Borthuum Company Store Jewelry Sales

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Borthuum Company Store Jewelry Sales is the jewelry shop in Kharam Dzu. It is located east of the gem dealer, through the etched glass door in the Borthuum Company Store.

[Company Store, Jeweler]
Everything in the room shines and sparkles in the light. Even the simple counter manages a fine reflection in its polished glass face. Your only hint of an actual workplace is a small desk near the back that has a few carefully placed jeweler's tools upon it. You also see a dwarven clerk.


The first eight items can be made from the following materials for an additional price: coral, pearl, emerald, ruby, sapphire, starstone, moonstone, sunstone, silver, gold, or glaes.

Item Price Information
a band 200 <2 lbs
a ring 200 <2 lbs
an engagement band 500 <2 lbs
an engagement ring 500 <2 lbs
a wedding band 750 <2 lbs
a wedding ring 750 <2 lbs
an earring 200 <2 lbs
some earrings 400 <2 lbs
a twisted obsidian ring 5000 <2 lbs
a twisted silver wire ring 7500 <2 lbs
an emerald-studded ring 9000 <2 lbs
a sea-green glaes ring 7000 <2 lbs
a ruby-inset gold wire ring 7000 <2 lbs
a square-edged blue glaes ring 6000 <2 lbs
a well-crafted sapphire brooch 7000 <2 lbs
a blue-tinted crystal necklace 7000 <2 lbs
a multi-gemstone necklace 7000 <2 lbs
a sleek obsidian band 5000 <2 lbs
a drake-shaped glaes bracelet 7000 <2 lbs
a silver coin bracelet 5000 <2 lbs
a simple glaes neckchain 5000 <2 lbs
a star-shaped black opal charm 7000 <2 lbs, neckworn


You see the dwarf clerk, Torkrek.
He is finely dressed in a neat apron and pressed shirt.
He seems overly eager to be of service to any potential customers.

A fly buzzes about the room, generally being a nuisance.

A strong scent of leather hangs in the room.

Torkrek dusts the room.

Torkrek hangs a freshly made necklace on a hook for display.

Torkrek runs his hand across a gem, admiring it.

Torkrek straightens some goods on display.

Torkrek works on a jewel, delicately crafting the gem.


>ask Torkrek about band
Torkrek says,"Only of the finest workmanship, and polished smooth. A compliment to any attire, and guaranteed not to snag fine silk."

>ask Torkrek about ring
Torkrek says,"Need you ask about my rings? Can you not see what care goes into setting the stones, and polishing the bands?"

>ask Torkrek about engagement
Torkrek says,"Going to ask that special someone to wed, eh? I guarantee, this is the best you can give them! Fine workmanship, and will not catch on armor or cloth to hinder your fighting love!"

>ask Torkrek about earring
Torkrek says,"The perfect thing to set off an existing pair of earrings, or to wear by itself! A singular earring for a singular person."

>ask Torkrek about wedding
Torkrek says,"Blessings on your nuptials! Please consider this fine ring as a symbol of your love. The stones set within are as everlasting as your affection for your dear one."

>ask Torkrek about borthuum
Torkrek says,"The Borthuum Clan has been a loyal customer of my products for many years."

>ask Torkrek about eregrek
Torkrek says,"Eregrek is a fine Clan Leader and a fine customer."