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Our minds to unhindered thinking, our hands to the community, and our spirits to greater loyalty.
Officer Roster
Title Officer Name Position
Chairwoman Phanna Green Chair
Steward Mynon Felcroth Co-Chair
Scholar Raelee Svala Co-Chair
Scribe Dirra Crawfinn Co-Chair
Chancellor Yukito Lennan Treasurer
Chamberlain (vacant) Co-Treasurer
Impressario Jisandra Talissen Co-Chair
Artificer (vacant) Co-Chair
Archivist (vacant) Co-Chair
Emissary (vacant) Co-Chair

Cairnfang Manor, founded by Lady Songie Fillee, was designed to serve Solhaven, her people, her streets and her spirits. With that in mind the Manor strives to always bring fun events to the town of Solhaven, as well as supporting other groups. The Manor holds regular House Hunts, helps organize community events, and hosts three festivals each year - Winternights, the Solhaven Grand Art Exhibit, and the Seafarer's Festival.

About Cairnfang Manor


Founded in 2003, Cairnfang Manor was one of the original Player Hall Organizations. It transitioned to a Meeting Hall Organization in 2007 alongside the other PROs. On April 3, 2011, Cairnfang Manor became the newest member of the Cooperative Houses of Elanthia.

Statement of Purpose

As our pledge reminds us, our mission is three fold. Unhindered thinking reflects the ability to think clearly and act without prejudice of race, religious affiliation, or profession. Our hands to the community, indicates the work we do to make Solhaven a place where both the young and the aged are served to make life better for all. Our spirits to greater loyalty means we do everything within our power to promote our beloved Solhaven for the good of all, not just the individual or a certain group. We use our minds, talents, and hearts towards a better Solhaven.

Cairnfang Manor Charter and By-Laws


Flag: a Cairnfang Manor banner

Framed by long brilliant peacock feathers is a billowing silk banner emblazoned with a royal blue star and an opalescent flame resting in an open hand. As light catches the material of the flame, it reflects a myriad of colors. The words Intellect, Flame, and Spirit are stitched on three of the sides. Carefully stitched below the star in the most eye-catching thread and in flowing script are the words, "Cairnfang Manor."

Pin: a golden gemstone-set triad

Cut into the image of an open hand is a sparkling diamond, its palm inlaid with a fiery ruby and scribed with the word, "Flame." Beside it is a sapphire shard in the shape of a slender banner inlaid with a silver star and the word, "Intellect." The final gem of this triad is a vibrant peacock feather cut from a multi-hued stone set with an emerald eye. Gold foil fills the word, "Spirit" etched along the length of the shaft. Each of the carved gems is secured with thin golden bands to a wide metal pin.


Cairnfang Manor's monthly meeting is held on the second Restday of every month at 8pm EST. The meetings are held in the Cairnfang Manor Meeting Room. Monthly meetings are open to the public; non-members interested in attending may request an escort from a current member or via the Realm ESP channel while in Solhaven.

How to Join

Individuals interested in joining Cairnfang Manor may do by first attending meetings or other events held by the Manor so that they may become acquainted with the current members and officers of the Manor. After doing so, the interested individual must find a current member of the Manor willing to sponsor their membership. Once a sponsor has been found, the interested party must contact the Chairwoman ( to officially request membership. In order to join, the following additional requirements must be met:

  1. The interested character must be at least level 10.
  2. The interested character must be able to pay 25,000 silvers in dues.
  3. The interested character must agree to the Manor By-Laws


Cairnfang Manor hosts three festivals each year. Songie, who was instrumental in founding Cairnfang Manor, hosted several events in Solhaven shortly after it opened up at the end of 1998. Some of those events are the foundation of current Cairnfang Manor festivals and traditions.

The first Snowball was hosted by Songie just after Solhaven opened up its trade routes to Wehnimer's Landing at the end of 5098, in the winter of early 5099. It became an annual tradition in Solhaven, and eventually Cairnfang Manor expanded beyond it to what is now Winternights in 5112. Winternights celebrates the community of Solhaven and invites all Solhaven organizations to participate.

