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Attunement reset clears a character's elemental attunement, allowing ATTUNE SET to be used again. Unlike other character reset functions where a potion is simply consumed (e.g. fixstats), attunement reset is accomplished through a quest. The first reset for any character takes considerably less effort than subsequent resets.

Step 1

To start the quest, acquire a sparkling shard of reflective soulstone from a wizard alchemist.

Step 2

Bind the shard to the character by killing any elemental creature while wearing the shard.

Step 2A (for characters who have reset at least once)

On a character's first run through the quest, elemental souls are not required to be collected in order to enter, aside from that initial one to bind the shard. However, with each successful attunement reset, the number of souls required for re-entry will increase illustrated by the formula below.

Number of souls = (# of previous attunement resets * character level * character level) / 2

In order to make progress towards the required number of souls, elemental creatures killed must be within ten levels of the character. LOOKing at or casting Elemental Detection (405) at the shard will indicate progress.

Step 3

Seek out a point of elemental instability with the same elemental attunement as the character (use ATTUNE SENSE).

Step 4

Make sure the character is wearing the shard and PUSH INSTABILITY WITH SHARD. The character will then be transported into a special instance of the Elemental Confluence where a powerful elemental awaits for battle. This area of the Confluence has no level restriction, and the elemental will be an appropriate level foe for the character. If victorious, the shard will shatter to dust and the character will be awarded the opportunity to ATTUNE to a new element.

Failure If the character succumbs to the elemental or retreats, a penalty will be deducted from the shard. The amount deducted is illustrated by the formula below:

Penalty = [(# of previous attunement resets * character level * character level) / 2] * .1

SimuCoin Item

A gleaming shard of reflective soulstone can be purchased from the SimuCoin Store to bypass most of the quest for 2,000 SCs. The shards come fully charged and grant immediate access to step 4 of the attunement reset quest. A single shard can be used to run the quest as many times as needed until success and won't be lost on a failure. To access the quest, WEAR the shard and then use ATTUNE SENSE to locate a suitable elemental instability. Once located, PUSH the shard into it to begin the quest. Once the quest has started, don't take off the shard until the quest is completed.