Gwennelen Mea'reth Illistim

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Gwennelen Mea'reth Illistim was a Scholar of House Illistim, possibly a Loremaster of the "Walker of Lore" rank. She was part of the Illistim Ministry of Scholars. She assisted the First Master of Lore, Meachreasim Illistim, when the Aelotoi first appeared in 5103 Modern Era. Her journal of the events leading up to their asylum was donated to the Library Aies. They taught the Aelotoi leaders Braedn, Mraensa, and Nadael to speak Elven well enough to meet with the monarchs Myasara Illistim, Tyrnian Vaalor, and Eamon Ardenai. She was unaware of the legend of L'Naere at the time, which prompted Myasara to tease her uncle Meachreasim about his education of Gwennelen. Meachreasim may have been bound by a Master of Lore geas curse.

Gwennelen's grandmother was said to have had "oracular vision", possibly a member of The Grey Obelisk society or the forbidden pseudo-cult of Gosaena. Little is known of her background. She has expressed sentiments endorsing the Illistim notion of heredity, whereby races are thought to have evolved somehow from progenitors in pre-history. However, she speaks of evolution as progress, and that Elves evolved first.

Gwennelen regarded Myasara as "mercurial", but "[by] far the most liberal Illistim ruler in history." She expressed a strong distaste for the courtiers of the Illistim nobility, who in her estimation were bigoted against "lesser" races without cause, for the petty satisfaction of feeling superior to something by demeaning them. She read similar condescending attitudes into Tyrian and Eamon, though she had herself called the Aelotoi "unwashed" when they first arrived. However, Gwennelen's tolerance is more reflective of an intellectual elite than Illistim egalitarianism, as most Elves were shocked and dismayed by the legal status given to the Aelotoi in reparations for the collateral damage inflicted upon their ancestors.

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