The first Solhaven Grand Art Exhibit was also hosted by Songie in late 5100, under the name of the Solhaven Academy of Art Grande Exhibit. Several years later, Cairnfang Manor resurrected the event under its new name, the Solhaven Grand Art Exhibit, and has been its formal host since. In 5119, the first additional workshop was introduced to the Art Exhibit, expanding it beyond the central judging event. The Grand Art Exhibit partners with a wide variety organizations that are willing to focus on the visual arts.

The first Seafarer's Festival was hosted by Cairnfang Manor in 5103, shortly after it was officially recognized as an organization. As the Manor's flagship festival, Cairnfang Manor takes the lead on events during it while partnering with other organizations that have ties to the seafaring community.

House Hunts

On the third Restday (Sunday) of every month, Cairnfang Manor organizes a monthly hunt for house members and non-members alike. The hunt begins in North Market at 9:30pm EST, after which the location and target of the hunt will be chosen based on the skill level of that month's attendees. Spells and bounty tasks are shared among those attending.


Shortly after the opening of the public trade route between Wehnimer's Landing and Solhaven in 5098, Cairnfang Founder Lady Songee Fillee hosted the first annual Snowball. This event continued every year until 5112 when Cairnfang Manor extended the festivities into the annual Winternights. Every year, organizations local to Solhaven are invited to take part in the mid-winter festivities by hosting games and events, concluding with the traditional Snowball and occasionally a snowball fight. Escorts will be provided to all events from Solhaven's North Market for those unfamiliar with the city.

Winternights 5124 marked the 25th anniversary of the first Snowball. Thank you to everyone who made Winternights 5124 a success!

5124 Schedule of Events (January Wed 24-Sun 28, 2024)
Event Host Date Time Location Description
Darkbox Surprises Order of the Swan Varied Varied Varied The Order of the Swan will be offering support at several events throughout Winternights. Be on the lookout for their darkbox full of prizes throughout the festival!
North Market Social H.E.R.T. Wed 1/24 9:00pm ET North Market

(1438 / u4209022)

Join the members of H.E.R.T. as we kick off Winternights in Solhaven with a gathering to shake off the winter doldrums. Come enjoy some refreshments, games, and most importantly good company. The social will be held in the heart of North Market.
A Discourse on the Arkati of Knowledge The Order of Eternal Light Thurs 1/25 9:00pm ET Lumnis' Temple, Gardens
(13187 / u4742102)
The Order of Eternal Light presents a Discourse on the Arkati of Knowledge. Join in for an engaging discussion featuring two speakers that delves into our Elanthian patrons of knowledge.
Paint the Freeport Twilight Gallery Fri 1/26 9:00pm ET North Market

(1438 / u4209022)

Representatives from Twilight Gallery have placed art pieces depicting the history of the Solhaven community throughout the Freeport. Participants will have thirty minutes to locate as many art pieces as possible and return them to the Gallery. All entrants will receive a small token and the winner will receive a silver prize.
Spa Night The Coterie of the Swan Fri 1/26 11:00pm ET Solhaven Bathhouse

(13208 / u4740456)

Join the The Coterie of the Swan as they host a night of good clean fun to fight off the chill of these Winternights. Grab a soak at the local baths, and try out a new look with nail lacquers, piercings, or a new shave - just in time for the next evening's ball! The bathhouse is located on the corner of Shadow and Plover in South Haven.
Halfling Slatted Fortunes Allies of the Grey Sat 1/27 7:00pm ET Haven of the Grey, off of the Outlands Road

(5475 / u4215701, then GO TRACK)

