the natural cavern stretching across the dark depths as expansive as any large city - the descending rows of rock lined with innumerable robed figures. The nexus of the grand space descends sharply into an enormous pit at the very bottom, the sinkhole billowing up gusts of pale, glowing viridian fog that enshrouds the chamber in its sickly pallor. A massive crystalline obelisk hovers over the pit, its faceted surface roiling with inky shadows. You also see a small window.
Obvious exits: down

look obelisk
The obelisk's crystalline structure is flawless even at this distance -- its precise angles and sharp points serving as a wall to the veritable cataclysm of shadows roiling deep within its crystalline core. Waves of irreality push outward from it like a wave, blurring and contorting its immediate surroundings in a nauseating fashion. Deep hums of power pulse steadily forth from its depths and small arcs of black lightning continually lash out from it as it spins slowly in mid-air above the pit.

*Gazing into the window, you see...

[The Maw of Luukos, Pit]
A trio of cyclopean altars stand upon the massive dais, the emerald designs inlaid onto the stone connecting the white, black, and green to one another in a complex array of arcing patterns. Pale green mist billows upward from the enormous pit in the ground, casting a hellish emerald light across the entire area, while fractured echoes of distant screams boil out from its depths. Above, a gargantuan obelisk floats in the air, its innumerable facets causing the entire chamber to hum with bursts of power.
Obvious exits: none

You hear cheers from the distant figures surrounding the chamber in droves.

Nershuul steps upon the dais and takes up a position at the emerald altar.

A roaring cheer echoes throughout the stadiums as the thousands upon thousands of robed figures lining the stadiums above rise in unison.

Nershuul waves a hand, and the crowd is hushed almost instantly.

Nershuul says, "My allies and compatriots. We are here because of you. I am here because of you."

Nershuul asks, "It has been long, and it has been difficult, but what is difficult to the servants of Death Himself?"

Nershuul smiles strangely.

Another round of cheers burst out from the massive stadium briefly.

Nershuul exclaims, "And who among you served as long as he? Who among you walked the world BEFORE the First Temple? Who among you could even fathom the idea of it?!"

Nershuul says, "We gather to correct Fate's flaws. We gather to regain a brother. We gather to regain he who founded this temple, ages ago."

Nershuul raises a pale hand, and the crowd again cheers.

Nershuul says, "And now... our year long plans come to full fruition."

Nershuul says, "Death did not claim him. He lives still, beyond the Planes. It is because of the Order that he shall be found and returned to us once more. YOUR efforts."

Nershuul paces around the altar slowly.

Nershuul says, "For too long have we been without him. For too long we did not have Death's Hand to guide our presence in the world."

Nershuul says, "It was he who united the sects under one Order ages ago, and so it is fitting that the sects unite once more to return him to his rightful place."

Nershuul nods sharply, and two figures suddenly appear - an exceedingly pale woman with purplish black hair behind the black altar, and another grey-clad man behind the white.

The crowd bursts into another deafening cheer, bits of stone falling to the ground as the vibrations echo ceaselessly.

After a moment, the cheering settles.

Maelyrria smiles coldly.

Craelle grins.

Nershuul says, "We begin."

Suddenly, thousands upon thousands of terrified, dirt-covered people are unceremoniously thrown from the lower stands of the stadium on all sides. Their screams fill the air, rebounding and echoing on the massive chamber's rock walls as they're pushed by some unseen force towards the dais like sheep to a slaughter.

Craelle raises a hand, and hundreds of daggers appear in the air before him.

Maelyrria tilts her head up, and innumerable glistening blades of shadow suddenly float above her.

Craelle says, "The lies which have sullied your lips are His. Now the tithe is mine to take. Consider the deals you have made... fulfilled."

Craelle tilts a hand, and the daggers in the air come to life like a murder of ravens -- in mere moments, they've begun slicing through the terrified crowd of people below the dais.

Maelyrria speaks, her words trailing wisps of frost, "Death is but the beginning for you who have been chosen today. The Serpent Lord will guide you to greater things through my hand."

Maelyrria nods, and the bladed shadows join the daggers in a frenzy - both blade and shadow alike rending flesh from the innocents in a ravenous, chaotic orgy of blood.

You see Maelyrria Aviexus the Mother of Shadow.
She appears to be a very striking Corpse.
She is diminutive and appears to be youthful. She has flickering spheres of emerald fire for eyes and bloodless ivory skin. She has shoulder length, luxurious purplish black hair tipped with subtle shadowy ringlets.
She has a massive spiked black ora gauntlet inlaid with luminous serpentine emeralds covering her left hand.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a listless cloak wrought from rippling darkness, a curved black ora breastplate riddled with pale emerald webwork, a bone-inlaid smooth obsidian sheath, a pair of fitted black leather pants threaded up the sides with razored metal, and a pair of knee-high boots heavily plated with overlapping black ora scales.

The crowd cheers in response, momentarily drowning out the screams of the dying.

The slaughter continues unabated, and you watch as men, women and children of every conceivable race are sliced to ribbons in mere seconds.

Rivers of blood are birthed upon the pit's ground in mere moments, flowing towards and then completely upwards to infuse the massive obelisk with their dark scarlet hues.

The shadows and blades slowly wink out of existence as every last person within the pit is dispatched with ruthless efficiency -- their blood continuing its path inexorably within the crystal obelisk.

Craelle says solemnly, "For the Father of Lies, the Great Serpent."

Maelyrria says hollowly, "For the Lord of Undeath, the Great Serpent."

The crowd suddenly raises its collective voice in unison in a permeating, echoing chant - the sounds echoing hauntingly in the massive chamber.

The obelisk begins to bleed with black and red hues as arcs of shadow explode from it in random directions. The cavern shudders occasionally under the impact of the raw power.

Nershuul takes a step back and stands within the triad of altars, his dead eyes never leaving the form of the obelisk as he continues a ceaseless chant in a clicking language.

A pale priest appears before the emerald altar, his robes fluttering about him.

A pale priest says, "The tithe of Lies and the tithes of Undeath have been offered. Through Death do they empower us. Through Death do they empower Him."

Nershuul bows slightly towards the pit, then turns around once more to face the altar.

A pale priest says, "The blood of the Emerald Path, the same path of the one we seek to return, is willfully given..."

A pale priest says, "Those who follow Death, the unifying Aspect of the Great Serpent have chosen of their fold whom to bestow the honor of serving as the catalyst for the return..."

A pale priest throws his arms back, revealing a wavy black ora dagger. The crowd cheers in response.

A pale priest says, "It is my right to name one of the Emerald Path. I have chosen, and their name shall be spoken in these hallowed halls."

Hadya suddenly appears upon the altar.

Hadya tilts her head up.

A pale priest says, "Hadya, of the Tehir. Your dedication to Him has shown true time and time again. Your loyalty to he who was lost, your efforts to seek a way for his return have not gone unnoticed."

Hadya inclines her head.

A pale priest says, "Your life will shatter the walls that separate us from him. We honor you with our Lord's Gift."

A pale priest says, "Do you accept this Gift?"

Hadya says, "I accept this gift."

A pale priest smiles.

Craelle grins wryly.

(Hadya lays still and gazes upwards.)

A pale priest says, "Then I offer your life to the one we seek to return. May your death be swift and your soul quaver in his presence."

Hadya closes her eyes for a moment.

A pale priest suddenly brings the dagger down directly into Hadya's heart, a brilliant white light pouring out from the wound and quickly turning to blackness as it swirls up and is pulled into the obelisk hungrily.

* Hadya drops dead at your feet!
* Hadya just bit the dust!

A pale priest exclaims, "For the Master of Death, the Great Serpent!"

The chamber fills with the roaring sound of chants and cheers as the obelisk begins to grow black as a starless night sky.

The obelisk suddenly stills, its interiors roiling with darkness.

Hadya's breath hitches slightly, and she raises a hand to her throat. The color drains from her face as she struggles for air. Abruptly, Hadya takes a full breath and her color returns to normal.

Nershuul nods sharply to the assembled, and they return the gesture just as quickly.

Nershuul says, "Return."

Craelle exclaims, "Return!"

Maelyrria says, "Return."

Maelyrria, Craelle and the priest suddenly gesture in unison, and the obelisk suddenly CRACKS at its center with a deafening explosion! Titanic bolts of blackness arc and crackle around you, and the air is charged with power.

