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General Information

Discord Message Link: [1]
Author: GM Thandiwe
Date: 12/9/2022

2023 Duskruin Dates
* February 10th - 28th - Duskruin Arena
* August 11th - 31st - Duskruin Arena

Discord Message Link: [2]
Author: PM Wyrom
Date: 2/10/2022


During all activities at Duskruin, you will have a chance to acquire a BOOST (arena and heist will be at the end of the run, and sewers will be during a random search). The chance will be based on a 1d250. If you get one, you will be granted one of the following BOOSTs.

  • Instant Mind Clearers
  • Item Superchargers
  • Luck Boosters
  • Long-Term Experience Boosts
  • Bounty Boosts

These will go to the character running the activity and will populate right on your BOOST information. It will not be a physical item that can be passed off. You can use the DUSKRUIN BOOST to select which one you will get when they happen or leave it at random.


Following in the footsteps of Ebon Gate, the sewers will have the floor increased from 15 to 28 and lowering the ceiling from 32 to 31, meaning you will earn between 28 and 31 bloodscrip. Caches will still be rewarded occasionally but will be rarer than the last run to make up for the average going from ~237 to ~295 pre-cache.


In talking about these updates, we discovered a few bugs that were left after the 2022 updates. With effort going in to equalize bloodscrip and silver rewards, the sewers will only produce a single LOOT, EXP, or EXTRA BLOODSCRIP drop per trip which was intended for the 2022 runs. Sewers will produce at least 11 searches. Your first search will always be your exp orb chance. Your sixth search will be your BOOST chance. Your ninth search will always be your LOOT, INSTANT EXP, or EXTRA BLOODSCRIP reward. Lucky rabbit feet will increase your chances to get a smithy invite, bag of holding parts, or bloodrune stone and those searches also don't decrement your search totals if you get one.


The instant exp that is part of the DUSKRUIN REWARD feature has been increased from 15 to 20.


The Trove has been retired from pay events where the cost isn't silver-based. The Trove may still come around at silver-based events in the future, but it will no longer be part of Duskruin and Ebon Gate.


The Bank Heist will be retired as a voucher (booklet) entry activity after this run. I will be reusing the Bank Heist for something else entirely tentatively in August. It will have a different meaning when it is revamped into something new that you can do at Duskruin when the time comes. With that, the Bag of Holding drops will also be entirely retired after this run as well from getting one at Duskruin. Getting ways to expand your current Bag of Holding will still be possible, but it won't be a random drop anymore in any of the activities. No ETA for when it will return though.


The blood crystal drop rate will be increasing from .1% to .5%. This is a rare item to make the bag of holding. You can still sell it back, but the intent is to get more Bags of Holding out before they are retired from rotation.


We are going to make the disconnect 280 bloodscrip in the heist and arena (disconnecting in the sewers doesn't boot you). You will get no other rewards. If we notice this is being abused in any way, we will remove it and possibly warn/lockout everyone involved.


We've had an ongoing issue with the SIMUCOIN verb producing errors if you tried to rapidly DELIVER your transactions. There is now a 3-second soft roundtime using the SIMUCOIN DELIVER command, which includes just seeing your list. We will continue to investigate the issue to see what we can do to reduce this timer, but right now, the routine needs roughly 3 seconds to make sure it can communicate properly between the game and the database that verifies your purchases.

Shops Announcement

Discord Message Link: [3]
Author: GM Thandiwe
Date: 01/27/2023

This is the shop information for the February 2023 run of Duskruin.

Reopening w.o Inventory Changes Refreshed (Cosmetic Changes or new items New Closed This Run Final Run Shops
A Pirate Looks at Four Teas Alchemical Attractions Be Still My Hops Are you Not Entertained? A Kraet Deal
All You Knead Be Warez Best Foot Forward Covert Couriers Cut and Dried
Art of Lore, The Best Tressed, The Broken Coin, the Crested Glory Kraet Aim
At The Ready Beyond Barriers Certifiable Cultural Cuts Krate Lengths
Blades of Glory Bloodbenders Fairy Ring, The Get Thee Behind me Madder Hats Tea Room
Bloody Lotus, The Blood Red Rose, The Herbal Huntsman, The In Your Element Metrognomies
Bloodriven Bowery Essencetials I See You Kraet and Barrel Peashirmen, The
Bolt From The Blue Heady Spirits Mind Your Manas Kraet Expectations Pinned and Pleated
Bundle Up Knifery, The Preening Plover, The Messy Alchemist, The Potation Parlor
Burning Twilight Librarium, The (Study, Sanctuary, Laboratory) Scoria and Dross Strength and Honor Sable Quietus, The
Currents and Safeguards Make Your Mark Trapper's Shack Stay Vigilant
Curved Cuts Metrognomies Vambrace Yourself
Cut And Dried Modern Morph, The You're So Vain
Deep Within Darkness Sigil Shop
Dunh's Lab Untamed Spirit
Eonak Arms Vaalin Rose, The
Fatal Afflares Wild Instinct
Fireside Supplies Yarrrpee Shoppe, The
First Rule, The
Gamac's Goods
Gilded Gladiator, The
Good In-Tent-ions
Hide and Fur Depot, The
Icy Disposition
Just for Kicks
Knit One, Punch Two
Kraet Aim
Kraet Deal
Kraet Length
Madder Hats Tea Room
Mar and Scar, the
Mystic Phrases
Ode To Resistance
On The Other Hand
Peashirmen, The
Pinned and Pleated
Portation Parlor, The
Rock Solid
Sable Quietus, The
Secretive Sips
Shadowed Light
Shield Thyself
Sparrow's Dance
Sprite Club
Stay Awhile and Glisten
Stay Vigilant
Temple of Tentacles
Tiles of Chance
Twinkling Twilight
Twist of Briars, A
Vambrace Yourself
You're So Vain

February 2023 Duskruin Important Dates and Times

Discord Message Link: [4]
Author: GM Tivvy
Date: 01/27/2023

Event opening: Friday, February 10th at 9PM Eastern.
HESS opening: Monday, February 13th at 6PM Eastern.
Spin Night: Saturday, February 18th at 8PM Eastern.
Auction: Saturday, February 25th at 8PM Eastern.
Closing: Tuesday, February 28th at 11:59 PM Eastern.