Join the Allies of the Grey for a twilight session of Halfling Slatted Runes!  Learn about the ins and outs of this method of scrying, a touch of history regarding the runes, and stay for a scrying where the runes will be utilized.
Snowball Cairnfang Manor Sat 1/27 9:00pm ET Cairnfang Manor Ballroom
(22117 / u106012)
Join us inside Cairnfang Manor's ballroom, which we will open to all, for the annual Snowball! We will have plenty of refreshments, good conversation, and dancing for all. We will also take a moment of thanks for the wonderful Solhaven community. Cairnfang Manor is located down the walkway off of the far north end of Bayside Road in Solhaven.
Snow Scrimmage Order of the Azure Sun Sun 1/28 1:00pm ET North Market

(1438 / u4209022)

Join the Order of the Azure Sun for this years' Winternights Festival as it hosts Snow Scrimmage, a capture the flag style snowball fight!
Feast of Humility Order of the Azure Sun Sun 1/28 9:00pm ET Sunholm Keep, Cairnfang Forest
(27371 / u18028001)
Come join the Order of the Azure Sun as they open the portcullis of Sunholm Keep, the fabled fortress on the Cairnfang, for the annual Feast of Humility. Close out the Solhaven Winternights Festival with a sumptuous feast in fond company! Sunholm Keep is located in the clearing of Cairnfang Forest along the river, just north of Solhaven; look for the opening between the trees, where the snowblossoms grow thickest.

Solhaven Grand Art Exhibit

The first Solhaven Grand Art Exhibit was held in 5100 by the Lady Songie Fillee. The event was intended to celebrate art as well as the community of Solhaven, which had recently reopened trade with the northern frontier. Songie later established Cairnfang Manor and was its first Chairwoman, spearheading efforts to foster the rapidly growing community by her own actions. Cairnfang Manor gladly continues this now-annual tradition of the Solhaven Grand Art Exhibit, showcasing works from artists across Elanthia while partnering with other organizations to run workshop events throughout the weeklong exhibit.

The theme of this year's Solhaven Grand Art Exhibit is TBD.

Submission Information

Paintings, drawings, sculptures, and any other physical artwork are acceptable. (Poetry, writing, performances, etc. should be saved for other performance-based events.) The pieces submitted will be judged upon their subject matter, creativity, overall presentation, and relevancy to the Exhibit's theme, so choose something that is of interest to you and give it your all! While subject matter lies in the hands of the creator, we ask that submissions be suitable for viewing by audiences of mixed ages.

All artwork must be submitted in a manner that follows standard ALTER guidelines: 15/15/15 to describe the piece (i.e. a carved,linden-framed,painting), plus a show description for the artwork being displayed taking up no more than 511 characters, including punctuation and double spaces between sentences. An additional long description for the artwork is optional and should be kept fairly short if included. This will ensure all items follow a standard pattern and make for ease in displaying them. In addition, please include the full name of the artist submitting the work as well as a title, if it has one; the artist's name and title do NOT need to be part of the artwork's show description.

Any artwork that does not follow these rules will not be displayed. Some artwork may have minor changes prior to display per QC. See Owly's Super Useful GemStoneIV Alteration Template for formatting guidance.

Submission Example:

a linden-framed,charcoal,portrait
Perfectly shaped linden blossoms have been etched into a light-toned frame surrounding a simple group portrait.  A small scene of a group of adventures standing by a linden tree has been lovingly rendered in charcoal on smooth paper.  The design of the sketch is rather crude and rough by most standards, however certain details of the group are meticulously rendered.  It is clear that they are of different races, ages, and come from many walks of life.

All pieces of artwork should be submitted to by no later than end of day on TBD.  When submitting your piece, please make sure the subject reads as Art Exhibit, that you list the name of the artist submitting the piece, the title of the piece, and the full text description of the artwork.  Multiple submissions by a single person (character OR player) are not allowed.  Any questions can be sent to the same email address.


5124 marks the 20th Solhaven Grand Art Exhibit!