Liquid shadows begin to pour forth from the obelisk like a nightmarish waterfall, completely shrouding the altar, and the figures upon it, in blackness. The cavern rumbles and shakes in response.

The chamber falls utterly silent as the black mist bleeds like a great, gaping wound into the area, mixing with the hazy green fog billowing up from below.

The shadows are suddenly blown about by an unseen force, the great gash in the crystal suddenly made whole once again in an instant.

As the shadowy fog dissipates, you hear a faint thump-thump, like the beating of wings - and you glimpse both the figures still holding their positions about the trio of altars as something wavers in the air, shrouded in darkness.

Craelle glances up.

Nershuul glances up.

Maelyrria gazes heavenward.

The shroud of blackness in the air fades away completely, and you see a scaled figure hovering inches above the emerald altar, its thin form draped by a long robe and its massive wings beating slowly as it lightly touches down.

The crowd falls utterly silent.

The scaled figure throws its hood back, revealing a gaunt, scaled face with slitted eyes.

Morvule hisses, "My brothers. My ssssissssterssss..."

Morvule hisses, "I RETURN."

The crowd erupts in a deafening roar of exultation!

Morvule hisses, "...there issss much to do."

Craelle nods.

Nershuul nods.

Maelyrria nods.

Morvule hisses, "Glory to the Lord of Death, the Great Sssserpent!"

Shadows pour across the coliseum.

The visions within your mind fade away.

You glimpse the figures down below in heated conversation, and they slowly wink out of existence within moments. The crowd along the other side of the chamber slowly begins to filter out.

A cold, inhuman presence is felt strongly within the room.

Emerald light wraps around Hadya in an almost friendly fashion, slithering up her neck like a serpent and building in intensity.

(Hadya gazes down at the emerald light, her posture at ease.)

The light burns a mark upon Hadya's neck, her flesh sizzling for but a moment.

You hear a cold, sibilant voice hiss, "I have many thingssss to attend to, but thissss matter issss important."

(Hadya sucks in breath between her teeth for a moment, before returning to her serene facade.)

Hadya says, "My thanks to you."

Hadya bows respectfully, her eyes fixed firmly on the ground.

You hear a cold, sibilant voice hiss, "You are of Death'ssss fold. No longer do you need to hide. You are mine, and for your faith, you now bear the mark of a Priestess. Sssspread the emerald light, Hadya Kha'Taymullah, for you have done Hissss will thissss evening."

The emerald light wraps around Hadya's wrist and burns away the silver mark there.

Hadya bows respectfully, her eyes fixed firmly on the ground.

Hadya says, "I am honored and will spread His emerald light."

You hear a cold, sibilant voice hiss, "You have all sssserved in the name of the Dark Alliance well. We will sssspeak ssssoon. You have my..."

You hear a cold, sibilant voice hiss, "...thankssss."

The inhuman presence fades away.

The voice of Craelle says, "'ll want to stay to see what he has in store shortly. Call it a 'second act'. The wraith betrayed us."

Soft footsteps echo away.

Morvule hisses, "Well. Here we are again. Familiar faces. Be glad you are warded within that ssssanctuary, and that I am tired from my... journiessss."

Morvule hisses, "A rare ssssight you've glimpsed, these hallssss are generally not sssseen by those not of our Order or itssss allies, unlesssss it issss one of the ssssacrificessss ussssed... like tonight."

Morvule chuckles.

Morvule hisses, "You've undid my victoriessss once. Now I will undo one of yourssss."

Morvule rises up into the air and hovers over the massive pit billowing green smoke. He gestures briefly and incants a verse, and the mist suddenly bellows up with emerald flames.

Morvule hisses, "I will bring back ssssomeone. Ssssomeone you thought yourself rid of. I have ssssome thingssss to assssk of him, regardlesssss..."

Morvule gestures, and the emerald flames rise higher and higher, coalescing into massive, writhing tentacles of green flame.

A warm voice (Chaeye) murmurs, "...they did not see you, just the ritual..."

Morvule suddenly dives down into the flames and disappears from view.

The flames flicker and writhe hauntingly.

A warm voice (Chaeye) murmurs, "...those assembled were not seen, however." 

An acolyte steps from the shadows, grins, then walks off.

An ear-splitting roar emanates from the depths of the pit. One huge tentacle, ablaze with emerald flames, strains toward the lip of the pit, followed by another.

Morvule flies upwards out of the flames, then stands quietly behind the emerald altar, an expectant look on his face.

Morvule hisses, "Keep hoping."

Together, the tentacles drag their owner into view. Emerald cinders drip from the ruined face and skeletal physique of Tseleth as he rises from the pit, his body shrouded in a tattered, leathery material.

Morvule smiles thinly.

Morvule hisses, "The trip back up issss never pleassssant."

Tseleth hovers above the rim of the pit as the tentacles of flame slowly retract into his body. He lets out another keening roar, and the leathery material around him unfurls to reveal two great wings armed with gleaming ebony talons. Flame burn in the exposed cavity protected by his ribs. They billow forth, feeding on the fresh air, and Tseleth screams again.

*The visions within your mind fade away.

Morvule then disappeared shortly after and remains in parts unknown.

The Duskborn Theory

Posted by ENCLEDAN 30 January 2012

Last night, a little before midnight, one of the creatures that had escaped from Indhis' dream decided to test its luck against the walls of Vornavis. It made several passes over the city, and ultimately received a few volleys of arrows for its trouble. Succumbing to the wounds, it crashed into the bay. It was at this point that the priest, Volgust, was found at Charl's Quay.

Volgust, the same priest who completed the rite that flooded the town several years ago.

He told us that Charl himself has taken an interest in the situation with the Dreamer, and came to him in his meditations regarding a rite that could strengthen the prison that keeps the Dreamer sealed away. After some words, he stated that it would require a piece of the Duskborn, the name given to the creatures that escaped the prison already. The one that was taken down tonight was consumed by the sea, so I would have to assume whatever is needed by that one has been recovered by Volgust, or otherwise will be when needed.

The rite itself, however, he doesn't know about, and that will require accessing Fash'lo'nae's Library. It was at this time that another Magister, Orphia, arrived at the Quay.

Orphia believes that the walls between planes can be penetrated by the vesperti (a theory established a while back by Avelorre's experiments), and some discussion regarding the possibility of constructing a golem of sorts, or controlling a vesperti to pass through the planes and access the library ensued.

There was also some discussion about turning one of the Duskborn into plinite, or an attempt to do something of that sort.

For the moment, the plan appears to be twofold. One part of the plan is going to involve defeating the Duskborn and acquiring from them the "components" needed for the rite. Unless something else presents itself, this is going to be a matter of killing the things and "harvesting" what we need. The second part of the plan is going to involve the means to access the Library and recover the knowledge of the rite.

Upon success of both, Volgust has offered to perform the rite to strengthen the prison that contains Indhis. I feel it would be irresponsible to not point out that we know full well what happens when we have Volgust perform rites for us, however necessary they may be.

Random notes: Orphia and Raelee do not get along. Sir Vectrus is currently missing, having been sent to Wehnimer's during their recent troubles and having neither returned nor sent word back. Orphia says this isn't entirely unusual for him. The Baron was not receptive to Orphia's suggestion that she take Sir Vectrus' place in his council.


Magister O' Magister - Where are thou Magister?

Posted by Raelee and Misun 30 January 2012

Raelee's Letter

A messenger approaches the guard at the gate to Vornavis Proper, bearing two identical letters - each written in an impeccable hand on ivory vellum and sealed with golden wax. One is addressed to the Baron, the other to authorities within the Hall of Mages in Tamzyrr.

I am writing to address a potentially disastrous dereliction of authority in regards to the Hall of Mages' supervision of advanced magical activity within Vornavis. It has come to my attention that Sir Vectrus has departed Vornavis and cannot, at present, be contacted. While it is not my place to criticize this man's activity, his timing is most unfortunate. 

Problems catalyzed by activity within Solhaven's Temple to Ronan have caused a dire need for the swift, likely premature casting of experimental planar magic within the region colloquially known as "South Haven" in order to prevent a calamity that will doubtlessly have adverse effects on the Empire as a whole. The Hall has realized a need for a greater presence within Vornavis following several past incidences, and I do fear another such incident is on the horizon without the oversight and authority of Sir Vectrus. 

