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Changelog is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.

Welcome to the official GemStone IV Changelog! You can find many of the current year's releases listed below. Further information on past releases may be found below the current releases section in previous years' changelogs and among the annual Creating Adventure newsletters.

Current Releases

Release Date Category Project Description
11/24/2023 World Lore Release: The Principality of Evashir A history document regarding the dark elves
11/21/2023 Development Mount Travel Town Update You can now use MOUNT TRAVEL TOWN to reach Nielira's Harbor.
11/11/2023 Development OSA White Flag Changes Raising your WHITE FLAG with SHIP FLAG WHITE will now prevent enemy boats from spawning on you.
11/11/2023 World Zul Logoth Tobacconist After a successful trade negotiation with Icemule Trace for coldleaf tobacco Zul Logoth has finally opened its own Tobacconist!
10/26/2023 World A Dark Elf Fairy Tale A fairy tale told by the Draugr in Naidem, originating with the dark elves
10/25/2023 World Weaving Awls Now Support Plumes The weaving tool awls now also support plumes. Previously, they only worked with feathers.
10/19/2023 Development Disguise Elixir Item & Shroud of Deception Fixes Some behind-the-scenes updates have been applied to ensure that those utilizing Disguise Elixir items (or similar) will be as convincingly disguised as those utilizing Shroud of Deception already are. Also, the spell Shroud of Deception (1212) has been updated so that it will not be applied if another similar disguise is already in effect.
09/28/2023 World Mycelium Cave in Zul Logoth Thought to have been lost many decades ago a shrine to Imaera is rediscovered.
09/26/2023 World Nalfein Cultural Verb options: PEDAL, OBSERVE, EXPRESS Nalfein cultural options for perceived elves and half-elves have been added to the PEDAL, OBSERVE, and EXPRESS verbs, with EXPRESS receiving style options for APPROVAL, CALM, CHARM, and DISPLEASURE. These verbs can be used alone or with self, player, creature, or object targets.
09/20/2023 Development Bugfix Martial Stances & Shield Mind cooldown A bug related to Martial Stances and Shield Mind cooldowns has been fixed. These abilities should interact properly now.
09/20/2023 World Lore Release - Ta'Illistim Inquisitors Released new lore on the Index of Inquisitors
09/16/2023 World Citizenship Title Updates Added citizenship-based titles
08/22/2023 World Citizenship Pin Updates Added new verb traps, etc. to citizenship pins.
08/10/2023 Development CUSTOM updates for bolt spells and fireworks Added bolt spells and fireworks to the CUSTOM system.
08/08/2023 World Lore Release: Burghal Gnome Mourning Burghal gnome mourning customs document
07/28/2023 World What's New in Kharam Dzu? Release of Clan Hall updates, Bric-a-brac fishing dock, and Borthuum Bargain Bait fishing supply shop.
07/25/2023 Development Player Shops now allow temporary loresong unlocked items to stack Otherwise identical items with temporary loresong unlocks will now stack when placed for sale in a player shop.
07/25/2023 Development Scripted Item Benefits Identified (RECALL) A variety of existing scripted items now provide details instead of generic "some unknown (scripted) benefit" when using RECALL
07/24/2023 World Hot Summer Nights Release: Grounded Slips for sale in the Lighthouse allowing players to anchor/ground their own transporters
07/21/2023 World Dragonfly Festival Open in Cysaegir from 7/21 to 7/23.
07/21/2023 World Hot Summer Nights Release: Premium Spell of the Month Update Updated PSotM
07/20/2023 World Lore Release: Aelotoi Mourning Aelotoi mourning customs document
07/19/2023 World Hot Summer Nights Release: Transporter Messaging New Messaging Options
07/19/2023 World Lore Release: Cyrtae'ni New aelotoi culture
07/11/2023 World Guide Updates Urchin Guide Updates Urchin Guides learn new tricks and expand their offerings.
07/11/2023 World Lukewarm Summer Update: PREMIUMHALL Urchin Destination Urchin system now has a new PREMIUMHALL destination in each town
07/10/2023 World Hot Summer Nights Release: Premium Points for Profession Points 25 Premium Points for up to 25k Profession Points
07/06/2023 World Hot Summer Nights Release: Urchins 5 free uses of the Urchin system for Premium Subscribers

