Burga Hall

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Burga Hall is the Premium Hall located just outside of Icemule Trace. From outside the South Gate: WEST, WEST, NORTHWEST, GO SNOW-COVERED PATH, NORTHEAST, GO GATE, CLIMB STEPS.

A table stocked with Premium teleportation jewelry is located on a wide gold-chased table on the Front Porch (Lich #20756).

On the wooden table you see a silver-strung purple mithril-bloom, a hammered white gold armcuff, an agate-beaded dainty platinum wristlet, an enameled penguin chick brooch, a silver-dipped feather stickpin, a rose-inlaid ruby heart medallion, a cord-strung blue shale arrowhead, an etched red quartz wristcuff, a narrow morganite ring, a labyrinthine blue lace agate bracelet, a braided manticore hair armband, a carved thin blue gem band, a carved white iceblossom pendant and a tiny white jade snowhare pin.

Food and drink are available for Four Winds members in the Foyer (Lich #20757), which you reach by GOing through the entry DOORS on the Front Porch, and the Tavern (#20760), which you enter by GOing through a carved OAK DOOR in the Foyer.

Food and drink in the Foyer:

On the oak sideboard you see a mug of hot mulled wine, a frosted blueberry tart, a sugared jelly donut, an iced chocolate cookie, a cup of spiced herb tea and a mug of creamy hot cocoa.

Drinks in the Tavern:

On the wooden bar you see a bottle of cinnamon-spiced mead, a crystal bowl of rum punch, a decanter of mint-infused rum, a pitcher of honeyed whiskey cream, a juniper and lemon concoction, a flask of White Hot whiskey, a bottle of sparkling wine and a decanter of hot buttered rum.

Through a BLACK ARCHWAY in the Tavern is a Game Room (#20761) with BlackDrake tables.

A supernode may be found in the Lounge east of the Foyer through a rounded ARCHWAY.

The Courtyard (#20751) contains a flower bed with flowers that can be picked.

In the flower beds you see a fresh tulip, a fresh carnation, a fresh orchid, a fresh rose and a fresh daisy.

Burga Hall is unique among the Premium Halls because it has ice skating. From the Courtyard, GO SNOW-PACKED TRAIL to reach the Iceland Skate Center (#20752). The following items are for sale:

In the wool-lined cart you see a delicate snowman charm, an elaborate snowflake-runed tiara, a tiny crystal icicle earcuff, some intricate opal ice skate earrings, a silver icicle pendant, a snowflake embroidered pouch, a braided penguin-clasped belt and a strand of silver snowflakes.
On the wool-lined cart you see a slender icicle-shaped scabbard, a tiny wooden toy sled, some grey fox fur mittens, some fluffy snow white boots, a fluffy white puma fur hat and a pair of fur-lined boots.

GO ARCH from the Iceland Skate Center to the Iceland Lobby (#20753). Skates are freely available for your use in a carved felwood skate bin, but you will not be able to keep them.

In the skate bin you see some mithril-bladed skates.