In lieu of further instruction, I will continue to pursue this course of research as I was so charged to do by Sir Vectrus on the 27th of Charlatos, 5110. However, I am concerned about the possible consequences of his absence and beseech you to name a qualified, knowledgeable interim substitute - whether it be locally or sent from one of the colleges - in order to not only protect this Barony and the Empire, but the integrity of Hall of Mages and her scholars as well.

Your swift attention is most appreciated, given the gravity and immediacy of this situation. If further clarification is required, I am prepared to provide it on your command.

By my hand,
Raelee A. Svala, Magister

Misun's Letters

A letter

From the desk of Alfonsus Kestrel
Magister Lower Provost
The Hall of Mages, Nydds To Whom It May Concern, The Hall of Mages writes to inform the citizenry of Vornavis of the disappearance of two of its members in the vicinity of Vornavis and the Northern Territories. The aforementioned individuals are described as follows: -Magister Orphia Veswind of Chastonia. Dark of complexion, with grey eyes and brown hair. Last seen in the vicinity of Eastbridge Lane, Solhaven District, Vornavis. -Magister Vectrus Kestrel Ranheles. Silver eyes, pale of face, with brown hair and a distinctive tattoo around his right eye. Last seen en route to the protectorate of Wehnimer's Landing. Individuals presenting evidence or testimony leading to the recovery of one or both individuals will receive a significant endowment from the Hall, not to exceed one million silver Imperial marks, along with a token of the Hall's esteem. Evidence should be delivered to authorized representatives of the Hall of Mages at the earliest possible convenient date.
A letter

To Alfonsus Kestral, Magister Lower Provost of the Hall of Mages

On the night of Tilamaires, the 28th day of Fashanos, in the year 5112, several citizens of Solhaven witnessed red lightning rising from the ground to sky from the vicinity of South Solhaven and a vision of crimson stars which coalesced into the form of a stalking black panther. After investigating, nothing was found at the time. Shortly after though, a flying abomination (one of the duskborn) was seen flying over Solhaven. Then fireballs streaked after it, originating in the southern portion of town. It appeared someone well versed in powerful elemental magic was engaging the flying abomination in combat. By the time we arrived on the scene, all that was left was a singed mesille runestaff. The runestaff has the intitials C.R. upon it. with the amount of power being wielded, it seems almost certain that the caster was a Magister. 

If you have any knowledge of who this person was, we would be appreciative to discover who it was and their purpose in Solhaven.

Outside of this event, there has been nothing on the missing magisters but please be aware that the citizens of Solhaven are well aware of the situation and doing what they can to assist.

Misun Grace Sethlor, Ward of House Venquinor

Blood in the Streets

Posted by MAZEIKIS3 17 March 2012

Today throughout the course of the evening, Solhaven was rocked by several earthquakes. Following these, the adventurers gathered repelled repeated waves of sirens, dreamstone-studded golems, hounds and other assorted creatures. Following the last wave, another of the Duskborn was spotted in the sky over Solhaven, and shortly thereafter wounded by a blast of flame coming from South Solhaven.

There, we met Carellus Ranheles and his apprentice Mynalia, responsible for wounding the creature and driving it off. After brief introductions, we had learned that he is a hedgewizard from the inner lands of the Empire, specifically practiced in the elemental art of flame (this being a talent that, given the amount of power channeled through his staff, seems to destroy them quite rapidly).

Next, we convened at a location wherein the walls between planes are thin- the Garden of Forbidden Knowledge. After a brief period of time it was determined that Magister Orphia, gone missing along with Sir Vectrus, was trapped in another plane, specifically within the Library of Fash'lo'nae. It was decided to be far too rash and costly a maneuver to open a portal to it immediately, despite the fact that Magister Orphia is not only trapped but now holding knowledge we require to eradicate the Duskborn and, quite possibly, what can be done about our previous troubles (that I'll not summarize here).

That being stated, we shall reconvene with the wizard Carellus and his apprentice next weekend. Be on the look out for him then, and in the meantime be on your guard.

-Sir Bristenn Mires

The Seal of Dreams

Posted by Mohrgan 24 March 2012

Sirs and Madames,

Tonight we have had a major development in the struggle to stay the coming storm. Just after sundown, the creature that we know as Duskborn was seen in the sky again. While we were unable to affect it from below, we again were drawn to south haven by a column of fire, and the creatures flight. There we found again Master Carellus the Hedgewizard and his apprentice, the lady Mynalia. They informed us that the creature had appeared to them in the form of a woman covered in scales, and attacked them in their quarters. Master Carellus was apparently able to drive it off, singing his robes in the ensuing burst of flame (a fact of which he was most concerned). Something, the creature perhaps, plummeted to the ground forming a smoldering crater on Baron's, but naught was forthcoming when we inspected it. We resolved to meet up as planned at the Garden of Forbidden Knowledge shortly thereafter.

At that point, a group of us went to retrieve the fresh ingredients that Magister Raelee needed for her ritual, the brains, eyes, heart and blood of the Vesperti. Master Carellus met us there and helped us to gather the Returning to the Garden, we began to hear the sounds of invading creatures, so Godefroy sanctified the area while the Magister set about her task. Through great expenditure of power, we were able to pry open the veil between worlds, and communicate with the lost Lady Orphia. She was just able to send a scrap of parchment through the rift before it fell shut again. Of her fate, we know not, but we presume the worst...she seemed at immediate peril, and to deliver the parchment may well have been her final act.

The parchment contained a list of items required to form a Dream Seal, which we can presumably use to bind the Red Dreamer and prevent his emergence. Among those ingredients are the corpses of three of these Duskborn creatures, which will not be easy to obtain, needless to say. We know of the one in the environs of Solhaven, the one that fled north toward Icemule, and one in or around Teras Isle. We have come up with a plan to trap the one in Solhaven and will be attempting such next Feastday, around the fifth or sixth hour past noon elven. Anyone who wishes to aid us would do well to collect as much oil as they can carry and bring it to the Broken Tower at that time.

After the ritual, we formed a party and went forth into the streets and did battle with more of the same creatures that attacked us last week, plus a few new ones. After a short battle, we drove them back, and secured the town.

Blessings be upon the lost Lady Orphia for her sacrifice. Now, at last, we have a glimmer of hope, a means to combat this threat that has loomed over us for so long now.

Blessed are the Dreamers,

Mohrgan, Servant of the true Lord of the Night

The letter read as follows:

To craft a Seal of Dreams, you must acquire the following:

the wings of a dreamer's butterfly
the mane of a nightmare steed
a sprig of nightshade
the corpses of three creatures born of dreams

Bring these things to a body of water where death lives and boil in a cauldron, then steep a soulstone to collect the fluid that remains. Place the soulstone on the sleeper, and she shall not wake.

This is all I know. Tell my mother I love her.


A letter transcribed to the empire to be delivered to the family of Lady Orphia
"Your daughter acted with both courage and honor, forging ahead in her research in manners that will surely aid the Barony of Vornavis and the Empire in general. She asked that we convey her greetings to you, as she readies herself to aid in turning back a great enemy to all life as we know it."

The white-robed priest pauses for a moment, before dipping his quill and continuing.

"Be proud, for her actions have cast a glimmering of hope into an affair that even the mightiest found daunting.

"With hopes of affecting a swift reunion, I remain

"Sincerely yours, 

"Pr. Godefroy Kalason
Vornavian Church of Koar"

The prelate scatters some sand across the paper to collect residual ink, then quickly folds it, places it into an envelope, and seals it with a blob of golden wax. He tugs a nearby bell pull, and an acolyte enters quietly. "Get this to the Hall, and from there to Orphia's parents. She deserves that, at least."

  • Recipe for Respite

In congruency with the list of reagents required to craft a Seal of Dreams, the Prelate Godefroy and I have tracked down and located nearly all of them- the wings of a dreamer's butterfly, the mane of a nightmare steed, a sprig of nightshade (berry, as it were) and a soulstone.

To confirm the rumors, as it were- Sir Metadi and I will be guarding a shipment of necessary armaments to battle the duskborn, which will be arriving outside Vornavis on Feastday. We do most certainly hope the duskborn have really, ahem, no perception of such logistical movements.

-Sir Bristenn Mires, Knight of Vornavis

Schism of Dreams

Posted by GM Auchand and Metadi 27 March 2012
  • From the Office of the Baronial Lieutenant:

The Temple of Ronan in Solhaven is currently overtaken by monsters. The city of Solhaven warns all sane adventurers, or at least those with insufficient trainings, to stay safely away from the temple while we attempt to investigate the goings-on there. Any adventurers hoping to explore the so-called Schism of Dreams within should be aware that dying there will lead to major rescue difficulties. Rumors are springing up that an area around a teleportation obelisk inside is a safe fog point.

