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Capell is a very young half-elf paladin and citizen of Solhaven. He is a member of Cairnfang Manor, and he currently lives in a small cupola of the Manor's attic.

Capell grew up largely on the streets of Gallardshold, in Bourth, relying heavily upon the charity (or lack thereof) from local residents. He knew very little about his parents, except that his mother was a sylvan from the Wyrdeep, and his father was a human from Krestle. When he was old enough to travel, he would join with merchant caravans on their trips between smaller towns in the eastern part of the Empire.

Discovering early on that providing simple entertainment was one way to secure a meal or bed from various inns, Capell took advantage of this and learned as many songs as possible to sing or perform in exchange for basic room and board. He was a hard worker who likewise would chop wood or tend animals for the same, but he found that his mixed blood was constantly a point of contention, no matter where he went.

Capell harbors a deep resentment toward any who maintain that one's birth heritage is the primary worth of another. He is a loud opponent of Chaston's Edict, and he likewise disparages any other formal arrangement whereby one entity is in service to another - from religious servitude to Arkati, to sorcerous binding of demons.

Capell has performed several times at House of the Argent Aspis' annual Bardfest event, in Wehnimer's Landing. He placed 4th in 5110 and 3rd in 5111, composing odd songs for it such as Killed by a Troll King.


You see Capell the Commoner.
He appears to be a Half-Elf.
He has vivid henna-hued eyes and lightly tanned skin. He has short, soft dark auburn hair that frames his face in feathery, rust red layers. He has mostly rounded ears with just a hint of smoothly upswept tips. A single white hawk feather is braided into the hair by his right ear.
His face is concealed by a tightly woven miniature chainsil kraken tentacle.
He has a series of thin geometric bands encircling both forearms with dark crimson ink.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a wickedly spiked silver pauldron, a golvern-buckled dark leather baldric, a sleeveless duster of subtly patterned twilight-hued kidskin, a high-collared vest of layered cobalt suede, some eahnor brigandine armor, some scaled cobalt suede gauntlets, a plain black bag, a leather steel-buckled kit, an elongated ghoulfish charm, a slim pair of twilight-hued suede pants, some indigo leather chaps fitted with buckled vultite plates, and an ornate pair of tall vultite-plated boots.