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A fixstats potion grants the ability to reallocate a character's starting stats as seen by typing INFO START. The newly-set stats will automatically adjust to your current level once you're done.

How to Get One

New characters start with 5 fixstats (no potion required). These disappear upon reaching level 20 so use them wisely and save one for level 19 so you can set your stats appropriately before "locking in" your semi-permanent stats. You can see how many you have available by visiting an INN and using the CHECK IN command at the front desk.

Returning characters from GS3 may also be granted a fixstats use upon their return, so be sure to check if you have one available!

Potions may also be purchased in the form of a hazy green potion and cost 1,000,000 bounty points at the Adventurer's Guild, or 22,500 SimuCoins. The latter goes on sale a few times a year if you're patient. Potions may also be purchased from other players at the market rate. The potion grants 1 fixstat use at the inn.

What Stats Do You Want Anyways?

Setting your stats is an important and somewhat complicated decision, so be sure to understand the system and ask others for help to make sure you're on the right path, especially if you only have one use available.

It is good to set pre-20 stats to maximize your most important stats, giving you the most training points and the highest AS or CS, knowing you can change to more optimal settings before you hit level 20 (assuming you saved one of your 5 free fixstats!)

The two most common post-20 strategies are:

  • 1) Optimize for cap: this can make for a tough experience early on as you will be leveling with your most important stats at very low settings. This may make it difficult to hunt/survive/etc. but it is doable. The benefit is that when you get to level 50+ your stats should be pretty decent, and by 100 they'll be perfect, saving you the cost of buying a fixstats.
  • 2) Optimize for level 50 (give or take): with this strategy you'll have solid stats all the way through to cap, but you will eventually want to spend dollars, silvers, or bounty points to purchase a fixstats and optimize them for level 100. It is commonly mentioned that if you do bounties regularly, you will have earned enough bounty points to purchase a fixstats by the time you reach level 100.

You Will Probably Lose Training Points

Using a fixstats may change the number of training points you have available. When optimizing stats for cap, a significant number of training points will typically be lost, so players must weigh the "cost" of using a fixstats against the value of those training points. It may be better to learn important skills at cap before adjusting stats, but this decision is up to you!

Losing training points will cause the system to automatically unlearn some of your skills, so it is suggested that you do this yourself rather than letting it pick for you. Some players suggest setting your skills to 0 to be safe, or you can determine exactly how many points you'll lose using tools such as the Character Planner or the Training Spreadsheet. Using the INFO START command will reveal a character's existing level 0 stats to insert into the spreadsheet and one can adjust from there.

Don't Waste Your Free Fixskills

When a fixstat potion is used, it also grants a free fixskills use if the character doesn't already have one available via the FIXSKILLS command.

If you do have a fixskills available, you will not get an extra one, so it is recommended that you use your fixskills before drinking the fixstats potion unless you are already completely happy with your training.

How to Use It

After drinking the potion, head to the nearest INN and CHECK IN. The option to adjust your stats will be available.

Note: If Lich is used, it's possible that you have aliases or scripts that will interfere with the stat change commands in game. You can ;kill the script or ;kill alias to temporarily restore functionality.

>drink my potion
As you raise the green potion to your lips, you stop for a few seconds to ponder the consequences of drinking it.

[Drinking from the potion will allow you access to the Stat Reassignment menu in the Character Manager.  Reassigning your stats may require changes in your prior skill training selections if your net Training Points (TPs) change as a result.

It is suggested that BEFORE drinking this potion, that you should make use of any existing FIXSKILLS option that you may have to free up these points.  After drinking from the potion, your FIXSKILLS option will be reset.

If you understand this and would like the opportunity to reassign your stats, please DRINK from your potion again within the next 30 seconds.]

Roundtime: 3 sec.

>drink my potion
You take a sip from the green potion.  You suddenly feel the urge to lie down and rest.  Perhaps you should CHECK IN at the local inn?

[You have been granted 1 stat reassignment.  Please enter the Character Manager at a local inn and select the Reassign Stats menu option to proceed.]
That was the last drop.
The green potion shatters into twinkling dust.
Roundtime: 3 sec.