But really, stay away!

  • A report from the field followed from Metadi.

Tseleth, the Luukosian general approached Ronan's temple in an effort to negotiate with Llumen to destroy the Sleeper, Yaolara, in an effort to destroy the Dreamer. He refused to work with the Luukosian.

Tseleth, showing the 'good faith' of the serpent, immediately attacked the temple. A duskborn intercepted him, and the two fought in the skies before flying off. Both appeared lightly wounded. The blood of the duskborn gave rise to the usual nightmares. Including cracked deathstone golems, gravestone constructs, vapor hounds (young, but breathe poison), and phantasmal jackals and spirit hounds, both of them near-capped canine undead. The constructs were nasty.

After a bit of this, and trying to keep the streets clear, a few nasty temporal rifts hit triage, and an explosion rocked Ronan's temple. A battlegroup went to investigate and found a smoking hole where the gates had been. We charged in, fought our way across the grounds and into the temple proper. Once there, we found the shadow wall and managed to pass through it.

The group consisted of Drigore, Bristenn, Godefroy, Kernn, Raelee, Kilthal, and Metadi. Past the shadow wall, we found a wracked and twisted dreamscape. We fought our way through a nasty assortment of critters, taking and giving many wounds. We found our way to the cocoon containing Yaolara. While there, Llumen's shadow spoke to us. He sacrificed himself to keep her safe from the Red Dreamer for a few more weeks. According to him, Chaeye will tell us what we need to know. (This is represented and was done, in game, by the following Last of the Dreamwalkers section)

In the meantime, the streets of Solhaven appear clear and Ronan's temple is ruined. There are very dangerous creatures within, and a sign disclaiming Solhaven's responsibility for physical harm if you enter. Tread lightly and retreat quickly.

- Metadi, the punny one

Last of the Dreamwalkers

Posted by GM Auchand 27 March 2012

It begins with a wash of darkness.

The vision crashes over you like a wave, drowning you in colors and foreign sensations. Like a rip current, it tears you from your own body, and your consciousness drifts into a place of shadows and light. Images resolve themselves, first as blurred shadows, like a watercolor not yet finished. Over what seems like an eternity, they come into sharp focus.

The girl's eyes flutter.

She lies in a coffin of crystal. Cracks have spiderwebbed through it, and the panes are stained, as if with soot, except soot does not twitch and shiver of its own volition. Despite this, the girl sleeps. Her sleep is restless, the sleep of one who is on the verge of waking.

A young man stands over the coffin, singing a quiet lullaby. His voice is raspy and dry, as if he has been singing for hours. He looks as if he can barely stand.

The room in which they stand has the look of a place of worship. Draperies of silver spidersilk and black velvet drip from the walls, swaying in a sensuous dance with the barest breath of air. Hundreds of votive candles are scattered about the polished ebony floor, but most have long since burnt out. Incongruous are the two sets of polished armor heaped in one corner, the remains of half-eaten meals, the crumpled bedding. Odder still is one of the walls, which appears to be a shadow made solid.

"Llumen," a dark-skinned woman whispers.

She is not human. She has the seeming of an elf, the thin-tipped and pointed ears, the slender physique, but it is as if someone has lent features to the silhouette of an elf. Her skin is black as shadows, and her eyes little more than pools of silver. When she speaks, her voice is cool and musical, but heavy-laden with concern. "She stirs."

The man named Llumen ceases to sing. "I have eyes, Chaeye."

His tone is as sharp as the angles of his face. Were he human, he might seem little more than a score of years old, but the bones of that face are too finely drawn, the weary eyes in it far too blue. They are set deeply in their sockets. His ears have points as well.

"Yet you do not see," says Chaeye. Her tone is careful, the words so quiet that they might not be meant for the man at all.

The girl's eyes flutter again. When they open, the irises are bright blue, and the pupils are fathomless. An entire world might exist beyond those eyes. The temple shivers, the ground shakes. But then the eyes shut, and she returns to her restless sleep.

"She is near to waking," says another voice.

The two lift their heads, exhaustion in their eyes sharpening into suspicion. As one, their gazes travel to a point on the wall of shadow, which has begun to glow a lurid green. The emerald light roils like a flame, but it is unable to throw back the darkness.

"Tseleth," Llumen says, his voice cold.

"There was a time you would have called me brother."

"There was a time when you had honor. When you had faith. When you were human. What do you have now?"

"The power to end this," Tseleth's voice responds. "Give her to me, and I shall take her to a place where she can never wake. Surrender her, and Indhis will never ride forth."

The creature that oozes forth from the wall is barely humanoid. Its body is made of fleshless bones that are burnt and brittle. Two skeletal wings protrude from its back, and it is taller than either of the two elves.

In the space between seconds, Chaeye suddenly stands, armed and armored. One of the suits of armor has vanished from the corner. She positions herself between the creature and Llumen, and her eyes flash with silver light.

"You will move no further," she says.

Llumen shakes his head. "Has this place become so defiled that a child of the Serpent can walk freely here?" He leans more heavily on the coffin.

"As Lord Commander, you should know that the Order's strength lies in its illusions," Tseleth's voice says. The skeletal monstrosity flickers like a candleflame. "One might say that Ronan's power is just a play of shadows on the wall. But now the wall is cracked. You cannot keep me out entirely, and you cannot keep him in, either. This must end tonight."

Llumen shakes his head. "No. No, I cannot let you have her. I will not let her burn for this world's sakes." There is little strength in his protestations.

The creature stretches forward, passing through Chaeye and reforming on the other side. She shivers, lowers her blade, and steps aside, then turns to watch as Tseleth's illusion brushes one of its claws against the crystalline coffin.

"She was beautiful once," Tseleth says. "If I could feel, I might weep for her. But do you truly think that the Maw is less of a torture than that which you force her to endure?"

Rage boils in Llumen's eyes. He rounds on Tseleth's illusion, and silver light sprays forth from his hands. The phantasmal bones melt away, and, with a shriek, the illusory form vanishes.

"He thinks he can come in here, in my lord's Temple, and--" Llumen's tirade dies at the sound coming from behind him.

A soft murmur emanates from the coffin. Within, the girl's eyes are open. Chaeye and Llumen's expressions slide from shock to horror as the crystal surrounding her begins to crack. Pieces from the casing drop to the ground with an almost musical sound, and crimson-edged shadows begin to spread outward from her prone form. At first, they seep like ink, but soon they spread like the waters of a flowing river, drenching the floor and wall in roiling blackness.

It is as if a door has been opened to another world. Beyond the shadows of the opposing wall lies an endless, tormented plain bordered by mountains spewing plumes of golden magma into the air. The chaotic sky is home to monstrosities with too many eyes, great leathery wings, and fangs. There is a red glow in the west, brighter than any of the shining incarnadine stars overhead.

The sound of hoofbeats approaches, ringing through the chamber as if from a great distance. As the shadows spread, the sound grows more acute, more present, and the red glow draws nearer.

"I will face him," Llumen says, his voice quavering. "He is only human."

"Do not be foolish," Chaeye snaps. "He was the better swordsman when he was a man. Now, he is a creature of dreams, twisted for centuries by the Shroud. We cannot defeat him by strength of arms. You must fall back, Llumen. Perhaps I can seal him here for a little longer."

The glow has drawn near enough that its source is evident. It is a rider on a pale horse, swathed in burgundy cloth from head to toe. His shadow dances like the smoke of of a snuffed candle, and it holds a sullen red radiance about the edges.

The rider halts his pale steed, and his laughter, mad and furious, peals across the plains. He dismounts and draws forth a sword that flickers like flame. Though still distant, the force of his gaze is almost a physical thing, boring into the small chamber.

"I should have known you would be waiting here, Llumen. Is that Chaeye with you? Oh, I have been awaiting this moment for a long time." His voice is everywhere, all at once. It does not echo.

"Flee, Llumen. You must lead them against him. I'll hold him for as long as I can," Chaeye says. "Ronan grant me strength. Gods guide my blade."

"Who needs gods?" Indhis's voice crackles through the air. "They have made us dance on their strings for too long. In this world, there was but one god, and look what I have wrought. Have you met my children?"

