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Byron is a Mongrel kobold who works as the bartender of the Stone Eye, an iconic establishment in the town of River's Rest.

Byron works at the bar on the first floor of the Stone Eye and is the chief dispenser of the town's beloved winterberry ale. Byron's original employer and owner of the Stone Eye is Myron. The exact connection between the two is unknown.


The young mongrel kobold behind the bar is dressed in simple cotton, shirt and trousers covered by a supple deerskin apron.  His mottled skin is held together by catgut and force of will.  A clean bar rag is draped over his left arm.

Idle Scripts

Byron takes a brandy snifter from an overhead rack and methodically polishes it.  You notice that the tune he is whistling seems to keep pace with the rhythm.

"Myron, the owner of this fine establishment, was once a member of the Council of Elanith."  Byron says conspiratorially.

Byron climbs up on a tall stool behind the bar, takes a Stump Special out of his apron pocket and lights the small cigar.  After several puffs he manages to blow a large cloud of aromatic smoke above your head.

Byron attacks a spot on the bar, which apparently only he can see, vigorously with his bar rag.