Piercing Gaze (416)

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Piercing Gaze (416)
Duration Instantaneous
Utility Magic  
Availability All 
Minor Elemental Spells
Elemental Defense I (401) Defensive
Presence (402) Utility
Lock Pick Enhancement (403) Utility
Disarm Enhancement (404) Utility
Elemental Detection (405) Utility
Elemental Defense II (406) Defensive
Unlock (407) Utility
Disarm (408) Utility
Elemental Blast (409) Attack
Elemental Wave (410) Attack
Elemental Blade (411) Offensive
Weapon Deflection (412) Attack
Elemental Saturation (413) Attack
Elemental Defense III (414) Defensive
Elemental Strike (415) Attack
Piercing Gaze (416) Utility
Elemental Dispel (417) Attack
Mana Focus (418) Utility
Mass Elemental Defense (419) Defensive
Magic Item Creation (420) Utility
Elemental Targeting (425) Offensive
Elemental Barrier (430) Defensive
Major Elemental Wave (435) Attack

Piercing Gaze allows the caster to attempt to peer into, behind, or under all sorts of containers.

There are several factors that contribute to the spell's success, which includes: Perception skill ranks, Minor Elemental spell ranks, Intuition bonus, Logic bonus, and the spell Disarm Enhancement (404), which also takes Aura into account.

Be warned, many containers have a natural resistance to the spell due to the nature of the way the container was created or from the material it was created from, such as mithril or being enruned.

The spell of Piercing Gaze can trigger Glyph traps, which warp the caster to an area which can be time intensive to escape. Triggering this trap does not physically harm the caster, or affect any other characters in the room. However, the glyph trap rift will eventually drain health, mana, and spirit, and has the potential to drop you out into a hunting area that may be dangerous. No other traps can be triggered by the casting of this spell.

Lore Benefit

Training in Elemental Lore, Water will provide a chance of skill bonus ÷ 4 to show Unlock (407) and Disarm (408) success messaging (the messaging for Disarm to work will only be displayed if the caster has discovered the trap).

Elemental Lore, Water ranks 1 4 8 18 30 60 100 140 180 200 252
% chance to show messaging 1% 5% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 75% 88%
Not all thresholds shown.


The lore benefit messaging corresponds to the following table for success chances, for both locks and traps. The chance is modified based on if Lock Pick Enhancement (403) or Disarm Enhancement (404) are active, respectively, although the benefits may not always be large enough to push the messaging past the tier threshold.

Messaging Probability
terrible 0-9%
very poor 10-24%
poor 25-39%
decent 40-59%
good 60-74%
great 75-89%
excellent 90-99%
perfect 100%
You gesture at a scratched thanot trunk.
You gaze at the trunk but your vision is obscured.
Success on a trapped box
You gesture at a rotting haon coffer.
You gaze at the coffer and see. . .

A rotting haon coffer which contains:
  Some silver coins (in)
  An opal inset gold pitcher (in)
  A blue spinel (in)
Peering through the haon coffer, you notice that the hinges have some springs incorporated into the design in an unusual fashion.
Lore benefit
A plain gold trunk which contains:
  Some silver coins (in)
Looking closely into the keyhole of the lock, you spy a small vial of liquid and a tiny hammer device which seems poised to shatter it if the lock is tampered with.
You detect that you have a poor chance of magically disarming the gold trunk, and a very poor chance of magically unlocking the gold trunk.