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Gender female
Race halfling
Profession Seamstress
Service(s) GALD, Unlocking wares
Specialty Farusteri gown
Venue Ebon Gate Festival
Status unknown

Blusteri is a seamstress and dress designer, and part of the duo responsible for the creation of Farusteri gowns.


You see Seamstress Blusteri. 
She appears to be a Halfling. 
She is short. She appears to be in the bloom of youth. She has silver-flecked pale green eyes and rose-tinged porcelain skin. She has short, curly strawberry-hued hair. She has a bit of bright pink lipstick drawn outside her natural lip line. 
She is in good shape. 
She is holding a dull butter knife in her left hand. She is wearing a ribbon necklace strung with glass icicles, a watery grey oilskin bag slung over her shoulder, a cranberry-striped ivory cotton apron over a knee-length pale pink wool dress, a white wicker basket, and a pair of unevenly cropped knitted silk leggings.