Bertha Crabbe's Stuff and Such

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Bertha Crabbe's Stuff and Such is a specialty shop in River's Rest. This shop is in a weathered building just southeast of Diamante's Gemshop. Miss Bertha Crabbe sells an assortment of items. From coal, cups and fans, to model ships, and cloaks as well as an assortment of other items; notably she sells scarves which Saltwater Sal may ask for. In the entrance of her shop, there is a stout oak door which is locked.

[Bertha Crabbe's Stuff and Such]
Although the wide-planked floor is warped, it is waxed and polished to a high gleam. The plaster walls, painted a cheery yellow, are decorated with small images of local flora. A pair of brass oil lamps, mounted on opposite walls, add a flickering glow to the ambient light from the window. Beneath a series of brass hooks is a large modwir bin. A tall rack stands against the wall. A sturdy oak table stands in the center of the room. You also see Miss Bertha Crabbe and a carved oak sign.


Welcome to Bertha Crabbe's Stuff and Such!
Bertha Crabbe offers her catalog to browse.
Bertha exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"
  1. a woven reed fan                    9. a golden-sailed model ship
  2. a chipped white enamel cup          10. a white cotton apron
  3. a dented copper pot                 11. some dark blue silk pantaloons
  4. a green glass bottle                12. an oilskin all-weather cloak
  5. some thick leather sailing gloves   13. a small sailcloth satchel
  6. some light rope thong sandals       14. a dark blue crocheted scarf
  7. a giant clamshell pouch             15. a small mesh rope bag
  8. a lump of coal                      16. a blue silk burnoose

Additional Information


Gamblers can occasionally find entertainment in Bertha Crabbe's Hall of Chance, which is past the stout oak door in the Hallway. Bertha's niece is the curly-haired girl who can sometimes be heard to advertise these games:

A curly-haired girl skips lightly into the area.  She pauses briefly for breath and in a sweet, whispery voice says, "Oh, I'm ever so excited!  Auntie says I've been such a good girl that she's going to let me play with the bullhead frogs!"  She leans toward you and softly says, "If you know the password, you can play too...and maybe even win some money!"  With a girlish giggle, the curly-haired girl continues on her way.

The creatures to bet on include:

  • blue mud crabs
  • bullhead frogs
  • red-eared newts
  • red-striped river snakes
  • spotted marsh turtles

After the curly-haired girl runs through town making her announcement, one should ask Miss Bertha Crabbe about the password, and then recite it in front of the door.