Cairnfang Manor

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Our minds to unhindered thinking, our hands to the community, and our spirits to greater loyalty.

Cairnfang Manor, founded by Lady Songie Fillee, was designed to serve Solhaven, her people, her streets and her spirits. With that in mind the Manor strives to always bring fun events to the town of Solhaven, as well as supporting other groups. The Manor organizes Solhaven citizens for the Town Fellowship Games, hosts Winternights and the Seafarer's Festival, holds a Grande Art Exhibit, holds regular House Hunts, and teaches classes about the stars and many other things.

The Manor is located NE of the Tentacled Tavern on Bayside.


Flag: A Cairnfang Manor Banner

Framed by long brilliant peacock feathers is a billowing silk banner emblazoned with a royal blue star and an opalescent flame resting in an open hand. As light catches the material of the flame, it reflects a myriad of colors. The words Intellect, Flame, and Spirit are stitched on three of the sides. Carefully stitched below the star in the most eye-catching thread and in flowing script are the words, "Cairnfang Manor."

Pin: a golden gemstone-set triad

Cut into the image of an open hand is a sparkling diamond, its palm inlaid with a fiery ruby and scribed with the word, "Flame." Beside it is a sapphire shard in the shape of a slender banner inlaid with a silver star and the word, "Intellect." The final gem of this triad is a vibrant peacock feather cut from a multi-hued stone set with an emerald eye. Gold foil fills the word, "Spirit" etched along the length of the shaft. Each of the carved gems is secured with thin golden bands to a wide metal pin.


Chairman Mynon

Steward Alifair

Chancellor Savina

Chamberlain Divone

Scribe Dirra

Scrivener Raelee Svala

Historian Kateerina Rinshia