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The Avelleur family was unusual among the most influential dynasties of Ta'Illistim, as they were very unlikely to speak of their own accomplishments or brag about what they have been doing recently. They rarely visited the courts, unless summoned, and ignored the usual frivolities of court politics. They would be virtually unknown if it were not for their long history of major developments in sorcery, which perhaps has had a tenuous status in Illistim culture, for obvious reasons, as well as their general predisposition towards purely elemental magic.

The most prominent member of the Avelleur family was only recently acknowledged as part of their bloodline. "The Nameless Necromancer" was responsible for developing the Planar Shift spell, amongst darker magic, that has since been widely adopted by the Sorcerer Guild.

They were unusually well connected with House Faendryl for Illistim nobility, and were critical in brokering the diplomatic relations that followed the incident of Rhythus Veranthe Faendryl in 5103 Modern Era. The rogue sorcerer had inadvertently released massive abyran'ra demons while trying to make a showy case for the harmlessness of demonic summoning. There was a peaceful exchange of knowledge, followed by buttressing of the Ta'Illistim defenses against the demonic, and the widespread adoption of minor summoning techniques throughout Elanith. There is now a Sorcerer Guild in Ta'Illistim, as well as a Faendryl embassy. It is by far the most significant political accomplishment of their family history.


Family Flourish: a trine of nebulous grey spheres

Family Statement: "Within oneself all power grows."