Magic Marker Update - Hollowing Ability

Discord Message Link: [5]
Author: GM Tivvy
Date: 01/27/2023

Magic Markers of the graver type, sold in Make Your Mark, have had an additional unlockable ability added. Using a cert sold in the shop, you can unlock a new hollowing ability that will allow you to use your graver to hollow out small statues, heavy moonstone cubes, and heavy quartz orbs (making them weigh less) up to 5 times per day.

Smooth Smith's Apron

Discord Message Link: [6]
Author: GM Tivvy
Date: 01/29/2023

The Preening Plover will be selling fancy new aprons that let you show off the physique you finely honed by spending hours slaving over a hot forge.

Tier 1 has 4 fluff verbs.

At Tier 2, the apron will attune itself to your account permanently but will allow you to ADD forging glyphs to it that become nearly weightless.

At Tier 3, any gold glyphs added will also become unlimited use.

New Animalistic Spirit Nouns/Groups

Discord Message Link: [7]
Author: GM Avaluka
Date: 01/29/2023

Some brand new animal nouns and animal groups have been added to Animalistic Spirit items this year. Once the updates are rolled live, existing Spirit Change certificates should be able to change to one of the new groups, while those visiting with Wilkes can have their spirits altered to some of the new nouns. If you don't have an extra Spirit Change certificate stashed away - never fear! Just visit Heady Spirits, Wild Instinct, or Untamed Spirit once Duskruin opens to change your Animalistic Spirit item to one of the new groups.

Current Groups (New Nouns):

  • Arachnid: scorpion.
  • Avian (Magical): valravn.
  • Avian (Predatory): Caligos eagle, harpy eagle.
  • Canine: direwolf, hound.
  • Cephalopod: jellyfish.
  • Hooved (w/ Horns): doe, ibex, rolton, sheep.
  • Large Feline: saber-toothed tiger.
  • Lizard/Frog: teadragon.
  • Small Feline: Caligos lynx.
  • Small Rodent: viscacha.
  • Ursine: direbear.

New Groups:

  • Insect (Crawly)
     Available nouns for this type are: ant, fire ant, termite, centipede, millipede, earwig, flea, louse, bedbug, beetle, dung beetle, rhinoceros beetle, scarab, praying mantis, cockroach, roach, water bug, ladybug, stinkbug.
  • Insect (Flying)
     Available nouns for this type are: bee, bumblebee, honeybee, butterfly, monarch butterfly, moth, luna moth, wasp, yellow jacket, grasshopper, cricket, locust, mosquito, gnat, midge, fly, fruit fly, dragonfly, damselfly, firefly, mayfly, aphid, cicada.
  • Turtle
     Available nouns for this type are: turtle, snapping turtle, painted turtle, tortoise, giant tortoise, sea turtle, terrapin.

New Beatie Baby Designs and Unlock certificates

Discord Message Link: [8]
Author: GM Ivry
Date: 01/29/2023

Some new models are available at Metrognomies wagon, of a more villianous type appearance.

Now with certificate unlocks to allow your Beatie Babie to assist you up to thrice daily!


Best Foot Forward

Discord Message Link: [9]
Author: GM Quilic
Date: 01/30/2023

Best Foot Forward will be selling pinworn trinkets, which will allow you to emphasize one facet of your appearance or worn inventory.

All trinkets are sold with a single hour long charge per day, and when activated, they will insert an extra (bold) line at the very beginning of your appearance, thusly:

G>exa quilic
The first thing you notice about Quilic is his long grey beard!
You see GameMaster Quilic the Troublemaker.
{Normal appearance follows}

All trinkets can be toggled between emphasizing the following:

  • Your eyes (When your tiny pin is active, anyone looking at you will focus on the following: limpid viridian eyes.)
  • Your hair (When your tiny pin is active, anyone looking at you will focus on the following: sleek platinum blonde hair shaved at the temples.)
  • Your distinguishing mark (When your tiny pin is active, anyone looking at you will focus on the following: long grey beard.)
  • Your Unique feature field (When your tiny pin is active, anyone looking at you will focus on the following: He has deep smile lines at the corners of his eyes.)
  • A single piece of worn inventory (When your tiny pin is active, anyone looking at you will focus on the following: red firewheel flower.)

Survivalist's Kit

Discord Message Link: [10]
Author: GM Mestys
Date: 02/01/2023

The Survivalist's Kit is a specialized container for storing healing herbs, for sale at The Herbal Huntsman. All herbs of a unique type placed within stack up to 50 by default and maintain the weight of a single dose. Once placed inside, doses may be removed one at a time from within the kit or discarded from the kit entirely by PULLing on them. The kit otherwise functions as a normal container that may be altered, lightened, and deepened per standard guidelines. The kits may be either shoulder- or belt-worn, and each has a theme that is either natural, mechanical, or magical in flavor.

Special thanks to Casil and Gyres for the creation of The Herbal Huntsman and the messaging for the kits.

Peek-a-Boo Hair

Discord Message Link: [11]
Author: GM Wylloh
Date: 02/04/2023

Ever wish you could have just a little splash of color in your drab locks? Well... introducing the answer to your prayers ladies and gents. Not only do they have even MORE wonderful actions per tier, you can get them merchant altered, dye them yourselves at a Dye Tent, or even get creative with some really funky alchemy dyes! These aren't illusions I'm selling people. They will be "as if" it's your REAL hair. On sale soon, so flock on over and get them while they last. Introducing "Peek-a-Boo Hair" sold EXCLUSIVELY at the "I See You" store at the festival of Duskruin this coming season.

