Bait 'N Weight

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Bait 'N Weight is the fishing shop in Kraken's Fall. It is located in a fishing shack on the fishing pier, which is down a path off of South Arm Road.

[The Bait 'N Weight Shack]
Salt-stained fishing nets, in various stages of mending, cover the interior walls of the shack. Woven throughout the lower section of each net is a series of lobsters, crabs, tuna, and other sea life, all masterfully recreated by a childlike hand. A large piece of driftwood is mounted on the back wall and proudly displays a stuffed marlin.


Welcome to the Bait 'N Weight!

Senkar offers his catalog to browse.
Senkar exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a rotund nightcrawler          11. a spool of thin steel wire
  2. a tricolored minnow lure       12. a spool of thick fishing line
  3. an iridescent beetle lure      13. a spool of dark fishing line
  4. a fuzzy mosquito lure          14. a spool of thin fishing line
  5. a small rhimar-lined chest     15. a small pendular weight
  6. a large rhimar-lined chest     16. a tiny teardrop-shaped weight
  7. a net-draped fishing hat       17. a salt-stained fishing rod
  8. a scratched metal tackle box   18. a steel-inlaid oak fishing rod
  9. a spool of thin wire           19. a slender bamboo fishing rod
  10. a spool of dark wire          20. a sharp steel fillet knife