Ayniya's Imbeddables

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Ayniya's Imbeddables is the magic shop in Solhaven. It is located through the cellar door within Darbo Phoop's Arcane Outfitters on Tumbledown Lane.

[Ayniya's Imbeddables] RNUM: 13978
Laboriously cut from the stone that the cottage rests upon, this small cellar is crowded with stacks of assorted woods and a workbench covered with sawdust and woodcrafting tools. A diminutive elven woman busies herself, alternately waiting on customers and working on several partially completed pieces. You also see the Woodcrafter Ayniya, a wooden sign and the cellar door.


Welcome to Ayniya's Imbeddables!

The woodcrafter Ayniya offers her catalog to browse.
Ayniya exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a wand      4. a talisman
  2. an amulet   5. a rod
  3. a pendant  


This item is available in the following colors or finishes:


This item is available in the following materials or features:

  1. linden                5. modwir                9. monir
  2. thanot                6. tanik                 10. fel
  3. ash                   7. oak                   11. haon
  4. hazel                 8. yew                   12. maoral

Ayniya Crafyien

Short for a Sylvan, Ayniya Crafyien's pensive expression and quiet demeanor give the impression that she may be more at home in a sunlit forest glade than here in a busy port town.  Dressed in a simple, pale green gown beneath a leather work apron, and with only a couple stray locks of chestnut hair escaping from beneath an ivory kerchief, she is the very picture of a pragmatic artisan whose primary focus is her craft.

Ayniya glances up from her workbench. "I have as wide a selection of woods as any maker of wands that I know of, plus I carve pendants and talismans besides," she says, flashing a quick smile which momentarily reveals the beauty hidden behind her normally pensive expression.

"Depending on the particular piece of wood, I can usually get an amulet or pendant from the unworked portion of wood that's clamped in in the vise when I'm shaping a rod or wand," comments Ayniya without looking up from her work.