Battered vultite Ublish shield

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This item was a prize from the Hunt for History.


a battered vultite Ublish shield


This item has no show description.


No other details are known.


This item has no loresong.

This item is said to be from the Battle of Skyreach.


As sung to Clunk by Galenok

A man passes through a darkened street, torch in hand. Ahead of him, the street is silent and dark, wet with a recent rain. Behind him, men stumble out of doors in a great hurry, fastening their cloaks and slinging their shields. Their wives follow them, speaking quickly and placing small parcels of foods into their packs as they kiss them good-bye

"The twisted visages of the undead scream with fury as battle rages in a narrow mountain pass. Bodies are piled throughout the rocky enclosure, but are no barrier to the fierce creatures assaulting the armies of humans that continue to fight valiantly, despite the loss of their companions. As you watch, a general calls out an order, and the soldiers reform their ranks, creating a three-deep wall of humans that spans the width of the pass. Their leader barks out a second order, and they begin to press forward, slaying the undead in their path and driving them slowly back."

Mournful wailing fills a city square as wagons bearing piles of military supplies, most battered and bloody, are rolled through the expanse. Occasionally, a single woman will dart forward to pull something personal from the wagons' loads. The faces of the few soldiers that accompany the wagons on their journey are drawn and distant, as if their minds are still on the battle that robbed them of kith and kin."

A city gathers provisions together in safe locations, and torches are lit and set within the interior walls. The city is preparing for a siege."

"The humans that move about the streets are serious and determined. As the night progresses, the citizens gather on the wall, waiting for the onslaught that never seems to come. Clerics, garbed in their finest ceremonial vestments, pass among the crowds, offering prayers and comforting words, and spontaneous song rises from the packed walls."

"Dawn breaks and still the city is quiet despite the constant vigilance of the soldiers and citizens along the walls. With the rising of the sun, the gates are thrown open and a ritual parade enters, led by clerics and ranking members of the military who march with wagons full of the same bloodied and battered gear that was brought back years ago. The citizens make their way down from the city walls and line the streets. The only sound that breaks the silence is the creaking of the wagon wheels along the stone-laid streets."

"Suddenly, a cry pierces the air. "Skyreach!" The crowd joins in, chanting the battle's name over and over again, punctuating it occasionally with, "You are not forgotten!" In the end, the organized chanting becomes a raucous cry of both victory and sorrow."