Battle of Skyreach

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The Battle of Skyreach took place in the passes near Skyreach in the Duchy of Aldora in 5020 between the forces of the Turamzzyrian Empire, the Order of Voln and the Horned Cabal.

Immediately following the Battle of Tyllan, Southern Sentinel Kyr Calquinor marched eastward with two thousand men from Ubl in Allace in order to join a legion of imperial soldiers from Tamzyrr and The Swale. This army engaged the horde of the Horned Cabal along the mountains east of Elstreth and won a hard victory after four days of fighting.

The battle was named for the tallest mountain of the small range of the Gattrof Mountains east of Elstreth, Skyreach.

The Order of Voln is known to intone "Remember Tyllan, remember Skyreach!" to galvanize its forces in battle.