OOC : These will have two unlock certificates to fully unlock all the verb possibilities. These DO NOT work with cobbling dyes or with very short to no hair lengths, sorry.

Wylloh lightly attends her evergreen hair, revealing a subtle glimpse of glowing rainbow locks beneath. When her hair settles, the strands drift beneath, hidden once more.

~Very special thanks to GM Ivry for their beautiful coding skills.~

Portable Alcohol Stills

Discord Message Link: [12]
Author: GM Avaluka
Date: 02/04/2023

The burly dwarf gave the bubbling mash within the boiler one final stir, pausing to lean over the top and inhale the aroma of fermenting grain and yeast. His eyes nearly disappeared into the folds of his face as he grinned in pride at his creation, one hand going to rub a blemish from the gleaming copper surface.

Some of his dwarven brethren may have been aghast when he told them of his idea to create a portable version of the alcohol stills his family of brewers used but he didn't care. How could bringing the creation of more ale and whiskey to the masses be a bad thing? He certainly didn't believe their whispers that the resulting concoctions would be inferior swill, either.

Judging the mixture within the still's boiler to be ready, he placed an empty bottle beneath a spout located at the end of a column of complex twisting tubes and pressed a large button. Heat began to radiate upward, causing the mash within to bubble and liquid to begin to climb the tubing. Soon enough, dark alcohol started to pour into the mouth of the waiting bottle, filling it to the brim in no time.

Grinning from behind his beard, the dwarf reached out and picked up the now full bottle, passing the open mouth beneath his nose. The sharp smell of whiskey bit at his senses, along with the subtle aroma of vanilla and cinnamon. He was pleased the infusions he added seemed to have carried through to the final product.

Twisting a cork into the mouth of the bottle, he lifted it up to admire the label on the glass. More whiskey being created by the masses certainly would not be a bad thing, at least in his mind.

Whistling amiably, he ambled off to a nearby wagon, preparing to load his stock of stills in preparation for transport.

OOC: Debuting at the shop "Be Still My Hops" this Duskruin is a new alcohol-creating still. Using water, yeast, and foraged ingredients, along with either golden wands or fire spells for charges, the stills can make distilled alcohol or brewed alcohol. You can add up to 2 (2) optional foraged items, tea flavorings, food, or cooking ingredients to add extra flavor.

In addition to the still itself, you will also need a recipe book in which to hold alcohol recipes you have unlocked. A provided "malting box" is for sale, as well, which will let you take foraged grains and turn them into malted versions that will work for certain recipes.

The still can also have "alcohol effects" unlocked to allow you to add special effects to the created drinks such as sparkling, spicy, or sour.

You can have how the created alcohol looks (including 15/15/15, long, show, and READ inscription in any language) changed with any GALD merchant who is comfortable working with the still script. This will change how all bottles are produced from the still.

You have control over: the adjective, the flavor notes, the strength, and the liquid color of the created alcohol. If you want purple liquid, you'd likely have luck adding a blue ingredient and a red ingredient together, for example. If you want weaker alcohol, you'd likely want to add more water to dilute it.

In addition, an unlock will be available to allow the stills to refill kegs with your creations.

Possible alcohol recipes that can be unlocked: ale, absinthe, amaretto, beer, bock, braggot, bourbon, brandy, cider, cognac, cordial, gin, grog, kumys, lager, liqueur, liquor, mead, moonshine, porter, rum, scotch, stout, tequila, whiskey, vodka

Discord Message Link: [13]
Author: GM Avaluka
Date: 02/06/2023

I am pleased to announce that an unlock will be available for the Portable Stills to allow them to refill kegs so you can have an easier time sharing your concoctions with friends! Many thanks to Kaikala in helping getting these systems to interact niceley together!

I'll be adding this to the previous still announcement on the wiki; link to the wiki and original forum thread below for questions/comments.

Spore Staff

Discord Message Link: [14]
Author: GM Casil
Date: 02/05/2023

A pair of Inyexat will be journeying from Atan Irith to the outskirts of Bloodriven Village to share staves they've developed after decades of mycological research. Utilizing the art of sporemancy, the Inyexat have imbued runestaves with a living fungus that can be bent to the will of the user to harm or hinder their foes. This fungus will release spores that can hinder the defenses of your enemies, encourage them to act in unpredictable ways, choke them into silence, and even erupt into explosive damage. The Inyexat wish to share you will find your spells empowered when in terrain with an overwhelming affinity with mushrooms.

New Spore Flare
Spore Flares leave a stacking debuff of -5DS/-3TD on any corporeal foes. This debuff can stack up to 5x before triggering a Spore Burst, doing direct damage to the foe. This flare rate is higher than the standard 12.5% for runestaves.

Most notably, creatures that die under the effect of the spores will spread the spores to up to 5 additional creatures in the room, carrying 1 stack of the debuff to those creatures.

This is a pre-resolution flare with level penalties akin to that of Dispel (If your foe is 11 levels over you, there is a 10% chance of a trigger flare's failure, per level over yours, until a 100% failure at +20 levels.).

Tier 1
Symbiosis - +3CS/+5AS when in specific terrains
Tier 2
Increased symbiosis - Trigger Tier-based multiplier on Symbiosis for 3 minutes.
Shroom Boom - Set off an early spore burst on all Spores-affected targets
Tier 3
Shushroom - Silence up to 5 creatures
Tier 4
Dispersion - A Spore Flare may spread to +1 target
Mycelium Madness - Confuse up to 3 creatures
Tier 5
Increased Dispersion - A Spore Flare may spread to +2 targets
Doom Shroom - Trigger a series of Spore Bursts against a single target

My greatest appreciation goes to my coder Naiken, who helped me make this dream a reality. A special shout out to Xynwen for the Inyexat & to Tivvy for the "Shushroom" name.

MOARdrobes for Private Properties!