The creatures screeching through the riotous skies scream their fury, as if on command. The fountains of magma spray higher. Shadows begin to creep along the plain, taking on humanoid forms that crawl toward the pair. Beneath the swathes of cloth, Indhis's mouth twitches.

"Llumen, go," Chaeye hisses through gritted teeth.

"I will not leave you," Llumen says. He ignores the pile of armor on the floor as he reaches for his blade, silver-edged and wrought of ebon steel. "Perhaps he can still be stopped."

"And if not, who will guide them?" Chaeye asks. "Llumen, you must go."

Llumen pauses for a moment. "You're coming with me, then."

Chaeye shakes her head. "But he will escape."

"We'll find a way to defeat him," Llumen says. "I cannot do it without you. None of the others are left, Chaeye. None of them. Come with me. We'll fall back. We'll rally the people of this town to our cause. We can find a way."

Chaeye's hand shakes. She glances over her shoulder at the approaching rider. Suddenly, she nods.

"Let us go," she says. Her voice breaks.

As one, the two turn and rush toward the opposite wall. The shadows part for them, and they dart down the hallway as the first of the shadowed creatures begin to pour through, screeching their hatred to the world. Chaeye and Llumen rush through the arched doors leading out of the temple and, as they reach the gates, they slow their pace.

"Put up wards on the gates, and on the temple itself," Llumen says. "I'll hold back the tide."

Creatures of shadow begin to spill from the doors of the temple, and Llumen races toward them. His blade is like part of his body as he hews through one creature after another. The creatures that avoid the weapon are torn apart by bursts of silver light from his hands. All the while, Chaeye chants softly, silver-edged shadows spilling from around her.

At last, the flow of monstrosities grows to be too great, and Llumen begins his retreat. Still hacking and slashing, he backs up toward the gates. Without turning to Chaeye, he speaks.

"You should go."

"I will not leave you," she says.

He chuckles. "You already have." His form flickers and dances on the wind. "As the Lord Commander, I do have a talent for illusions. I will keep him busy for a while longer, but you must help them find a way to get my sister back to sleep. The world is not ready to face the Dreamer quite yet. Now, I suggest you go. I will all of my strength for what I must do next."

Chaeye looks into the apparition's face. A single quicksilver tear drips from one of her eyes.

"Good," Llumen's illusion says. "I will dream of you, my friend, in the dreams beyond life."

With that, he vanishes.

Chaeye's eyes scan the courtyard of the Temple. The creatures have begun to ransack the beautiful grounds, letting loose their master's fury on the world. She shuts her eyes. The tear falls to the ground. She becomes one with the shadows of the night.

Back in the coffin room, the red-swathed man steps to the threshold of the shadows. The glittering shroud he wears stretches toward the chamber, toward freedom. He looks down at the woman entombed there, her eyes open but unseeing. In his own eyes, there is nothing of tenderness. They are crimson, and ablaze with fury.

He steps forward just as a man-shape detaches itself from the shadows. Llumen wears a calm smile. It only widens at Indhis's snarl of rage.

"I am Llumen," the elf says, holding his silver-edged sword before him. "I am the Lord Commander of the Order of Dreamwalkers." Starlit shadows begin to spill from his form, nearly touching the crimson-edged ones spilling from the coffin. "I do solemnly swear to hold the night in the name of my lord, and the Lords of Liabo."

The shadows consume the edges of his form. "I will battle the enemies of Ronan in all their forms. I will light the darkness with my faith. I will stand my ground. Blessed be the Lord of Dreams, in all his majesty."

Indhis steps forward, and his fiery blade leaps to his hand. "You can't fight me."

"I can hold you here, at least for a while. Gods send it is long enough."

As the shadows touch, blinding light and deafening sound erupts from the point of contact, consuming the two men, the coffin room, and the waking woman.

Outside, on the streets of Solhaven, the last of the Dreamwalkers stands alone. In her hands, she clutches a single silver tear. She whispers a chant over it, and casts it to the winds.

"All will know of your sacrifice, Llumen. I swear it. They will see it for themselves."

And with that, the vision fades.

Mission Duskborn - Burninate I

Posted by Bristenn 1 April 2012

Last evening we finally set in motion the first of three efforts to dispatch and capture the duskborn, the airborne menace that, birthed from the hateful and (generally speaking) downright madness of the trapped Indhis. The very same that have been terrorizing the countryside for leagues abound.

After much hubbub made beforehand as a clever (as clever as I and the Prelate Godefroy can be, really) ruse, to the caves along the coast we brought several barrels worth of fetched oil and formed two battlegroups, one lead by myself and the other by Kilthal. There, the duskborn was lured into the caves and apparently crossed off 'troll meat' from its list of things to eat while vacationing in this plane of existence.

After several attempts for it to parlay with us and feed off our emotions, taking on the shape and form of people of our past (the Magister Orphia, Provost Paidreg Venquinor, and Her Grace Athalia) and, shortly thereafter several short scuffles, Carellus and his apprentice Mynalia revealed the plan- distract the creature while Carellus prepared to trap it in a hidden alcove and burn it with flame hotter than a Svala scorned.

Needless to say, we were both fortunate and successful- the essence of the duskborn has been condensed into a solid shard of dreamstone. That's one out of three, and we will not have the element of surprise nor the strategic advantage against the remaining two.

To conclude here, I would like to, even at this hour of our struggles, give the utmost thanks to the defenders of Solhaven and northern Vornavis and our allies fresh in from the north, including but not limited to the Order of the Silver Gryphon and their collective allies- it is for us all that we're fighting here, and I myself am glad you could make the party.

-Sir Bristenn Mires, Knight of Vornavis

  • Afterwards, devotees of Ronan met to call to Chaeye.

A service was held up north at the Shore of Dreams by Mohrgan and Auragin, devout followers of Ronan. Other than the usual threats we've come to know and love by everyone's favorite father of nightmares Indhis, the Red Dreamer, we received through visions scant information on the whereabouts of the last Dreamwalker, Chaeye Larrinthe.

Here are a few details and these folks attended:
Torverner, Archales, Lord Chivalrous, Kateerina, Godefroy, Magister Raelee, Lady Divone, Kasia, Sir Eahlstan, Sir Metadi, Rolfard, Kippe, Droit, Mohrgan, Lord Balantine, Lady Arwen, Kerl, Sir Bristenn.

This is what we saw (between beseeching, and prayers, and comforting words to Chaeye, and slightly more beseeching):

The shrine fills with scents of loam and grass, the sheen of moonlight, the distant cries of birdsong. Images swirl into view, sharing the space of the shrine in a disorienting fashion. A quiet glade rests beneath an unnaturally dark night, illuminated by the glow of a crystalline cocoon.

A woman made of shadows materializes nearby, her tilted silver eyes wide and empty of emotion. She reaches out toward the cocoon, but a sob wracks her body, and her fingertips fall.

For a moment, it is as if the woman has heard. Her spine stiffens, and she turns, silver eyes widening, but then she shakes her head and returns her attention to the crystalline casing.

As she dissolves into silver and shadow, the woman whispers, "Llumen."

The images swirl, being replaced with the ebon walls of a small cell. The odors here are different. Sounds of clanging plate and marching boots pounding on pavement emanate from outside. The shadowed woman huddles in the shadows of the otherwise-empty cell, her gaze blank.

A muffled voice emanates from outside the cell. "Is someone in there?" it asks. The woman's chin lifts, she shuts her eyes, and vanishes. As the vision begins to fade, another voice asks a distorted question, and the first responds, "Nothing... just Larrinthe's old cell. I thought I saw something, that's all..."

Abruptly, the sense of peace and security enshrouding the shrine begins to waver. The shadows blaze with crimson outlines, and a madman's laughter peals through the area.

The voice of Indhis says, "It won't be long now. Not long at all. I will be free."

The crimson outlines of the shadows die away, but a disquieting, unnatural heat remains.

Crimson stars wink from the waters of the font.

The ebon candle continues to burn. As it flares momentarily, a series of flame-shaped tendrils of red smoke meander up through a thick blanket of grey.

Then it was over.

-Auragin Darkwynde, Ronan Priestess, Northern Fury Captain

In the Air Tonight - Burninate II Trailer

Posted by MAZEIKISJ 16 April 2012

As of last evening, one of the possibly two remaining duskborn was spotted over the skies of Vornavis. Its trajectory or intended targets were not fully realized, but one can assume it's returned to the region indefinitely- whether or not it is indeed seeking 'answers' in the form of tasty this-plane-of-existence-meats as towards the death of its kin at our and Carellus's hands is not certain. Other than the sighting in the air, obscured by the night's relative darkness, no other witnesses reported spotting the creature.

