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Boxes is the shorthand term to describe treasure chests that can be found by LOOTing creatures. They are always locked, and can be opened in a number of ways, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, including picking locks, wedges, bashing, the spell Unlock (407), or by destroying them with the spell Call Lightning (125). Some, but not all, will possess hidden traps, some of which are merely inconveniences, while others can be instantly lethal for both you and other players. These traps can be addressed by disarming them, using the spell Disarm (408), or in some specific cases, simply ignoring them while using specific methods opening them which will allow the trap to be bypassed.

Through the use of the spell Piercing Gaze (416), an individual can view the contents of a chest with varying degrees of success, based upon training. Additionally, Sorcerers can use the spell Phase (704) to remove the contents by briefly causing the wall of the chest to become incorporeal.

Opening Boxes

It is highly recommended that you know what you are doing before trying to unlock boxes yourself, otherwise you might set off a deadly trap in town and run afoul of the local justice.

To attempt to unlock boxes yourself, you should have some training in Picking Locks and Disarming Traps, or have some other means available to your profession. See the Locksmithing Guide for opening them manually, and the popping boxes guide for using magic.

Other players can help open your boxes, most commonly using the locksmith pool where you can deposit locked boxes to a public queue and leave a tip for whoever works on the box for you, then come by later to pick up the unlocked box. Player locksmiths who have some knowledge of the relevant skills can sign up to work with the pool, where they will be assigned boxes appropriate to their skill level. The locksmith pool in Wehnimer's Landing can be found in Land Tower East (from Land's End Road just inside the north gate, go east tower).

You can also sometimes find available locksmiths by using the SERVICE command or asking them in person.

Most towns have an NPC locksmith who can open boxes for a fee, but this is generally much more expensive.


Boxes can contain a very wide variety of items. However, some items are more common than others, if not virtually guaranteed. A list of some of the possible items include:


Chests vary in appearance, from the noun used to describe it, to the material, and an additional description of the appearance. These are not simply descriptive, as some of these variations have mechanical differences that can impact how they will be opened, how sturdy they are when battered, and how much the empty box can be sold for at the pawnshop.


  • Acid-pitted
  • Badly Damaged
  • Corroded
  • Dented
  • Engraved
  • Enruned - Magic Immune, immune to Unlock, Disarm, Piercing Gaze, Phase and reflects Call Lightning back at its user.
  • Iron-bound
  • Plain
  • Rotting
  • Scratched
  • Simple
  • Sturdy
  • Weathered


  • Brass
  • Gold - The empty chest has the second highest sell value.
  • Maoral
  • Mithril - Magic Immune, immune to Unlock, Disarm, Piercing Gaze, Phase and reflects Call Lightning back at its user. Also, the empty chest has the highest sell value of all the materials.
  • Modwir
  • Monir
  • Silver - The empty chest has the third highest sell value.
  • Steel
  • Tanik
  • Thanot
  • Wooden


  • Box
  • Chest
  • Coffer
  • Strongbox
  • Trunk

Additionally, there are different variations found through killing a boss creature, through the legendary feeder, or possibly during special events such as Ebon Gate.

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