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Born of Bourth was created by GM Kenstrom that ran from July 23rd to August 7th after being announced at the Wehnimer's Landing OOC meeting on July 2nd, 2022. It will be followed by North by Northwest.

Father Fatigue

(7/23/2022) Larsya summons everyone to the Hendor Outpost where she announces her father, Baron Spensor Caulfield has passed. Will she go or will she not commences, but the funeral is announced the following week to take place in the Wyrdeep. She remains angry at him and the debate rages.


Cutlass Digs

(7/27/2022) Larsya spends some time at the Rusty Cutlass. Is she going or not?


A Baron passed

(7/30/2022) Baron Spensor Caulfield's funeral in the Wyrdeep.


The Way Forward

Category: Cities, Towns, and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 15367
Date: 8/4/2022
Subject: Born of Bourth - The Way Forward

He remembered Aurmont’s decree.

It had felt like a lifetime ago. 5116. So much had changed in that year. So much had changed since then. The corruption of a mad Prelate, the tendrils of a vengeful witch, and the complete destruction of Talador had set the Emperor onto a path that was to spark a new era in the Empire, one that had been long overdue, and been wrong in its conception.

His father had been many things, but in this, he was not wrong. His mother had always firmly despised Chaston’s Edict and the precedent it created. His father was just as passionate in his heart, but slow to move with his feet. Were they not all human, after all? Action required swiftness. The flesh did not hold thousands of years of time like the elves. Their existence in all of life would be a blink in comparison. He never hated his father for his lack of courage, but he knew when the time came, he’d raise the banner where those before him could not.

He walked the grand boulevard, which stretched far and wide, the cobbled roads masterfully crafted and pristine. To the far western end rose the Grand Imperial Plaza, where stood the very palace of the majestic Sun Throne itself. It was so polished, so grandiose, and its walls gleamed in the light. Just beyond it, rising above nearby rooftops of imperial homes, was the high domed ceiling of the Hall of Mages, its top crowned by sunlit statues of golden hawks.

So pretentious, all of it. What was the value of each marbled pillar and pebbled walkway, if words were empty and value was absent? Chaston’s Way. The long, magnificent road that connected the plaza with the Church in the distance. What an ironic name. What a wrong name. He felt wrong even walking it. But he knew it was foolish to try to erase the past. But it was just as naïve not to learn from it. The soldiers of home were not far from him. Even in the heart of Tamzzyr, they worried. He looked at his father’s personal guards and nodded reassuringly to them. No, not his father’s anymore.

The ground was still fresh where the Deep had taken his father. He remembered long moments of panic when the primordial spirits were displeased and turned in judgment. Goosebumps spread along his arms as he recalled the moment his sister’s voice broke the night and commanded the forest. He was as proud of her in that moment as he was terrified. She wasn’t ready for the burdens of court, even in Bourth. To be honest, he wasn’t sure he was either.

He wasn’t even crowned yet. It was still days away. He wasn’t going to ask for something beyond the scope of the throne. He wasn’t going to ask for something that the Emperor himself hadn’t already committed to accomplishing. But even the brightest fire can settle to embers, and without the proper kindling reapplied, that spark can go out.

He knew what it would mean for all involved. There would be resistance, abroad and at home. To think otherwise would be foolish. But to do nothing? Unacceptable.

Gleaming marble facades and decorated buildings stretched out before him like a rising and falling stonework sea. He exhaled heavily as he approached the tall tower that held the Council of Lords. Would they scoff at his boldness, or embrace it? Would he be seen meddling in imperial affairs and outcomes already set in motion? No, he reminded himself. 5116 had passed long ago, and every year met with more silence only made it more acceptable to stay the course.

Soldiers in their glistening armor and crimson sunbursts stood before him, barring his entrance. A fitting depiction of the Empire’s deepest irony. How often were humans their own worst enemies? Their own worst barriers to a way forward? He knew the answer.

He declared himself and his intentions. The Bourthian squadron behind him all but confirmed his truth. The tower guards stepped aside and without a second thought, he entered. He navigated the long halls, rehearsing every word he had written the night before. 5116. 5116. He would be vigilant in reminding them. Words had set the fire, silence had created embers. He had brought the kindling.

He strode into the chamber of the Council of Lords, immediately drawing attention as he interrupted the daily affairs already underway. He felt the heat of dozens of eyes upon him. He steeled his nerves and cleared his throat. He began.

"I am Lord Breshon Caulfield, Born of Bourth..."

Blameless Return, Baron Breshon Caulfield Coronated


Blameless attack at the portal before being denied, stopped and driven away.

Larsya hi-jinks in the stream.

Baron Breshon Caulfield coronated with Elidal Dhenin, Larsya and Green Sister Aronia among friends in the Wyrdeep.


News from Tamzyrr - Lifting Chaston's Edict

Category: Cities, Towns, and Outposts
Topic: Solhaven
Message #: 3352
Author: GS4-LYDIL
Date: 8/9/2022
Subject: News from Tamzyrr

Nine centuries ago, an idea was given form to bring prosperity and safety to three towns in a time of great uncertainty. Fifty years later, that idea would be put to the test, the result of which would give birth to the Turamzzyrian Empire. The march forward would not be a simple or easy one. There would be moments of joy and moments of sorrow. Moments where we stumbled and moments where we stood tall. Each of those moments over eight centuries would bring forth a nation that now has dozens of cities, that would span from the Wastes to the wilderness, from the mountains to the sea, and that is the home to countless people.

Some will say that our best days are now behind us. That the strength and will that one filled our heroic hearts has been lost to the ages. We however, believe that our best days are before us, ready and waiting to be shaped. To do so we must always remember our past, but in doing so we cannot allow ourselves to be shackled to it. We must never forget the deeds and words, the persons and lives, that made this Empire. Because it is not lines on a map or great cities of stone and mortar that truly give our nation shape, but rather its many people and citizens.

Now, ever striving, ever seeking, we shall step forward together into a new era. For it is on this day that the idea of the Turamzzyrian Empire will renew itself. It is on this day that we let go of what came before and embrace that which comes now. On this day we show that we can do better, we must do better, we shall do better, and we are all better for it. For it is on this day, and forever more forward, that we rescind Chaston's Edict.

Henceforth on this day, the fifth of Phoenatos in the year 5122, persons of all descents, elven or otherwise, shall have the right to own land or businesses within the Turamzzyrian Empire. That all citizens of the Empire shall have equal standing before the law regardless of the descent of the individual.

Let us now step forward together, citizens of the Empire.

By Our Hand

His Imperial Majesty Aurmont Anodheles

[b](Posted news on 8/6 at Simucon with accompanied art. File permission needed)[/b]

The Edict

@Shan posted an exceptional breakdown of Chaston's Edict after these events unfolded.

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