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Four Winds Halls are only accessible by Premium subscribers. There is one located in or near every major town.


Detailed directions to Halls can be found in game using PREMIUM 4.

Town Hall Location Prime Room Plat Room Shattered Room
Icemule Trace Burga Hall #20756 #20756 #19684
Kharam Dzu Welkin Hall #20777 - #19650
Kraken's Fall Molskroen Hall #28989 #27629 -
River's Rest Mistral Hall #20766 #20766 #19670
Solhaven Seamist Hall #20718 #20718 #19728
Ta'Illistim Meazernis Villa #20707 #20687 #18679
Ta'Vaalor Etesian Hall #20706 #20706 #19700
Wehnimer's Landing Zephyr Hall #20734 #20734 #19744
Zul Logoth Solano Hall #9409 #9409 #9409


Premium Transport

The Premium Transport System is a benefit to Premium subscription members that affords inter-realm travel between premium halls. Each of the nine premium halls has a transport room (each room has its own unique colored doorway) near the hall's entrance where tickets may be purchased for inter-hall transport. Each transport room will have a sign with ticket purchasing instructions, pricing and restrictions, and a portal. After purchasing a transport ticket you can enter the portal. Inside the portal will be a nexus of rooms, each leading to a hall in a different realm.


Every Four Winds Hall is equipped with BlackDrake gambling tables for your enjoyment. They are located in the Game Room of each hall.

Teleportation Jewelry

Each hall has a table set out with a variety of town-specific teleport jewelry. You can have as many of these as you like, so grab a few!


Premium flowers are located in each of the Four Winds Halls.


Earth Nodes

Once you get inside the Four Winds Hall, nearly every room is an earth node. This even includes the BlackDrake tables!

Super Nodes

One room in each hall is designated as a super node!

  • Icemule: Burga Hall, Lounge
  • Kraken's Fall:
  • River's Rest: Mistral Hall, Lounge
  • Solhaven: Seamist Hall, Central Lounge
  • Ta'Illistim: Meazernis Villa, Private Lounge
  • Ta'Vaalor: Etesian Villa, Lounge
  • Teras (Kharam Dzu): Welkin Hall, Common Room
  • Wehnimer's Landing: Zephyr Hall, Common Room
  • Zul Logoth: Solano Hall, Night Sky Landing

Town Specific Perks

Some of the Four Winds Halls have special perks that are only available in that specific town.

Ice Skating

Located in Icemule's Burga Hall, a functional ice skating rink is available. There is also a small gift cart with items for sale.


Outside Solhaven's Seamist Hall, one can enjoy a swim at the beach!


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