Discord Message Link: [15]
Author: GM Tivvy
Date: 02/06/2023

Private property owners will be able to purchase "a miniature wardrobe replica" that will allow placement of a new, sorting clothing container in an indoor room in their private property.

Illusion Relics Get a Makeover!

Discord Message Link: [16]
Author: GM Elysani
Date: 02/06/2023

Do you like illusion relics? Do you also like spell preparation props? Well, I have an update for you!

A new set of illusion relics have been added to the shop Be Warez that will help you prepare your spells in style!

>wear my pin
As you affix an ivory-dotted red mushroom lapel pin to your chest, the sounds of popping usher in groups of variegated mushrooms that spring forth below you!

>analyze my pin
You analyze your mushroom pin and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:

The mushroom pin is an Illusion Prop that will project minor illusions around you when worn. It is set to:

Adds "Groups of variegated mushrooms haphazardly spring to life around his feet, releasing glimmering motes of spores into the air as he moves." after your appearance.

The mushroom pin can be hidden or revealed when covered.

You get the distinct impression that the mushroom pin itself may freely be altered by almost any merchant, but not the illusions that it creates.

Spell Prep Prop
The mushroom pin holds the Spell Prep Prop script/subscript.
The mushroom pin can have its description altered freely unless a parent script prevents it.

This mushroom pin allows you to cast spells from the Empath Base Spell Circle with the following messaging:

First person: You tap the spotted cap of your mushroom pin, causing the fungi below you to float upwards, hovering above you. You chant the incantations of the [Spell Name] spell and the mushrooms vibrate in time, their spores dispersing into the air as they explode in a cloud of glittering motes.
Third person: Elysani taps the spotted cap of her mushroom pin, causing the fungi below her to float upwards, hovering above. She begins to chant an incantation and the mushrooms vibrate in time, their spores dispersing into the air as they explode in a cloud of glittering motes.
Third (hidden): The faint sound of chanting is followed by a flash of glittering motes.

There are a total of five new illusion relic/spell prep prop items (I'll be sure to add more next run, they're just a lot of creative work), but there are also five completely new original (non-spell prep) illusion relics for sale!

Special thanks goes to GM Estild for continuing to allow my madwoman designs to come to life.

Essence Belts 2.0 at Duskruin!

Discord Message Link:
Author: GM Kenstrom
Date: 02/08/2023

The Essence Belts were first released at the previous Duskruin in the Essencetials shop, but now they include a new Tier 4 upgrade! Not only does the belt now have 4 pockets for up to 4 different essences, but you can also now add “Superior” essences of Body, Mind, Soul, Vitality and Regeneration!

But the belts can only hold 1 Superior essence at a time, but each one comes with a handful of unique abilities! Choose wisely!

The cost for the T4 upgrade will be 25,000 bloodscrip! You will also be able to buy the additional essences in the shop!

Essence of Body Benefits:

  • Reactive Unbalance Flares – Cost: 5 Body charges per flare instance.
  • Resistance (Push) – +25% Damage Resistance (Crush, Slash, Puncture) for 30 seconds. Cooldown: 30 mins. Cost: 15 Body charges.
  • Magic Bonus (Pull) – +10 Stamina Regeneration. Duration: 120 Seconds. Cooldown: 30 mins. Cost: 10 Body charges.
  • Ability: Body Heat (Rub) – This ability allows the wearer to create sudden burst of fiery energy, causing it to explode outward around them and towards several targets (up to 5). SMR attack with 65% chance of causing Immolation damage over time effect. Cooldown: 60 mins. Cost: 15 body charges

Essence of Mind Benefits:

  • Reactive Grapple Flares – Cost: 5 Mind charges per flare instance.
  • Resistance (Push) – +10 points of Crit Padding for 30 seconds. Cooldown: 30 mins. Cost: 15 mind charges.
  • Magic Bonus (Pull) – +30 AS to Telekinesis (1206) and +18 CS to Thought Lash (1210), Mindwipe (1225) and Torment (718). Duration: 120 seconds. Cooldown: 30 minutes. Cost: 10 Mind charges.
  • Ability: Mind Over Matter – This ability is an SMR attack which will let loose a radius blast of mental essence energy and has a chance of Sleeping, Stunning, or Blinding up to 5 targets as it assaults their mental functions. Cooldown: 60 mins. Cost: 15 Mind charges.

Essence of Soul Benefits:

  • Reactive Disruption Flares – Cost: 5 Soul charges per flare instance.
  • Resistance (Push) - +50% Disruption Resistance. Duration: 30 seconds. Cooldown: 30 mins. Cost: 15 Soul charges.
  • Magic Bonus (Pull) - +20 Mana Regeneration. Duration: 120 seconds. Cooldown: 30 mins. Cost: 10 Soul charges.
  • Ability – Mana Well (Rub) – This ability allows the wearer to call forth a sudden burst of mana from all around them, tapping into the flows of essence and absorbing it. The wearer gets a boost of +50 Mana. Cooldown: 60 mins. Cost: 15 Soul charges.

Essence of Vitality Benefit:

  • Reactive Vacuum Flares – Cost: 5 Vitality charges per flare instance.
  • Resistance (Push) - +50 Unbalance Resistance. Duration: 30 seconds. Cooldown: 30 mins. Cost: 15 Vitality charges.
  • Magic Bonus (Pull) - +10 bonus to STR and CON. Duration: 120 seconds. Cooldown: 60 mins. Cost: 10 Vitality charges.
  • Ability – Spark of Life (Rub) – This ability allows for the wearer to have full restoration of Health, Mana, and Spirit upon activation once Resurrected. This only applies if resurrected or decays, not if the wearer departs. Cooldown: 120 mins. Cost: 20 Vitality charges.