Caution continues to be advised, both on the ground and in what used to be Ronan's temple (now complete with shadow people, rather than simply chauvinistic shadow men (because shadow people of the female persuasion are just as adept at dispelling all of your elemental protections than their male counterparts)).

-Sir Bristenn Mires, Knight of Vornavis

  • Weeks later (5/18/2012). A pale parchment is nailed to the muffinsmith stall
Citizens and concerned non-citizens of Solhaven,

Last night we were visted by the Lady Mynalia and informed that Carellus and herself were working on a new plan to capture the second of the Duskborn. While she is not certain how long before they will be prepared to perform the ritual, she asks that we gather the needed ingredients to have ready.

They are as follows:

Rowan in the form of brances, sticks, or twigs. 
Dreamstone, crushed into a fine powder
Three stone hearts
and jasmine incense.

Several people have already volunteered to gather some of the items listed but we welcome every contribution to ensure this goes properly.

Thank you,
Lady Misun Grace Sethlor of House Venquinor

(Both of the final two duskborn would be killed on the same evening of 8/18/2012 and to my knowledge these components never came into play.)

Shreds of a Plan

Posted by GM Auchand and ENCLEDAN 13 August 2012

Carellus and Mynalia have returned from their travels to find an object that will attract the remaining Duskborn, and Carellus will be holding a brief meeting at 8PM ET tomorrow, 8/13/12 to discuss their plan for ending the creatures' long and inexplicably interrupted assaults on Elanthia. As some forewarning, we'll be doing a big event to close off Ride of the Red Dreamer around 8PM ET on Saturday, 8/18/12.


  • Followed by

Carellus has an artifact that he'll use to draw the final Duskborn back toward Solhaven. An issue is that with the schism having gone quiet, Indhis is direly close to freeing himself. So we're going to try and take out the Duskborn on the 18th at 8:00pm. We've got the beginnings of a plan. Raelee and Godefroy will be assisting Carellus, though other spellcasters are asked to give assistance. We can hash that out as we get closer to the battle.

Until then, we need to pull whatever manpower we have available. It's possible we'll be fighting both of the Duskborn at once. Godefroy suggested an attempt to lure them to the beached hulk on the coast, and setting fire to it. This idea seems fairly doable, though I don't think we've settled on a final course of action. Other ideas are welcome.

If we're successful here, we'll hopefully be able to put an end to this threat for good. Expect there to be more to it than we've been told, so prepare as best as you see fit.


  • The cost

Carellus indicated later that the Seal of Dreams rite would require a sacrifice. The essence of magic within the one who performs it would lose their ability to access the Flows forever.

We Rise - Double Feature Burninate II & III

Carellus arrived promptly and explained he'd perform the ritual to summon the final two duskborn. Aydan, Godefroy, Raelee, and Bristenn took up the call and were well prepared with all the requirements beforehand. The previous components for the Seal of Dreams had been collected, a strong location to capture the duskborn was selected, and proper ingredients to destroy them with fire had been arranged.

Aydan made final preparations by handing out the oil that would be used to set the fires. The location of the trap would be the beached hulk. Once everyone was prepared we left promptly with Mynalia joining us enroute. Once there we placed oil, trailed it thoroughly through the overturned ship, and created an exit path while webbing select areas to ensure the creatures capture. Carellus inscribed runes in each area to strengthen the power of any natural fire once the fire was set.

Everything was in place. Carellus nodded and handed his lor runestaff to Mynalia and commented, ""This, then... is yours." and "Learn to use it properly." Carellus secondly removed a small silver bowl that glowed with a radiant white light. He said a prayer to the gods, any gods who would listen, and his voice boomed over the water as he spoke. Carellus held his palms over the bowl, chanted, and called to the duskburn, "Come out your monsters." then a shriek was heard and both duskborn were spotted. They seemed to communicate to one another through growls then one broke off towards the Hulk, alone. Only one was coming our way. Carellus was spent and fell on his haunches as the bowl absorbed the last of his light, and his magic.

We made ready for the approach. We needed both duskborn, but we'd have to start with this one. It slammed into the hulk with a ferociousness and knocked most everyone down. It spent some time ratcheting up the tension then in Indhis voice called, ""Did you think we would be so easy to capture?" and "We are creatures of dreams, old man." as if they knew of the trap. It continued to taunt us in the voices of others, first Roame, then Mirke, and even Eugenidas before it appeared from the shadows as Baron Dunrith Malwind, cooing "Would you strike me down?"

Aydan gave the command and Meureii cut the inhuman thing down, but we were too slow and it rose again before being smashed once again by Geijon. Down a second time it was quickly bound by Godefroy. Everyone acted quickly then and set the hulk on fire. Its screams started soon after with our withdrawl to watch and wait. The Duskborns tail smashed through a section of the hulk and it gave a final tortured scream before its tail withdrew and it perished.

Carellus took the dreamstone from Mynalia from the first duskborn, held it high, and then a shining streak came from the hulk, darted towards him, and fused with the dreamstone in his hand becoming two halves.

Its brother or sister seemed to know of its demise and let out a shriek of hatred and flew off towards Solhaven to destroy.

  • In the city of Solhaven, blood would rain is the second section of this event in full detail. (This log is very combat heavy and may take me additional time to complete or cut)

We returned with Voln's blessing quickly, a tactic near perfected by the Solhaven defense forces, and launched flares at the Duskborn over the city. It became apparant though that the Duskborn was too fast for our flares and we'd not hit it successfully with any accuracy to bring it down.

In response it unleashed a rainbow of aurora's that streaked and screamed earthward. Dreams would become real! Amongst the fire the Duskborn unleashed fireballs on the city, catching Carellus and burning him badly along with others. Once the fire was put out he turned to Mynalia and stated, "It's up to you now." and he retreated to safety as he was no longer of any help. Aydan and our forces were at a loss. We weren't sure what to try next. The Duskborn was burning the city of Solhaven at will. Until...a point of emerald light glistened in the distance, traveling at incredible speed toward the Duskborn in the sky. Then skeletal wings could be seen and a warcry bellowed as it slammed into the Duskborn. The onlookers stood in shock, mouth agap, and the voice of Tseleth the Arch-lich boomed, "Flares, you fools! Swiftly!"

Mynalia echoed the command shouting, "Now!" and another round of flares went up into the sky. Aydan then moved us to 'South Haven where the fires were raging. Those dreams had formed and we were engaged by mein and dreamstone constructs followed by vapor hounds, featureless black abyran'ra, inky black liquid, and terror inducing black-winged nightmare steeds. Care had to be taken as the constructs exploded upon their deaths.

We fought street to street, but so did the enemy. They were joined by phantasmal oracles, monstrous vapor wolves, muscular black tentacles that rose from the very ground, and finally the many eyed, lightless black oculoths!

The ground quaked repeatedly, knocking people over and causing more havok. As we dispatched the creatures their particles seemed to be attracted to fragments of dreamstone and kept combining. Meanwhile, Tseleth managed to knock the Duskborn from the air. He managed to shout, ""Let none of the blood escape!"

The battle between Tseleth and the Duskborn resumed as we fought in the city. Oculoths seemed to intensify. The power display between them was exceptional. Tseleth rage was apparant, but at one point, suddenly, the Duskborn turned and devoured the Luukosian whole! It was commented that he can't die because of his state, but the shock was apparant. In a display of that reality he shortly after erupted from the Duskborn's stomach with shooting emerald light and the creature exploded in a rain of body parts.

With renewed energy we pressed on. Oculoths were mixed in with gnats, scarabs, and the other assailants, but we searched for where the Duskborn fell. After battling through road by road we came upon the crater on the Baron's Bridge. A black dreamstone then darted in and hovered in the air. Melorra took out the other two shards and with another flash of light as before, joined the others, now three dreamstones were fused at their edges. The Duskborn were defeated. Now one final step remained, but our dead had to be recovered and restored first. We returned promptly to Fasthr's Lance to do so.

  • into the dark cavern to create the Seal of Dreams, and then onwards to Sealing the Schism. The finale of this event, and part three of these logs can be viewed in full.

The Dark Cavern, den of the Luukosians was the place of the combination of the Seal of Dreams. Raelee, Mynalia, and Melorra were left to finish it along with the components Bristenn and Godefroy had collected.

