Beltheine's Flowers

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Beltheine's Flowers is the florist shop in Solhaven. It is located eastward of the North Market on Abalone and Cowrie.

[Beltheine's Flowers] RNUM: 12811
Garlands of wildflowers decorate the walls of this tiny shop. Wooden buckets brimming with flowers are scattered about the floor. Scents both delicate and heady drift through the air. A wooden worktable sits across the back wall, covered with flowers, ribbons, and tools. You also see the merchant Beltheine.


Welcome to Beltheine's Flowers!

The merchant Beltheine offers her catalog to browse.
Beltheine exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a violet and peony bouquet             7. a fragrant Imaera's Lace circlet
  2. a pink and white rose bouquet          8. a white-veiled snowblossom circlet
  3. a bouquet of calla lillies             9. a white rose boutonniere
  4. a red rose and Imaera's Lace bouquet   10. a pink rose boutonniere
  5. a beribboned white rose circlet        11. a red rose boutonniere
  6. a delicate rose and ivy circlet        12. a rose and ivy boutonniere


Beltheine's powder blue gown is covered with with a starched white apron.  Her silvery hair is braided into a coronet that winds 'round her head, and her violet eyes twinkle merrily.

A young woman enters the shop, carrying a basket brimming with white roses. She converses quietly with Beltheine for a moment, then exchanges the flowers for some silvers.

Her gnarled hands moving quickly and gracefully, Beltheine constructs a lavish wedding bouquet.