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2022 Changelog is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.

This is the official GemStone IV Changelog for 2022. Please see the main Changelog category page for the most up-to-date Official Changelog and related resources.

2022 Releases

New releases will be added at the top, but you can sort the table by date or category.

Release Date Category Project Description
11/07/2022 Development Parasite Armor Parasite Armor now has increased reserves by 50 per tier. This results in a new maximum health reserve of 550 from 400. The blood infused with TOUCH will now also be increased by a flat bonus of affinity * 2 (Health Drained + (Affinity * 2)).
11/01/2022 Development FEAT: WPS & ASSESS FEAT: WPS (Grit) and warrior ASSESS will now utilize the highest weapon skill training of the warrior instead of the skill associated with the weapon they are working with. This should allow warriors to work on and assess weapons of any type.
10/10/2022 Development OSA Deeding and Trading OSA Update: Hello everyone! There are some new additions to the OSA system.

First, the ship salesmen will now allow you TRADE your ship in. This will give you 80% of the base value. This value can be used to purchase a larger ship. Think of it like a running credit balance on an account. Trading your ship in will not remove your bird. Second, the ship salesmen will now allow you to DEED your ship. To DEED your ship it will cost you 20% of the base value in silver. The deed will carry over all mechanical and cosmetic upgrades. The deed will NOT include your birds.

Please keep in mind both of these features will remove titles earned by owning a certain number of ships.