Essence of Regeneration Benefit:

  • Reactive Plasma Flares – Cost: 5 Regeneration charges per flare instance.
  • Resistance (Push) - +50 Plasma Resistance for 30 seconds. Cooldown: 30 mins. Cost: 15 Regeneration charges.
  • Magic Bonus (Pull) - +20 HP Regeneration. Duration: 120 seconds. Cooldown: 60 mins. Cost: 10 Regeneration charges.
  • Ability – Baptism of Fire (Rub) – This ability allows the wearer to send a soothing wave of heat that washes over the wearer and their entire group. It will restore 20 HP every 2 seconds for 10 seconds, for a total of 100 HP. Cooldown: 60 mins. Cost: 20 Regeneration charges.

A HUGE thank you to both GM Estild for insight and approvals and GM Mestys for constantly being the helpful and relentless coding mastermind to bring these to existence!

Here is the GSWiki link for the Essence Belt new and old features!


Eonak Arms

Discord Message Link: [17]
Author: GM Netz
Date: 02/09/2023

Ever wished you had a way to snatch up that uncut diamond laying on the ground when your hands are full? Could you use a little extra help when you are climbing up that cliff to hunt the legendary fire phoenix? Wouldn't it be nice if someone or something would just block an incoming attack every once in the while?

This Duskruin head over to the squat domed brick building along Bailey Park in Bloodriven Village to find the new shop Eonak Arms! The shop owner has combined a little gnomish ingenuity with a little sorcerous animate magic to produce super handy wearable limbs.

Worn on the shoulder or the belt, these limbs can be customized in different ways. Want to pick up a little more weight? Install a new cog. Want some help blocking attacks? Buy your arm a new frame. Need help climbing and swimming? A new claw will do it. Want to reduce the weight of items your limb carries? Pick up a counterweight. Each ability can be upgraded independently to suit your particular needs.

Stop by Eonak Arms to grab one for yourself! Who couldn't use an extra hand every now and then?

NEW FOR 5123: In addition to all the amazing abilities these wondrous arms have they are now able to utilize the STOW ability off the shelf. No upgrade needed!

Wiki Announcement: https://gswiki.play.net/Eonak_Arm

Mania - Mistwatch Private Property: Spirit of the Mists

Discord Message Link: [18]
Author: GM Casil
Date: 02/09/2023

Once an active trading ship, the Spirit of the Mists is now decommissioned, as her fleet acquired more modern vessels. She will be moored permanently at a private pier in Mistwatch. Renovations have turned this beautiful ship into a luxury home and high-end entertainment space. The highest deck boasts a well-appointed bar with gourmet snacks and exquisitely crafted cocktails, perfect for mingling with your guests under the sun or the stars.

If you find the weather is disagreeable to an outdoor gathering, your guests can retreat to the sophisticated underdeck bar, which is stocked with a wide variety of spirits. If the conversation needs a lift, play a game of darts or give a wine-making demonstration.

The foredeck is equipped for seaside fishing, including an beautifully tiled, inset firepit for cooking your fresh catches without burning the ship down. You'll find comfortable seating for relaxing with your friends while you try your hand at catching some of the finest fish of the Eastern Seaboard. There's also a lockable chest to conveniently store your fishing supplies.

The cabin is protected by a whisper-secured door, allowing you to leave the decks open to visitors while protecting your deluxe quarters from sticky fingers and visitors with little regard for privacy. The front room of the cabin has a kitchen complete with a stove, wash basin, and hearty meals. Across from this, there's a cozy seating area for relaxing nights inside. Just through the lasimor door, you'll come into the spacious and luxurious bedroom with a spectacular view of the sea.

Mania - Brisker's Cove Property: Agave Abode

Discord Message Link: https://discord.com/channels/226045346399256576/1073359552780718150
Author: GM Thandiwe
Date: 02/09/2023

Located on Erstwhile Lane in Brisker’s Cove, this Seareach home faces the newly finished New Ward Wall. The small stucco-faced abode has a stained glass door.

Look Door:
Sitting in the center of a stucco-faced abode, fused planks of reddish acacia are fitted with a dark pewter frame that supports a colorful stained glass window. Transitioning from indigo to coral-hues, the top of the decorative glass piece depicts the desert sky at sunset. Large and squat cacti in greys and blues decorate the backdrop, while the center houses a stylized blue-green agave plant. Decorative lettering is burned into a flat panel beneath the glass.

Read: Agave Abode

The living space is well appointed with needs fitting for a home set in the desert-adjacent port.

[Agave Abode, Living Space]
Large, glassless windows provide a view of the street beyond while drawing a steady flow of air that helps to alleviate the heat of the day. Teal and chocolate brown floor covers, each with intricate abstract patterns woven into their woolen lengths, create a colorful backdrop to low bench-like, cushioned seating that is recessed into the floor amid squat, round rattan tables. A series of metal-framed lanterns dangle from the ceiling along a wall covered in framed artwork. You also see a stained glass door (closed).

The kitchen has fruits in a bowl, such as figs and apricots, as well as a sweet potato and lamb couscous, a pull-apart and dippable flatbread, a pureed chickpea dip, stuffed red snapper, and an acorn stew with a creamy coconut broth.

The backyard is filled with a variety of creeping vines that drape from either the sheltering pergola or the privacy walls. Four in total, each is a foraged item prop.

[Agava Abode, Rock Garden]
Mingling to create a colorful spray, orange flame vines and purple desert snapdragons cling to the wall and flow over it, spilling into the alleyway beyond the garden. Teak and acacia benches shelter under the shade of a triangular pergola that is laden with black-eyed and silver lace vines in one corner, while opposite a goldenrod yellow oak door leads into the abode. Crushed shells, white stones, and grey pebbles cover the sand and dirt ground, the combination preventing weeds from gaining purchase. Obvious paths: none

The second floor has a hallway, bathing quarters, and a master bedroom.

