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Bellacorn were huge sea monsters that were supposedly "occasional visitors" to Claedesbrim Bay (Darkstone Bay) in the I.C.E. Age. Few survivors existed to speak of the bellacorn, but they said it resembles a giant lizard stuffed in a turtle shell. It would bellow loudly to cause chaos, then smash into the sides of the ship, or rise up under it to turn it. It was difficult to pierce its shells or scales with weapons. They were particularly likely to be lurking on the east side of the Bay. This is where Kestrel Etrevion would have been raiding prior to his extended voyages to the west.

The bellacorn would slash open the crew with its fangs when they were in the water, letting them bleed out to attract scavengers so that it could kill and eat them as well. It was able to overpower ships greater than thirty feet long, and would come on land by dozens of yards to attack coastal settlements. It would walk on land using wide, flipper-like fins, which looked utterly grotesque and horrifying. Kestrel Etrevion was known to make trophies of bellacorn ivory. It is most likely intentional that the only place the bellacorn is referenced is in his burial mound, which is symbolically shaped as an overturned war ship that is covered in highly toxic flowers with blue leaves, perhaps resembling blood in the water. It is one of numerous subtly mocking memorials in The Graveyard.

Behind the Scenes

The archaeological evidence on the Coastal Cliffs implies that the Etrevion family had some degree of fealty to Klysus (Luukos) through Lorgalis. The significance of the bellacorn for Bandur Etrevion is a mocking representation of Klysus as the lizard god. The mad banquet room in the purgatory section of The Graveyard is an allusion to "The Doom That Came To Sarnath" by H.P. Lovecraft. In the story the king and his nobles lose their kingdom upon transforming into reptilian sub-human beasts (resembling bounders and kappas) who gibber and dance in worship of a demonic water-lizard god.