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Braedn was the elected leader of the Aelotoi at the time of their arrival upon Elanthia on the 30th Jastatos in the year 5103. It was he who was the first to pass through the portal that connected Bre'naere and Elanthia, and he returned and brought a number of his people with him. When discovered by the Illistim, he and two other leaders named Mraensa and Nadael came forward as representatives of their people.

Two Illistim scholars, Gwennelen Mea'reth and her mentor, Meachreasim Illistim, worked closely with Braedn and the other leaders at this time, teaching them of the ways of Elanthia. Braedn learned the elven language with exceptional speed and he and the other two leaders were called to Illistim to meet with Queen Myasara, King Tyrnian, and King Eamon. There was also an emissary for Queen Cadhla, and presumably spies for King Gaendel. He explained the story of his people to Queen Myasara, and convinced her to allow the Aelotoi to stay in Elanthia.