[Agava Abode, Bathing Quarters]
Gauzy drapery hangs across the open keyhole windows that dominate the turquoise walls, while large and small clay vessels housing philodendrons, asparagus fern, and snake plants are arranged and clustered together in one corner. Supported by an A-frame, teak shelves hold hygiene care products beneath various hanging clear glass globes that house curly air bromeliads. Octagonal tiles create a repeating daisy pattern in green, blue, and ruby that chase across the floor, which supports a deep white porcelain tub and a lofted marbled glass basin. You also see a dark-ringed cocobolo door.

The tub is functional and the bathing quarters are catchable.

Oh, the framed artwork in the Living Space? That is a brand-new feature! Designed by Thandiwe and created by Haliste. We will let the artwork explain itself:

You analyze your framed artwork and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

- GAZE: Fluff
- LEAN: Fluff
- NUDGE: See frame design options.
- PUSH: Add an art piece to the artwork.
- PULL: View art pieces available for removal.
- TURN: Remove an art piece from your artwork. USAGE: TURN {ITEM} TO #
- PONDER: Fluff
- WHISPER: Choose a frame design. USAGE: WHISPER {ITEM} {WOOD #} {SHAPE #} (Use NUDGE to see options.)

Art pieces that have a long description cannot be added to some framed artwork.

Added frames are temporary and will be removed when the art piece is taken out of the artwork.

Mania - Cysaegir Private Property: Arboreal Refuge

Discord Message Link: [19]
Author: GM Elysani
Date: 02/09/2023

Located through the beautiful Cysaegir shop Absolute Scentsibility, an arboreal-carved door leads you to a well-tended garden:

[Arboreal Refuge, Garden]
Latticed walls of reddish mahogany enclose the garden, the wood hooked with jars of colorful glass filled with tiny votives. Several pale wicker benches encircle a firepit at the center of the cobblestone pathway, the seating facing the floral-edged cream stone bungalow framed by a duo of vert-leafed cypress trees at the edge of the well-tended garden. A shaded corner of the garden is decorated with birdhouses, the occupants swooping down to bathe in the arboreal stone fountain.

You gaze at a verdant well-tended garden with a practiced eye, noting that you could probably harvest a cup-shaped amethyst bellflower, a pale blue love-in-a-mist flower, a bright saffron-colored sunflower, a feather-edged reddish parrot tulip, and a long-petaled warm yellow tulip.

Plenty of seating around the firepit for quiet contemplation and entertaining!

Once in the bungalow, you arrive at the Foyer, the room welcoming you with a glass (or three) of effervescent white wine, the scent of incense, and the colorful array of flowers brought in from the garden.

You gaze at a rope-strung ceramic pot with a practiced eye, noting that you could probably harvest a plum-striated pale purple violet, a dense-petaled lavender mauve rose, a blush-tinted creamy lilac sprig, a five-petaled tiny heliotrope flower, a bright indigo bluebell sprig, and a fuzzy bright chartreuse leaf.

To the northeast is the Tea Room, complete with stove and kettle, more flowers (!), and nibbles for afternoon tea time (or any time that you like).

[Arboreal Refuge, Tea Room]
Lattice-woven walls of mahogany drape fragrant bundles of flowers across the room, the bouquets sweeping downward towards the piles of colorful silk cushions encircling a low heartwood tea table center-set on the floor. A brass-framed cart of cream-colored leather stands in the back corner, flanked by a tall pair of curved glass vases, their surfaces etched in leaf arabesques. Set before an arched window is a pot-bellied stove of lavender-colored iron wrapped in faenor ivy.

On the tea table you see a pitcher of citrus-infused water, a tray of sesame seed crackers, a cherry-topped dark chocolate cake, a rose-shaped vegetable tart, an arrangement of scones and a pile of buttery garlic pastries.

To the northwest is the workroom, perfect for any crafter. Complete with basin (and cloth to dry your hands!), storage on the table (you always need your hands free at some point), and a small planter of herbs.

[Arboreal Refuge, Workroom]
Swatches of fabric sit alongside a rack of vibrant dyes, the materials scattered across a window-framed mahogany table stacked with leather volumes and bits of metal. A pair of wooden stools sit before a paint-splattered basin on the opposite end of the room, a long terracotta planter set behind the cloth-hung bowl. Drieds bundles of herbs hang from the beam above a carved wooden easel, the colorful parcels framing a pierced brass dish filled with twine-tied incense.

The Chamber above the foyer is complete with a comfy bed, warm fireplace, writing desk, and plenty of birdseed to feed your tiny tanager neighbors right outside the ceiling-high windows.

The Sanctum north of the Chamber contains a tub of pale blue-green water, simply waiting for its occupant to come and relax. A nearby chaise allows you to sit back and sip a glass of wine, enjoying the solitude of beautiful Cysaegir.

Pirate Props Get an Update!

Discord Message Link:
Author: GM Elysani
Date: 02/09/2023

Eyepatches, beards, birds, peglegs, and hooks all get a UNIQUE field update!

The Yarrrpee Shoppe has been refreshed from top to bottom and introduce the fancier version of Pirate Props!


Clockwork - He/She has a clockwork-set oiled mahogany pegleg for a leg, the artificial contraption bound with straps of thick leather.
Tally-Marked - He/She has a tally-marked grey driftwood pegleg, the artificial contraption covered in a tattered treasure map.

Eyepatches and Hooks

Black Rose - One of his/her eyes is covered by a vine-affixed black rose eyepatch, its silken petals resting against his/her temple.
Tan Eyepatch - A tanned leather eyepatch covers one of his/her eyes, its surface branded with a detailed nautical map.
Boiled Eyepatch - One of his/her eyes is covered by a sinew-knotted boiled leather eyepatch, the waxed cords interwoven with strands of kelp.

Bronze Hook - His/Her hand has been replaced by a pelt-bound darkened bronze hook, the pitch-stained hide wrapped in thick chains.
Steel Hook - His/Her hand has been replaced by a suede-lashed blackened steel hook, the sharp curve carved in uneven sigils.