Once the cauldron was placed by Godefroy. filled it with water, and called for the components. First two butterfly wings that Godefroy placed inside. Next, the mane of a nightmare steed, which Godefroy also supplied followed by a sprig of nightshare that Bristenn stepped forward and added to the cauldron. Finally Raelee looked to Melorra, who added the trio of fused dreamstones to the cauldron. They then made preparations to lit the cauldron and finalize the Seal, but a problem arose.

The combined power assembled could not light the device with enough power to burn hot enough. Multiple attempts were made, including using Aydan's sword, but no luck in generating the heat required. Enter Tseleth remarking, "I could be of some assistance." Forming a taloned hand a roiling ball of emerald flame coalesced then drifted under the cauldron and lit the ground ablaze.

That step completed and the warning heard, Raelee finished preparation of the cauldron. It boiled for some time with the butterfly wings dissolving into rainbowed colors, the berries forming a brakish pulp that skimmed the top of the water, and the nightmare steed mane adding a filament of glistening silver. It was then that the shards submerged and bubbled away into fluid themselves.

Tseleth then drapped his wings around himself, added we could finish it from here and issued a word of warning to anyone who would dare enter his domain in the future without the blessing of the Serpent, then stalked away into the shadows.

Silvery mist rose to the surface of the cauldron, Aydan then asked if it was finished, followed by Raelee removing a disk of bright blue crystal from in a large cast iron cauldron and offering it to Mynalia, which she declined stating Raelee's power was greater than hers. With that done, Raelee stated, ""To the Schism."

Aydan then led us to the Temple of Ronan and through the wall of shadow. Out through the glade of the Schism of Dreams and to the bluish crystalline cocoon that housed the sleeper, Yaolara.

It was close to time, with little to spare the woman was writhing, the cocoon started to pulse, and a mad man's ranting could be heard in our minds. Raelee stepped forward, placing and holding the crystal atop the cocoon, and soon the cocoon itself embraced the crystal, snatching it away from Raelee.

As the cocoon thickens and brightens around the woman, her eyes suddenly flutter open wider, and the crimson dissolves in a wash of brilliant blue. A single tear falls from the woman's eyes and rolls down the surface of the cocoon's interior wall. She says a single word, but it is muffled and impossible to understand. Then, her eyes flutter again and shut. The ranting ceased and a sigh could be heard through the glade.

A pulse of power followed and the glade became less substantial. It was time to leave. Aydan led us back out. Mynalia and others exchanged goodbyes and congratulations for putting the sleeper to rest and we ended the battle exhausted, but victorious.

The Temple itself remained damaged.

By my hand,
Geijon Khyree

Forever Sleep, Sleeper

(Forever Sleep, Sleeper or Last Ride...Hmm

The waking dream seizes you with an intensity unlike any you have ever experienced. It is as if a great hand has gripped your thoughts and dragged them to another place. Colors, sounds, scents, and sensations whirl about you, and your mind is in another place, a place of darkness and half-light where dawn never comes.

There, a woman sleeps.

She sleeps as she has not slept in some time, in peace, undisturbed by nightmares, unburdened by memories, and untroubled by knowledge of the past. Hers is a rest as black and deep as death itself. It is the only reward he can grant her.

Standing by her cocoon, his visage silver-gilded by the light of stars that are not really stars, is a man with features neither old nor young. His deeply tanned skin glows faintly, casting a golden haze into the air around him. He wears his long raven black hair free from its warrior's ponytail. Like the cocoon, his eyes burn with a light that is not entirely natural. He traces the scar down his left cheek thoughtfully.

"She is safe, Llumen," he says.

"For now."

The sylvankind who materializes from the darkness next to him is also a creature of light and shadow. His heavy-lidded eyes are the same hue as the dreamstone forming the cocoon, and his skin is of polished ivory. He looks more like a jeweled carving of a man than a living, breathing person, and for good reason. When he sighs, his breath does not stir the wings of the butterflies clinging to the tree near him. It is the ghost of a sigh.

"No sorrow, my friend," says the scarred man. "Your vigil is at an end. Come and walk with me again, in the shadow of our lord and master."

"I cannot. I am a part of this place, now, Beonas."

"And he would free you, as he freed me, to serve again as we were meant to serve. If you would but allow it. If you would but trust them to keep her safe."

The one named Llumen opens his mouth to speak. He seems to be considering his words carefully. "I trust them, but I do not trust Him any longer."

"I feared as much."

"And do you? Do you trust in Ronan after all that we have done in His name?"

"As I always have," says Beonas. "That is the meaning of faith. And what of the one you love most? Will you leave her alone?"

Llumen walks toward the cocoon. In the full force of its light, it is clear how fragile his form is, how tenuous its grasp on the world. He looks like a candleflame being tossed in a breeze, ready to go out at any moment.

"She has walked these many years on her own," Llumen says. "A few more mean nothing to her kind. Your kind, now."

"Then you think he will return." Beonas's voice carries an edge of concern.

"I think he cannot help but rise again. The moment they trapped him within her mind, he became not a man, but an idea. An idea sealed away does not simply wink out like a dying star. It grows. It festers. It transforms, until it is greater than the prison that holds it. At most, we have bought time."

Beonas nods along with the assessment, his luminous features grave. Slowly, he draws the sword from the sheath on his back. It is a resplendent work of onyx and silver, with an edge harder than diamond and sharper than honed steel. He holds the hilt of the blade over his heart.

"I swear this to you. Should that time come, I will be there, and so shall the Lord of Dreams."

"Thank you," says Llumen.

"It is my honor to have known you."

With forced casualness, Llumen says, "Enough of that. Don't you have nightmares to slay, old man?"

Their laughter rings through the glade. Butterflies take to flight, swirling around the cocoon in a sea of rainbowed colors. Slowly, unbeknownst to either of the men, the woman behind them smiles.

And her eyelids flutter.

Another vision bleeds into the first, that of a place so dark that the darkness itself has heft and weight. Like an inky curtain, old and fetid and heavy, it drapes the place, pressing in and stifling you. Far below the stale shadows, there is a ghostly glow.

It is the sickly shine of moss clinging to stalactites many times the height of a man, answered by stalagmites sprouting from a hidden floor far below. Those are as sharp as a serpent's fangs. Both seem to stretch on for eternities in all directions.

But there is one place, a small plateau, that looks to have been touched by the works of mortals. At the center of the craggy slab is an immense serpent's head of stone, its ivory fangs bared in fury. Five crystalline pillars encircle it.

One of them winks to life, followed by another. Sparks of emerald fire, so feeble they might be missed were it not for the oppressive darkness crushing down on the platform, form in the depths of each of the pillars. The moment the last comes to life, a gout of emerald flame rushes from the serpent's head. The fire and pillars go out as one, the ghost of energy that brought them to life spent in the brief quickening.

But all is not as it was before. A skull, blackened and broken, barely recognizable as anything humanoid, lies on the platform amidst a circle of char. Neither is the cavern completely silent any longer. The skull twitches, and the sound of bone rattling against stone echoes.

What happens next is impossible.

Tissues, red and raw, begin to form over the surface of the skull. The process is slow at first, but it accelerates. A mass of gunk in one of the eye sockets twitches and pulses, forming itself into a rudimentary eye. Bleeding gums form sticky nets around the broken and melted teeth, even as the char on them begins to flake away to reveal fresh, white material underneath.

The skull makes a single sound, a wet gurgle. By now, thin patches of hair have begun to grow over slick pink skin atop it, and most of the blackened spots have flaked away. A tongue, small and twisted, lolls from the mouth, and the skull speaks again.

It manages a single, hateful word.


Temple Unkempt

Posted by GM Auchand 1 May 2013

Upon observing the proper period of mourning for the deaths and injuries brought about by alleged members of the Order of Dreamwalkers, the Vornavis chapter of the Ronanite Order of Mendicants has been given charge over the Temple of Ronan in Solhaven. The unsafe grounds of the temple have been closed off to the public while the structural damage therein can be assessed.

NPC Breakdown


Vaalorian. Everyone's favorite Dreamwalker from the days of the Griffin Sword War. While she still possesses her rather unforgiving edge and stance toward the followers of Lornon, it would seem she has a very difficult time discerning the difference between reality and the realm of dreams. She has been seen on several occasions in Solhaven, and even came out and slapped Tseleth before retreating in confusion. Believed to be at Yaolara's side, keeping watch over her day and night.