The Art Exhibit will open inside its customary tent at the fountain of Jastev's Temple with a welcoming ceremony and light refreshments at 9pm eastern on Wednesday, May 8.  An award ceremony recognizing the Best in Show will take place at 9pm on Saturday, May 11.  The exhibit will be open for public viewing for a full week, through May 14.  Additional events during the exhibit will be announced individually and advertised as part of this event listing.

5124 Schedule of Events (May 8-14, 2023)
Event Host Date Time Location Description
Opening Ceremony Cairnfang Manor 5/8 9pm ET Grand Art Exhibit Tent (Temple of Jastev, Fountain - 13514 (u4740803)) Join Cairnfang Manor in welcoming artists and art aficionados for the 18th Annual Solhaven Grand Art Exhibit!  Light refreshments will be served for this meet and greet opportunity.  Winning entries from past years are also on display.
Best in Show Announcements Cairnfang Manor 5/11 9pm ET Grand Art Exhibit Tent (Temple of Jastev, Fountain - 13514 (u4740803)) Awards for the 18th Annual Solhaven Grand Art Exhibit will be announced and presented, including for Best in Show.
Event TBD Host TBD Date TBD Time TBD Location TBD Info TBD

Cairnfang Manor is working with potential event partners for additional workshops and lectures directly related to crafting and the visual arts. Is your group interested in running an art-related event in association with the Solhaven Grand Art Exhibit?  Please contact or Phanna directly in game for inquiries and more information!

Past Art Exhibits

A record of past entries is forthcoming.

Prior presentations and lectures include the following:

Seafarer's Festival

Dating back to 5103, the annual Seafarer's Festival celebrates the life of the port and its seafaring community. Every summer, visitors to Solhaven are invited to join Cairnfang Manor in fun and games inspired by the town's nautical traditions, culminating in a masked ball held at Cairnfang Manor.

The 5123 festival dates were Thurs 7/27 - Sat 7/29.

5124 Schedule of Events (Dates TBA)
Event Host Date Time Location Description
Event TBD Host TBD Date TBD Time TBD Location TBD Event Info TBD

Organizations interested in taking part in this year's Seafarer's Festival should reach out to Phanna in game.


The Manor is located northeast of the Tentacled Tavern on Bayside Road in Solhaven (Lich #150 / u4209009), down the stone walkway.

An annex is under construction in Ta'Illistim.

Outside of Solhaven, Cairnfang Manor member lockers are located in the house annex for each town.

Town Location Directions Room #
Solhaven Cairnfang Manor, Locker Annex From the Manor Foyer:
go stair, nw, n, n, ne, go stair, s, sw, se, go door
Cysaegir Rhyaesdid Hall From Linsandrych Common:
nw, go bridge, ne, go edifice, go stairway, go archway, e, go sailcloth curtain
Icemule Trace Silvermule Gaming Hall, Dewberry Room From Town Commons:
s, s, s, w, go entrance, go door, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, go dewberry arch, lean tart book
Kharam Dzu Adventurer's Rest
Kraken's Fall Inking Den
Mist Harbor Hale Hall From Gardenia Commons:
s, w, go hall, go doors, go staircase, go arch, n, n, n, n, n, go ivory door
River's Rest Timor's Storage From Town Commons:
go path, s, e, ne, go double doors, e, d, n, n, go silk curtain, w
Ta'Illistim The Lost Home, Seascape Lounge From Hanging Gardens:
o, se, se, sw, sw, sw, w, w, sw, sw, nw, n, nw, go door, nw, nw, nw, nw, n, go driftwood arch
Ta'Vaalor Dancing Dahcre, Wave Dahcre Chamber From King's Court:
w, w, w, n, w, n, n, n, go dahcre, sw, go driftwood arch, pull statue
Wehnimer's Landing Ebonstone Manor, Waterfront Suite From Town Square Central:
nw, n, n, e, e, e, go pathway, go walkway, go manor, go stairway, go driftwood door
Zul Logoth Rockslinger's, Annex Corridor From Crystalline Cavern:
e, e, se, e, s, go door, go corridor, s, s, w, w, w, w, w, go cairnfang arch