Birds and Beards

Eagle - A pale-bellied black sea eagle is perched on his/her shoulder, one of its tiny glass eyes covered by a leather-strapped eyepatch
Pelican - A square-jawed white oilcloth pelican is perched on his/her shoulder, its large beak filled with tiny steel-scaled fish

Kelp Beard - He/She has a kelp-woven grey netting beard, the tapered length weighted by a tiny red enamel crab.
Ring-Bound Beard - The lower half of his/her face is covered by a ring-bound vermilion wool beard, the thin plaits interwoven in strips of sinew.

And don't you worry, there are new Buxom Buccaneer skirts and spyglasses available as well!


Discord Message Link: [20]
Author: GM Khorbin
Date: 02/10/2023

Do you ever fall in battle, and hope against hope for rescue, only to be whisked away by outside meddlers, awakening at the local temple with all your hard-earned silver taken?

Do bandits catch you off-guard, taking your prized silvers with them?

Do greedy mages steal your silver while you are whisking yourself about, minding your own business?

Do you wish everything wouldn’t cost you at the most inopportune time?

I might just have something for you.

- Proprietor of The Broken Coin.

OSA Weather Orbs

Discord Message Link: [21]
Author: GM Retser
Date: 02/10/2023

Hello everyone, weather orbs (as released last mania) will be available at Duskruin in a Pirate looks at Four Teas.

These orbs allow the Captain and Crew Members to change the weather of the segment of the ocean they are currently in. This can only be used on a segment once every 30 minutes. This will also block the weather from changing for 30 minutes with a similar method.

You can unlock them with the waivers available up to tier 3.

Manaweave Cloaks

Discord Message Link:
Author: GM Kenstrom
Date: 02/11/2023

A Tehir spellcaster has spent ages studying ridgeweavers in the Sea of Fire and has discovered a way to imbue power into their silk when weaving a magical cloak! For the first time, he has brought his manaweave cloaks to the Bloodriven village!

The cloak can be infused with mana and will work off of the wearer’s primary Mana Control skill.

Tier 1:

INFUSE – Instills up to 100 mana in the cloak. Max pool: 100 mana.
CLENCH – Activates the cloak’s Mana Flare Reactive Ability. (25% chance to strip a spell from an attacker, chance to repeat at 2-3 times higher tiers for 5 mins. Activation Cost: 10 mana. Cooldown: 30 mins)
WAVE (at Target) – Activates the cloak’s Mana Hold offensive ability. (SMR attempt to immobilize a target. Activation Cost: 10 mana. Cooldown: 6 mins minus 1 min per tier.)
PUSH – Zest Verb.

Tier 2:

RUB – Activates the cloak’s Mana Wall reactive ability. (Tries to block offensive spells based on their mana value for 2 mins. It blocks up to 20 mana worth of spells, and 30 mana at Tier 3. Activation Cost: 10 mana. Cooldown: 15 mins.)
POINT (at Target) – Activates the cloak’s Mana Burn offensive ability. (SMR attempt to do fire damage and immolate a foe. Activation Cost: 10 mana. Cooldown: 20 mins minus 5 mins per tier.)
TURN – Zest Verb
PROD – Zest Verb

Tier 3:

TAP – Activates the cloak’s Mana Siphon passive ability. (Grants +15 to Mana Recovery for 15 mins. Cooldown: 60 mins.)
PULL – Activates the cloak’s Mana Tangle offensive ability. (SMR AOE that attempts to damage and immobilize up to 5 targets. Activation Cost: 15 mana. Cooldown: 3 mins.)
TILT – Zest Verb.
PINCH – Zest Verb.
TOUCH – Zest Verb.

The Manaweave cloaks off the shelf are 15,000 bloodscrip.
T2 unlock vouchers are 25,000 bloodscrip.
T3 unlock vouchers are 35,000 bloodscrip.
All items offer an account attunement option of 25% discount.
They are freely alterable and can be lightened and deepened.

Look for the sand-hued ridgeweaver silk tent along Copper Road to access Mind Your Manas!

I would like to give a big shout out and thanks to GM Auchand for his ninja coding skills in helping to make this happen, and GM’s Estild, Flannihan, Isten and Retser for their lightning-fast input, approvals, and QC assistance!

Behold the Fluorite!

Discord Message Link:
Author: GM Elysani
Date: 02/12/2023

Brewing enthusiasts rejoice! For a spigot of metal-framed fluorite has been added to the shelf at Be Still My Hops. The fluorite works exactly like the amethysts, but you can now apply the effect to yourself instead of hoping someone comes along to rescue your Sam Singing Self. Happy experimenting!

Thank you to Thandiwe and Estild for the assistance and to Avaluka for letting me add it to her shop!

Mania - Icemule Trace Private Property: Spindrift Sanctuary

Discord Message Link: [TBD]
Author: GM Galene
Date: 02/13/2023

Located in Icemule, Spindrift Sanctuary is a cozy haven nestled in Snowflake Vale, perfect for anyone that loves a spot of solitude in the wintry wilds.

The approach boasts golden yellow snow lilies and blue-blushed winter roses with crallisberry hedges that surround a nicely appointed cypress log cabin with a gabled roof.

The spacious parlor is outfitted with vaulted ceilings inset with glass panels that reveal the skyscape beyond. Rustic furnishings accompany a rune-etched fireplace housed in natural stonework. Hunting-themed oil paintings are viewable on the walls, their quality rivaled only by a fauna-carved arch on the eastern wall. If the great outdoors and chilly weather doesn't suit your plans, this room also contains a relaxing tartan couch and a lockable reading desk for your enjoyment.

Moving further into the main bedroom, you'll spy an enormous goosefeather sleighbed that will come in handy on freezing nights. There is also a cedar dressing table and wash basin to freshen up as needed. An impressive collection of widely varied creature horns and antlers is displayed on the walls.

