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A Beatie Baby is a metronome (aka, metrognome) that gives a ten minute, up to three times a day boost (rhythmic focus) when purifying gems. The rhythmic focus buff is not stackable.

They were sold in the Bloodriven Village shop, Metrognomies.


You take a closer look at a rotund glaes dwarf clockwork with thick bronze cymbals.
You analyze the dwarf clockwork and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

       .............~* Beatie Baby *~................

          You PUSH when you need a little assistance
               with keeping proper timed beats.
          You TURN to windup the clockworks key
         and it will perform til the winding depletes!

  * Due to it's extremely delicate mechanical workings, 
            always hold carefully while in use! 


PUSH gives a thrice daily assist in keeping those pesky lyrics in time
       with a 10 minute boost to your success chances
                 when using PURIFY 1004.

            * Rhythmic Focus does not stack *

Certificates to unlock up to 3x per day use can be found at DR

        Any merchant may alter with the following rules:
1. It stays a very small metal form with a minimum of 2 arm-like appendages.
2. It must be a "clockwork" AND have "cymbals" in the description.
3. The show can not be altered.

You get no sense of whether or not the clockwork may be further lightened.


The toy dwarf clockwork is a delicate clockwork creation with its miniature gears and internal workings only partially visible from within its frame.  It appears to be holding a pair of tiny cymbals while a miniature wind-up key protrudes from its back.


Verb First Third
PUSH You press the key into the clockwork carefully, hearing a faint click. An ephemeral tune whispers faintly from deep within the clockwork momentarily, giving you a better sense of rhythm. Person pushes the key in the back of the clockwork carefully, producing a faint click.
TURN You wind the key at the back of the clockwork carefully, hearing a faint click-click-click as it turns. Sample of dancing: The clockwork turns around and leans forward exposing its mechanical bottom before bouncing jerkily to its own tinny beat.

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Beatie Baby Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Miscellaneous
Item(s) Applied to
Alterable Yes
Original Release Venue Bloodriven Village
Original Release Year 2021
Tiered Yes
Number of Tiers 3
How to Unlock Certificate
Spell Purification Song (1004)
Item Verbs