Brewmaster's Tap

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Brewmaster's Tap is a tavern in Kraken's Fall. It is located on North Arm Lane in a crumbling stucco bar painted with a colorful keg-shaped sign.

[Brewmaster's Tap, Pub Room] RNUM: 29091
The air in this grubby run-down pub is thick with the scent of old ale, and the floor is sticky with it too. The tables are little more than old beer kegs, and the seats merely smaller casks dropped next to them, but it matters little to the rough and hearty crowd. A surly matron mans the many taps behind a rickety old bar, while a young boy excitedly dashes between her and the tables to take and fill patrons' orders. You also see a narrow staircase leading to the cellar and a lopsided door.


Welcome to Brewmaster's Tap!

Matron Hanelle offers her Menu to browse.
Hanelle exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a stein of Brewmaster's Ale       6. a stein of Brewmaster's Secret
  2. a stein of Brewmaster's Brew      7. a stein of Brewmaster's Special
  3. a stein of Brewmaster's Best      8. a bowl of potato soup
  4. a stein of Brewmaster's Classic   9. some rustic bread
  5. a stein of Brewmaster's Finest    10. a wedge of yellow cheese