The study is home to a wide-lensed antiqued copper telescope and vast glass windows for access to heavenly views. A dark mahogany hearth is surrounded by a half-moon of mosaic gold inlay, and a compilation of ancient novels and tomes litter the built-in bookcases that nearly reach the ceiling.

Blue and white tiled floors and an elongated heart of pine dining table give the quaint kitchen a welcoming, pastoral charm. A stout cast iron stove sits under innumerous copper pots and pans that are suspended from staggered ceiling hooks. The walnut serving cart offers a wide assortment of freshly made goodies for yourself, or other guests.

Finishing up the property is a hunting supply room stocked with supplies and an aged vultite-chased lantern for warmth and proper lighting. Another private sideboard offers snack items for those longer nights where projects take more time than expected!

Last Call Shop Reminders!

Discord Message Link:
Author: GM Elysani
Date: 2/14/2023

The cold winds of winter have blown into Bloodriven Village, the icy weather affecting the creatures of the Arena, but also ushering back the following Duskruin Shops!

Blades of Glory
The Hide and Fur Depot

Just a reminder to plan your purchases accordingly, for when winter departs, so will these shops until next Fashanos.

The Kraet vessel is also set to depart by winter's end, and the following shops will no longer be available.

Last Call Shops:
Kraet Length
Kraet Deal
Kraet Aim
Pinned and Pleated

Mania - Vornavis Private Property: Twilight Gallery

Discord Message Link:
Author: GM Thandiwe
Date: 2/20/2023

Situated on the southern side of the city, the small art gallery exists onto Dondraek Lane in Vornavis. Designed to host an artist, the gallery has a garden, three display rooms, a studio, and a loft.

Look Door:

The residence is crafted of smooth slate grey stones and fashioned with a copper roof. Somewhat shorter than its neighbors, it has a thin pathway that traverses manicured lawns as it moves between the street and an ebonwood door. Hanging above the door is a large wooden sign maintained with twilight hues and silver script. There appears to be something written on it.

Read: Twilight Gallery

The entrance of the property is inviting, with refreshments for visitors and storage space for them to hang their outerwear. It also has a glass sculpture that illuminates the space.

[Twilight Gallery, Reception]
Graduating from silvery pewter to rich plum, the walls are smooth and unadorned, providing a semi-neutral backdrop to the ornate, blown glass sculptures used to illuminate the space. Several settees in silver-tacked aubergine recline along the western wall where a sterling silver serving cart provides refreshments to visitors, while opposite a brass and oak coat rack provides a tidy place to store garments. Fitted with an ornate stained-glass window, an ebonwood door leads to the streets of Vornavis.
Obvious exits: north

There are two gallery rooms, one for the Visual Arts that houses the new Framed Art script, and one for the tactile arts that has a variety of display cases for housing your crafts.

[Twilight Gallery, Tactile Arts]
Hanging upon the black walls, wooden shadow boxes are illuminated from within by thin rods of glowing blown glass. White pine curios occupy the four corners, their tops covered in large earthen pots of glossy blue and teeming with ivy plants whose gangling limbs are coaxed into tiny hooks that encircle the room at ceiling level. A thin runner of mingled blue and green knotwork leads to an exterior door.
Obvious exits: south

An exterior garden labeled "Art in Motion" is designed to allow the artist to converse in a whimsical setting. While there are chairs, benches, and a fountain, attendants may wish to sit on the lawn in the cushioned grass. There are roses, peonies, and ivy that are pluckable here. The highlight of the space is an ornate bronze statue.

Look Statue:

Crafted entirely of bronze, the statue depicts a child sitting on a lily pad gazing into an open book. Spewing forth from the book is a column of smoke that house a variety of child-like images. Dolls and blocks hover in the air, a unicorn prances around the column with a puppy riding its back, and a knight fights some kind of winged beast with a serpent-like body.

Off the Visual Arts room is a locked entrance to the artist's private quarters where a Studio for creating can be found. The walls of made of slat, which is perfect for using chalk upon and there are snacks for the distracted creator on the table.

[Twilight Gallery, Studio]
Cramped yet tidy, the studio has a solid mahogany floor and slate walls. Honeycomb cubbies are built between the floor and underside of an ascending spiral staircase, the octagonal compartments filled with all manner of supplies, half-finished projects, cups, bowls, and other bric-a-brac associated with the art of creation. A long paint-marred table provides ample room for new creations and has a tall metal-fortified stool set before it. You also see a keyhole-shaped door.
Obvious exits: none

Rounding out the property, the staircase in the Studio leads to the second floor where there is a quaint loft for the distracted artist to rest in.<br.

Mania - Semi-Custom Private Property

Discord Message Link:
Author: GM Elysani
Date: 2/21/2023

We'll be offering a semi-custom property for auction at Mania!

One 4 room property built for you by GMs Elysani and Tivvy, based on a prompt from you about what you'd like the property to be like. Include thematic details, architectural styles, a list of your favorite things or anything else you think relevant or helpful. This is the only input you will have on the property's appearance and contents, but we will do our best to accommodate your vision.


1 Earthnode

8 Items of Food/Drink

1 Forageable Item Prop

1 MOARdrobe

250 Pounds of Storage (In Addition to the MOARdrobe)

Choice of entry portal placement room in game pending citizenship requirements, QC, and town guru approval if applicable.

Choice of one of the following: Enchanting Workshop, Summoning Chamber, Shrine to any one deity, Transporter item

Dabbler Updates

Discord Message Link:
Author: GM Haliste
Date: 2/21/2023

All pending updates for the dabbler have been addressed at this time. Below is a list and the response generated for them.

Realm Sword - approved fluff
BelledCloth - approved fluff
ClawContainer - approved fluff
Holey Pants - approved fluff
Energy Shield - approved mechanical
EG Ring - approved fluff
KatanaOwner - approved fluff
PoisonBlade - approved fluff
AS_Plate - approved fluff
Parasite Weapon - DENIED