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Town Ta'Vaalor
Gender male
Race elf
Job guardsman
Affiliation(s) Crimson Legion

Calikran is one of the Ta'Vaalor guardsmen posted at the Vermilion Gate, the northeastern gate of the city of Ta'Vaalor.


Calikran is of full age, average height, and has a thin build.  His long, straight auburn hair falls to the small of his back.  He has blue-grey eyes, a fair complexion, and gives off a superior air and demeanor.  Calikran is dressed in a dark red coat trimmed with bright gold piping, which also has two broad gold stripes across the left arm.  His pants are a matching red with the cuffs tucked into knee-high dark leather boots.

Random Room Messaging

Calikran quietly surveys the travelers passing in and out of the gate.  He occasionally makes a cutting comment beneath his breath, then chuckles to himself, clearly amused at his own humor.

Calikran frowns at a passing dwarven merchant caravan, a blatantly suspicious look in his eyes.

Calikran thoughtfully comments to Ridtha, "Have you ever really talked with a half-elf?  Sometimes they almost seem tolerable."  Ridtha's eyes narrow, flashing angrily, but he merely nods in response.

Calikran adjusts his equipment and frowns at nothing in particular.

Calikran checks the edge on his weapon.

Calikran gives you an appreciative glance.

Calikran glances about at his surroundings.

Calikran shifts his weight.

Calikran yawns.

Interaction Messaging

Interaction messaging is taken from the view of a Vaalor elf and citizen of Ta'Vaalor.

>bow Calikran
You bow to Calikran. He snorts and rolls his eyes.

>curtsy Calikran
You curtsy to Calikran. He snorts and rolls his eyes.

>greet Calikran
You nod to Calikran in greeting, who raises an eyebrow in your direction.

>salute Calikran
You salute Calikran, who nods in return.

>smile Calikran
You smile at Calikran. He frowns in your direction in response.

>wave Calikran
You wave to Calikran. He frowns in your direction for a moment in response. </pre>

Behind the Scenes

The Ta'Vaalor guardsmen were updated on 07/19/2008 to have names and different personalities. Prior to that they were nameless and identical.