07/05/2023 World Additional Tones and Speech Verbs Additional tones and speech verbs are now available for use with the SAY verb
07/02/2023 World Lukewarm Summer Update: Paddleboat RT Removed RT Removed from FWI Paddleboats
07/02/2023 World Hot Summer Nights Release: EXPRESS Verbs New EXPRESS options for Premium Subscribers
07/01/2023 World Hot Summer Nights Release: Adventurer's Guild Cooldown 10 minute cooldown for Premium Subscribers
06/25/2023 Development Justice System - Possession Removal The Justice system will no longer strip you of your possessions during incarceration.
06/16/2023 Event Rumor Woods Open from 6/16 through 6/30.
06/16/2023 Development CONSENT verb Added the CONSENT verb
06/13/2023 Development Familiar Gate (930) Now works from inside the Rift to the Cavern of Ages
06/12/2023 World Lore Release: Gastronomy of Atan Irith Cuisine found in Atan Irith
06/12/2023 World Lore Release: Precious Materials of Atan Irith Unique materials found in Atan Irith
06/09/2023 Development CUSTOM updates Added Manna and Major Sanctuary to the new CUSTOM system.
05/28/2023 World Lore Release: Ta'Nalfein Expanded Ta'Nalfein Information
05/26/2023 Event Premium Fest: Return to Iyo Grove Open from 5/26 through 6/1.
05/24/2023 World Lore Release: Human Mourning Part 2 Human cultures (A-H) and mourning
05/20/2023 World Death in Dwarven Culture - Burial Practices Detailing some burial customs of the dwarves.
05/20/2023 World Stonetomb Opens to the Public Today Clan Leader Rodverg announced the opening of Stonetomb, Zul Logoth's cemetary, to the general public. Stonetomb can be found in the Onyx Tunnel which is through the arch found one west of the Warrior's Guild.
05/19/2023 Development Effect Manager: New Effects New Clumsy, Wounded, and Major Poison effects have been added.
05/19/2023 Development Stealth Updates Group and Stealth QoL improvements.
05/19/2023 Development Divine Word (1640) Update Divine Word (1640) has been updated to no longer remove spells when its active window ends.
05/8/2023 World PROPERTY Verb released The PROPERTY verb allows individuals who own private properties to view and change certain information about their private properties.
05/07/2023 Development Justice Encumbrance Encumbrance checks are now bypassed for justice confiscated possessions.
05/01/2023 World Flight of the Griffins The annual spring flight of the griffins around Ta'Illistim, from 5/1 through 5/6.
04/23/2023 Development Adventurers Guild Update The Adventurers Guild has decided to allow those banished from tasks to now be allowed to continue to use RECOVER and LOST during their punishment.
04/14/2023 Event Rings of Lumnis Open from 4/14 through 4/30.
04/04/2023 Development Transit Review Update Rift fog exit After a small shadowy rebellion, once again the Rift entrance Fog is somewhat under control. It's been reported that entering the Rift is now insanely smooth and efficient!
04/09/2023 World Lore Document: A Brief History of Khan'Kel Bazaar A lore document on the Khan'Kel Bazaar in River's Rest
03/31/2023 Development Locker Updates and Family Vaults Increased locker storage and a new account-wide locker!
03/28/2023 World Lore Document: Dark Elves, Faendryl A lore document on the cuisine of the Faendryl
03/25/2023 World Lore Document: Atan Irith Fauna A lore document on unique fauna of Atan Irith
03/24/2023 World Funeral Customs of the Elven Houses New lore document about the funeral customs in the elven houses.
03/21/202 World Kharam Dzu Shop Update - Armory Updates to the inventory in this shop.
03/21/202 World Kharam Dzu Shop Update - Weaponry Updates to the inventory in this shop.
03/18/202 World Kharam Dzu Shop Update - Clerical Supply Updates to the inventory in this shop.
03/14/2023 Development Cavernhold trap no longer takes items. The trap in cavernhold that would throw you in the dungeon and take items away no longer takes away items. The wardens have already filed a complaint.
03/09/2023 World Year of the Rolton: PRANCE movement verb A new movement verb, PRANCE, for the Year of the Rolton!
03/08/2023 World Lore Document: Ta'Loenthra A lore document on the elven city-state of Ta'Loenthra
03/06/202 World Kharam Dzu Shop Update - Locks Picked & Lockpicks Updates to the inventory in this shop.
03/01/2023 World Lore Document: Human Mourning A lore document on how the human empire handles mourning for royalty
03/01/2023 World Lore Document: County Torre Succession A new lore document on how the County of Torre handles leadership succession
02/17/2023 World Year of the Rolton: BLEAT verb New BLEAT verb and IMITATE BLEAT options
02/14/2023 World Cobbling Tanner Improvements Cobbling tanners have increased their speed, their cost, and the range of items they can process into cobbling trim!
02/12/2023 Development OSA Bounty Boards are now at most handlers. The boards used to get tasks are now available at almost all towns at the handler.
02/10/2023 Event Duskruin Arena Open 2/10/2023 through 2/28/2023
02/10/2023 World Lore Document - Atan Irith Flora New lore document on flora in Atan Irith
02/06/2023 World Lore Document - Sylvan Mourning New lore document on how sylvans deal with death
01/25/2023 Development Fortuitous February For the entire month of February, base experience gain is increased by 20%!
01/25/2023 Development Divergence The update to remove Divergence and make live some of its changes live is now implemented. Please review the Discord forum post for the full details. In addition, the grouping logic that would apply to some groups when determining if they reached the treasure cap has been removed.
01/16/2023 World Lore Document - Forest Gnomes & Death New lore document on how forest gnome cultures deal with death was released.
01/14/2023 World Zul Logoth Merchant Complex 8 new shops.
01/12/2023 World New Silverwood Manor Location Silverwood Manor has opened a new Zul Logoth location
01/11/2023 World Lore Document - Inyexi New lore documents and forest gnome culture were released
01/07/2023 Development RECALL updates RECALL has been updated on bard-sung items to now retrieve the details without being pushed out of hiding. Unless the item is NOT unlocked, even temporarily, and the hidden person is a Bard.
01/05/2023 World Lore Document on the Atoll A new lore document was released, The Legend of Tavekta Atoll, detailing some stories behind the Kraken's Fall hunting area known as the Atoll.
01/04/2023 Development Feat: Dispel Magic Feat: Dispel Magic has been updated to only remove negative magical effects. Due to how his worked before vs. now, this may inadvertently cause some previously dispellable negative effects to no longer be removed. If you encounter this, please BUG those effects and we'll get them fixed so they are removed again.
01/03/2023 Development The Reim Vault is now open again! The Reim Vault is now open again. The contents have been restocked with the previous offerings minus a few things.
01/02/2023 World New Lore Document Released: A Brief Examination of the Yierka A Brief Examination of the Yierka goes into some detail about the large desert lizards native to the Sea of Fire.
01/01/2023 Development Major Mental and Savant Spell Scrolls Comprehend Languages (1315), Clarity of Thought (1319), Astral Spear (1408), Displace (1409), Mana Burst (1414), Astral Vault (1417) are now available on scrolls in the treasure system! Convoke (1435) is also live, but cannot be found on scrolls.


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