09/18/2022 World Path to Palestra Prime saw a round of Palestra trials and accepted 8 new Palestra
09/11/2022 Development OSA EN/TV OSA - Ta'Vaalor's port is now open! You can now use the charter system to travel to Ta'Vaalor from any other portmaster. The voyage will cost 35k. You can now also transfer your ship to Ta'Vaalor using any handler.
09/07/2022 Development Bird Task Timers for OSA. OSA - Birds on ships (Tasks) will no longer have an increased time when used during different weather types. Prior, they would have 30-50 seconds in heavy storms, 20-40 seconds in light weather, and 15-30 seconds in calm weather. All weather types will now have 15-30 seconds.
09/07/2022 Development Net-Launchers for OSA OSA - Now equipped to every vessel is a net-launcher. These will come with the customization of your cannons and be placed on the main deck where the gangplank rests. The net-launcher can be used to pick up salvage or supply crates you generate. You simply FIRE the net launcher and PULL it up. These have a small cooldown. Cannoneers and Swashbucklers have a higher chance to hit the crates and also have less roundtime when using it.
09/07/2022 Development MAP ability OSA Sailors can now try to recall the map after viewing it recently with the MAP verb. People who are master navigators (active or not) can recall it for up to 60 seconds. If you are actively a navigator you get an extra 30 seconds. If you are neither, you can recall it for 10 seconds.
09/05/2022 World History of Chopsticks A new lore document about chopsticks in Elanthia
07/28/2022 Development Item Summaries Extended The additions, changes, and bug fixes applied to recall and player shops has been extended to also include other shops, such as festival shops and pawnshops.
07/27/2022 Development FEAT WPS RT Reduction Roundtime reduced to 3s for both ASSESS and APPLY.
07/20/2022 Development Updates to Weakened Armament and Dislodge Improvements to Weakened Armament status and self-ammo weapon compatibility with CMAN Dislodge.
07/07/2022 Development INVENTORY update INVENTORY now has an ENHANCIVE LIST option for listing all worn enhancive items, including tattoos.
07/04/2022 World The Three Fires: Kindling the Flames of Erithi Storytelling Lore document on erithi storytelling
06/27/2022 Development PSM: Bug Fixes & Divergence Diverged PSM changes have gone live with some bug fixes and formula adjustments
06/27/2022 World Festival of Lumnea The Festival of Lumnea is a biennial celebration of Lumnis held in the month of Lumnea (June) by the elves of the shining city, Ta'Illistim.
06/24/2022 Development SPELL MESSAGING update SPELL now has a MESSAGING option for displaying special spell messaging settings.
06/21/2022 Development TARGET updates TARGET will now target the creature who created a hazard (like a gas cloud) when targeting the hazard.
06/15/2022 Development Less Ambient Sorcerer Animates Animates learned a new command (tell animate to act [silent/lazy/calm/normal]) which can result in no ambient messaging, 80% less ambients, 50% less ambients, or normal rate of ambient. Doesn't remove combat related messaging (such as spell preps).
06/11/2022 World Creatures of Eh'lah and Sharath Official document detailing the creatures around the Dhe'nar cities of Eh'lah and Sharath
06/10/2022 World The Art of Origami An official lore document on the art of origami across Elanthia.
06/10/2022 Event Rumor Woods Open from 6/10/2022 to 6/26/2022
06/10/2022 Development Boss LTE Cap The amount of long term experience earned by killing boss creatures is now capped at 1,000 per day. There is still bonus fame and treasure for killing such creatures even once the cap is reached. The boss creatures from necrotic jewelry do not count against the cap.
06/9/2022 World Clothing of the Firstborn Official document detailing Dhe'nar cultural clothing and materials found in Eh'lah and sharath
06/09/2022 World PACE Verb Updates Targets and roleplaying option expansion.
06/09/2022 World Knitting Updates Additional patterns, designs, colors, and materials.
06/2/2022 World The Settlement of Eh'lah Official document detailing the Dhe'nar settlement of Eh'lah
05/22/2022 World The Forgotten Vineyard A hunting ground with higher level Shan opened in Solhaven.
05/10/2022 Development Item Summary Updates A number of additions, changes, and bug fixes were applied to the item summary system used by recall and player shops.
05/08/2022 World The Atoll opening outside of Kraken's Fall A hunting ground outside of Kraken's Fall.
05/02/2022 - 05/07/2022 World Elven Nations Hinterwild Opening A mini event to open the Elven Nation's side of the Hinterwilds
05/02/2022 - 05/06/2022 World Flight of the Griffins Annual Ta'Illistim event where players can be picked up by griffins and tossed into a nest for the grifflets to eat.
05/06/2022 World Gambeson and Legging Conversion The mist-filled conversion bowls have been updated to convert certain items to the gambeson or legging inventory slots.
05/05/2022 World Elanthia Glassworking Lore document on glassworking across Elanthia
05/04/2022 World Food Plates Plates are now a little easier to eat off of.
04/27/2022 Development QSTRIKE UPDATED ASCENSION, WEAPON, and FEAT are now supported.
04/25/2022 Development Targeting and Attack QoL Standardizing AIM, targets, and verb parsing for attack verbs
04/15/20221 Event Rings of Lumnis Open 04/15/2022 through 04/30/2022
04/15/20221 Event Agora Promenade Silver-based shopping area at the Isle of Ornath during Rings of Lumnis
04/15/20221 Event Weddings Automated Wedding System
04/13/2022 World Verb Settings and Styles Verbs that have options that can be SET (racial, cultural, citizenship, wedding, etc.) can now be used as styles.
04/12/2022 Development CMAN LIST WINDOW (and other PSM verbs) Player System Manager verbs can list skills in a popup window outside of the Story Window.
04/05/2022 Development Eblade Bundle Dispel Bugfix Fixed an issue where dispelling an ebladed bundle of ammo would render it unable to receive a new eblade.
04/05/2022 Development Multi-target Bugfix An issue causing Empathic Link (1117) to return "Nothing happens." even when targets are found has been fixed. The underlying issue also affected some other multi-target spells and abilities but 1117 failed the most loudly. All affected spells/abilities should now be working properly.
03/27/2022 Development Blinded The blinded status effect penalty to performing SMR attacks has been reduced from 50 to 25. However, it now also penalizes attempts to defend against a SMR by the same amount if the target is blinded..
03/24/2022 Development Blind (311) Blind (311) will now work on creatures that immune to stuns, instead of outright failure. Such creatures will avoid the stun, but still be subject to the new blinded status effect.
03/24/2022 World MHO Wiki Moved the Official MHO Guide from an offsite website to the wiki. Updated MHO wiki pages.
03/08/2022 Development Soothing Word Soothing Word (1201) will now remove the Horrify effect from the target.
02/28/2022 Development UCS Flare Info RECALL & PlayerShops should now display UCS equipment flare info.
02/16/2022 Development Locksmith Toolkits Toolkits may now hold 100 vials.
02/13/2022 Development Sheer Fear updates The Sheer Fear mechanics have been updated with different penalties for afflicted players.
02/11/2022 Event Duskruin Arena Open 2/11/2022 through 2/28/2022
02/08/2022 Development TITLE update Added new title groups for Duskruin and Rumor Woods, and events should have their own groups moving forward.
02/08/2022 Development Lockpicking QoL Improvements Reduced roundtimes for wedge creation and caliper calibration
02/08/2022 Development Player Song Debuff Duration Fix Holding Song (1001), Lullabye (1005), and Song of Depression (1015) have been updated to now have a maximum duration of 30 seconds versus player targets.
02/08/2022 Development Resist Nature (620) Revision Released Resist Nature (620) has been updated as a new group buff and permanent service spell.
02/07/2022 Development Undead Cold Resistance Cold immunity has been removed from a number of undead creatures.
02/05/2022 World Speech & Tone Additions Addition of a plethora of new SPEECH VERBIAGE and TONE options.
02/02/2022 Development Empaths learn a new trick! Empaths can now cure Overexertion (POP'd Muscles)
02/02/2022 Development INFO update Splits stats by normal, ascension, and enhancive
01/31/2022 World Ta'Illistim Warrior Guild More Friendly The Ta'Illistim Warrior Guild no longer requires Dark Elves to enter the guild through unsavory means. The front door is open to all members.
01/25/2022 Development Sweep, Bull Rush, and Shield Trample Improved Stagger result.
01/25/2022 Development Vault Kick Reduced roundtime and stamina costs.
01/18/2022 Development TRANSFER Update Empaths may now gain experience points when healing dead empaths.
01/18/2022 Development Major Bleed Bugfix Healing the underlying wound also heals a major bleed effect. Empaths now TRANSFER major bleed effects when healing the underlying wound.
01/12/2022 Development Graveyard Gate Update Graveyard Gate is considerably easier to PUSH open and roundtime penalties removed. (Prime/Shattered) (Plat update occurred on 2/1/22)
01/11/2022 Development PSM AoE scaling changes Area of Effect skills now scale using 3 base targets, with an additional target every 50 Multi-Opponent Combat skill.
01/09/2022 World Aradhul Road Skill Checks The overall roundtime has been lowered on Aradhul Road. The sting of failure should not hurt as much. The lethal crits are still possible on huge failures, but are less frequent than before.
01/04/2022 Development Old Ta'Faendryl & Teleport Spells Teleport spells have been updated in Old Ta'Faendryl to return the caster (and their group, when applicable) closer to the entrance portal [Ta'Faendryl Approach]. This includes Spirit Guide (130), Symbol of Return, Sigil of Escape, and Sign of Darkness.
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