Buyer's Choice Shopping Guide - Rings of Lumnis 2023

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The TownCrier put the call out for your favorite buys at the April 2023 Rings of Lumnis and here's what you nominated from Agora Promenade/shop listing April 2023.

The Best of Rings of Lumnis 2023 Shopping

ITEM RECOMMENDATIONS FROM ADVENTURERS SHOP with inventory, details, prices, and location
DECK THE HALLS Traiva declared, "This is THE ITEM from the 2023 Agora Promenade!" We all know Veolas are fabulous for wearing; these Veolas-For-Scenery will absolutely MAKE YOUR EVENT (even if your event is just drinking with friends). The off-the-shelf offerings are great just the way they are, and by having only the base item and one side pre-made, there's tons of room for customization. Buy them all, and then buy a few more! Deck the Halls
I DREAM OF GEOLOGY Be a jewelrysmith, make your own pretties, spice 'em up with zesty-making pliers, and sell 'em off at a premium... or, give 'em as gifts to all your favorite people! Now with even moar jewelry options and zesty options! More Ore Less Shop is home to the Oremonger, the Mini Smelter, and all the pliers and ores to make things better. More Ore Less
UPGRADED PAPERMAKER If you're the type to send any sort of mail or letters or anything that has to do with paper, the Papermaker is right up your alley. Now with 90 nouns (up from 30-something), and 60-something adjectives (also up from 30-something), there's even MOAR roleplay opportunity... and with all the upgrades, you can even make your own envelopes to use with the mail system! Get your Papermaker today at the shop called In Print Condition. In Print Condition
CUSTOMIZE IT ALL Luxelle was very impressed by the sheer number of opportunities at this Rings of Lumnis to customize things. Which things? Clothing at And Sew It Goes; Gemcutter patterns, Chocolate Molds, and Frosting Tips at Customary Procedures; Features at The Final Touch; Your seals/signets at Let's Make a Seal; Imbue Box designs at Natural Permeations; Scroll cutter designs at Scrollworthy; and Leather goods at Shears Leatherworks. Rings of Lumnis Shopping List
CONFETTI PUNCH Hurray! Now *everyone* can make confetti, out of any paper, not just those special papers that sometimes come in giftboxes! This new wonder-tool is housed in the Arboreal Afterlife shop. Now you, too, can throw bits of paper at anyone you want! Combine this with a Papermaker, and you've got a neverending party! Don't forget to visit the "learned scribe" to get your favorite confetti designs put into your new punch! Arboreal Afterlife
MINI SMELTER The Mini Smelter at More Ore Less is a wonderful item for making jewelry. Traiva added, "the new upgrade with additional options makes it even better." More Ore Less
DESIGNER TOUCH There's an NPC Designer at Customary Procedures who can customize three things fron a whole list of options. Which three things? Chocolate molds, Frosting Tips, and Gemcutter Patterns. From the simple to the breath-taking, from the beautiful to the kinda gross, consider what signature items can help elevate your presence. Besides, when was the last time you saw gemcutter pattern alterations offered? Customary Procedures
FLOWERS, FOLIAGE, AND MORE An anonymous shopper wanted to remind everyone to take a moment and not just smell the roses, but pluck them, too! The range of amazing things growing on the Festival Grounds in the Gardens of Pentas will take your breath away.

Use ANALYZE on each growing thing for more information, and GAZE will tell you what can be harvested.
Gardens of Pentas
Google Sheet for Rings of Lumnis Flora
VANITY CASE Need a place to keep your grooming tools and makeup? Traiva suggests a Vanity Flair Vanity Case at Skin Deep! Besides storing all manner of items, once you PLACE it on the ground or at your feet, it turns into a lovely vanity table complete with mirror. If needed, you can PUSH up a screen to hide yourself from view while you attend to your grooming. Check out the unlock certificate for some fluffy interactions. Skin Deep
CLOTHING CUSTOMIZED Take an item behind the curtain of And Sew It Goes to have it transformed into something far more special with semi-custom designs. Even many items that are already customized can gain a new level of detail, and while there are not many choices yet, it's an exciting model for the future! And Sew It Goes

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