Broken Stein

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Broken Stein is a food shop in Mist Harbor. It is a bar in the Eastern Harbor. The barkeep's name is Jeffy.

[The Broken Stein, Entry]
Brass lanterns decorate the dark walls and provide the small room with a dusky illumination that is just barely enough light to see by. A series of cushioned brass stools stand before a polished driftwood bar that has a button-inlaid top, while glass shelves on the back wall support decanters, small barrels, and jars of various liquids. Bands of moonlight spill through the open door that decorates a windowless wall.


Item Flavors Price
a short glass of fruit booze A faintly over-ripe fruit taste accents the light rum in a strange, ethereal way. 125
a short glass of Isle Spice Warm and sweet, with just a hint of a stronger spice to it, the liquor swishes around in your mouth, imparting a distinct, but pleasant, pumpkin flavor. 125
a bright red spring ale A suffusion of malt and sweet pepper envelops your tastebuds.
The ale leaves a mild heat aftertaste that increases in intensity.
a ginger-kissed cherry ale Crushed ginger intermingles with ripe cherry and gives the ale an amazingly rich, full bodied taste.
Fruity and tangy, the ale has an exquisitely full bodied flavor.
a mug of foamy peach ale Undercurrents of warm spicy flavors burst through the more prevalent peach flavor.
The aromatic sweetness of the peach creates a heady but flavorsome ale.
a mug of apple caramel ale Full-bodied and tannic, the beer leaves a taste of apple and molasses-like caramel upon your tongue.
Tart apple flavors break through the heady foam of the smooth, sweet beer.
a mug of sunset orange ale The diffused orange peel taste serves to enhance to wheatiness of the ale.
Dry, yet fruity, layers of exotic spices burst through the citrus flavor.
a short glass of Isle Fusion As the Fushion touches your lips, a mist begins to form before your eyes. The strength of the alcoholic beverage sends a shiver down your spine. 125