Human, deceased. The Dreamwalker who fled the battle after being defeated by Indhis due to shame for having lost The Shroud. In retribution, he was cursed to wander the Sea of Fire, until he came upon the ruins of Bir Mahallah, where he underwent a transformation that resulted in him becoming a sort of spirit eater for Luukos. Regarded by his former bretheren as a brilliant artificer, he could create things from many materials, though in recent years since his transformation he created living and animated constructs out of corpses and souls. His first appearances in Solhaven involved him attempting to corrupt some of the townsfolk, an act which allowed him to take slivers of their soul. These slivers were used both to sustain him, as well as allow him to fuse them together to create something more resembling a whole.

Instead, he took it upon himself to build an army of constructs, undead and demonic, to assault Ronan's temple and slay Yaolara. He wanted Solhaven's help in doing this, but said that if that help would not be given willingly, he would kill us, animate us, and then force us to help him. He had a foe named Ardence, whom he had battled for several decades.

His end came due to the machinations of his lieutenant, Athamael, a being he created out of demonic and humanoid parts, and infused with the slivers of the souls of Bristenn, Melorra, Shannivar, Tebon, Raelee, and possibly others. Athamael schemed to force Tseleth's hand, by releasing several of his constructs and drugging Tseleth's wine to make him far more zealous in his goal. Tseleth was slain in a confrontation on 5-20-2010, but was restored as a lich later by Morvule.


Believed to be human. Once considered to be one of, if not the most skilled Dreamwalker of Ronan in memory. He was an expert swordsman, best of the Order of the Dreamwalkers at a very young age. Said to be very driven and determined. The nature of the oaths the Dreamwalkers took meant that they had to put Ronan above all else, including their personal feelings. When Indhis began to fall in love with Yaolara, this got in the way of his oaths. His "solution" came upon the discovery of an ancient shroud which had the ability to completely conceal the wearer from the eyes of the Arkati. With this, he believed that he could be freed of his oaths and be allowed to love Yaolara.

When his fellow Dreamwalkers discovered this, they engaged him in battle. He defeated all of them, nearly killing the leader of the Order, while another one fled and was smitten by Ronan for his cowardice. In response, Yaolara, believed to have loved him, realized that she was causing him to break his oaths, and offered herself up as a sacrifice to imprison him. A ritual was performed that caused him to be imprisoned within her mind, sort of, when he touched her. This put her in a deep sleep, in the hopes that it would contain him for eternity. This prison appears to be failing. Indhis has, in the past, been able to extend some sort of reach beyond this prison, and in the years since his containment he has grown more powerful and can create nightmares in flesh, which have escaped on at least three occasions thus far.

General consensus is that Indhis' release would be catastrophic for the world, as it is believed he would ride across the face of the world, leaving a trail of blood in his wake.


Possibly sylvan. Sister of Llumen, former (believed) lover of Indhis. While not a Dreamwalker herself, she was associated with their Order due to her brother. Indhis fell in love with her, and it is believed she loved him in turn. However, she realized their love was causing Indhis to forsake his oaths, and when an attempt to defeat him had failed, she offered herself up as a means to imprison him within a dream, while she would sleep for eternity.

She currently sleeps within the temple of Ronan in Solhaven. It is feared she will awaken soon, releasing Indhis and all of the nightmares that he has conjured within his prison. It is believed by some that killing Yaolara before she awakens will destroy the prison, and thus prevent Indhis from escaping.


Sylvan. Lord Commander of the Dreamwalkers, brother of Yaolara. Before Indhis, was implied that he was the best swordsman of the Order. Indhis was able to defeat him at a young age, and nearly killed him when the attempt to stop Indhis failed. He now remains at Yaolara's side, singing to her in an attempt to keep her sleeping. Very brusque, dispassionate, but his love for his sister is undeniable.


Human. Lord Commander of the Dreamwalkers. A Dreamwalker who has lived far, far longer than the human lifespan should allow. Indhis was his student, and it seems that Beonas is the only one who openly bears remorse for what resulted in the imprisonment of his student. For the first century of Indhis' imprisonment, Beonas watched over Yaolara, noting that over time it seemed as if something had changed and her slumber became more and more restless. Of the Dreamwalkers, he has been the most forthcoming regarding the story of Indhis and Yaolara, and has counseled that killing her may indeed be the only way to prevent his return. Even so, he has said he will not align with those who take up that course of action, but neither will he resist.


Human...ish. Tseleth's lieutenant, created via undead and demonic parts, and a fused soul of several of others. He feels that his creation was not fair, and believes that by awakening and defeating the Red Dreamer, he will have the power to escape both fate and the machinations of the gods. In both appearance and demeanor (except that he leans toward a more violent side and his beliefs are divergent from a chivalric code) he resembles Sir Bristenn Mires, though one of his hands is a vathor's claw.

He commands Tseleth's army, and intends to overcome the Dreamwalkers to awaken Yaolara, thus freeing Indhis. He is constantly reanimated by magic, healing any wounds he sustains and restoring him to life when killed.


Half-elven, deceased. A champion of Kai, he and Tseleth had prior history. Tseleth killed his family and he swore revenge for this act. He came to Solhaven with a plan to flush out Tseleth, but sometime between the middle of Charlatos and the end of Olaesta 5110, he confronted Tseleth and was slain. Tseleth then reanimated his corpse, forcing him to serve as his second lieutenant. He still fills the capacity, according to Athamael.


Winged horrors born of the nightmare and power of the Red Dreamer as his prison weakened. Their essence was needed to create the Seal of Dreams and stop Indhis from awakening. They could shapeshift and their blood formed creatures of darkness when it was spilled. Three of them were spawned and made up the final components of the Seal of Dreams.


Entered the Order of the Dreamwalkers as a spy. Voice of the Night, follower of Sheru. He was sacrified to the Maw of Luukos during the resurrection of Morvule, and the creation of Tseleth to Lichdom.


Whereabouts unknown. Luukosian first appearing during the first Griffin Sword War. A creature of unknown origin with six legs that can steal the essence and memories of his targets.


A Ta'Loenthra elf and an exceptionally devout Fash'lo'nae follower. He wrote the legend of his lords birth as the History of Fash'lo'nae when it was discovered in a puzzlebox. His most famous work are the three encompassing Griffin Sword Saga volumes that recount the events of that time through studies of the creature Nershuul. He appeared appeared years later in Ta'Illistim as part of the Crystal storyline. He most recently played a role in the Viridian Circles that were spotted on Teras and potentially, Icemule trace. He seems to be a continual associate of Nershuul.

Pale Priest

Luukosian, performs rituals, sacrifices people.


Whereabouts unknown. Once the High Priest of Luukos. He was believed dead in the Black Temple, but was returned from the Maw of Luukos by Nershuul.


Neutral (bad) dude, priest of charl, destroyed Solhaven during the Solhaven Watery Storyline (saved post).

Sir Vectrus Kestrel Ranheles

Mage-Knight of the Empire and of a minor branch to the Emperor. He belonged to a group or order called the Raptors' Eye. He assisted in finishing the flawed rite of the tainted Paidreg and restored Solhaven, but went missing shortly after and was presumed trapped with Orphia between the realms in the Library of Fash'lo'nae.


Magister Orphia Vaswind. Another Hall of Mages scholar. She was temporarily Raelee's colleague/understudy/interloper. She accidentally transported herself to the library and got trapped there. Now missing, presumed dead.

Carellus Ranheles

Master magician investigating extraplanar activity. Mentor to Mynalia. Wields fire against the Duskborn. Facilitating our strategy and tactics against them.

He's a registered hedgewizard, which means he was evaluated by the Hall and trained enough so that he couldn't harm himself or inadvertently harm others with his magic. He's a Ranheles, which is a powerful family in its own right, largely due to their close intermarriage with the Kestrels. (For reference, Sir Vectrus is a Kestrel Ranheles.)

Mynalia Anodheles

Apprentice to Carellus. Also a distant blood relation to Aurmont Anodheles, the Emperor. From a cadet branch and therefore not anywhere near being in line for the throne, much to her relief.

Augustin Vespertinae

He created the vesperti

Credit and Thanks


GM-AUCHAND - Main Plotline, Parts 1-36, storyboards, schism of dreams design and room building
GM-VORAVIEL - Parts 18, 19, 23 & 24 as well as characters from the GSS including Nershuul, Morvule, and Tseleth
GM-KORELYS - Part 13


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