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2021 Changelog is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.

This is the official GemStone IV Changelog for 2021. Please see the main Changelog category page for the most up-to-date Official Changelog and related resources.

2021 Releases

New releases will be added at the top, but you can sort the table by date or category.

Release Date Category Project Description
12/31/2021 Development Society Postname Titles Released New Society Postname Titles are available. If you qualify for them, then you will find them under TITLE LIST SKILL.
12/18/2021 Event Ghezresh Conversion and Cleric Titles Ghezresh can be converted to freely outside Caligos Isle, plus Ghezresh-related Cleric titles.
12/18/2021 Event Caligos Isle Cultural Titles Caligos Isle-related cultural titles now available for characters created after 10/1/2017.
12/15/2021 Development Sanctify (330) and Undead Updates The Cleric profession service Sanctify (330) and Bless Updates have been released.
12/15/2021 Development Force on Force Updates Force on Force has been updated to apply to all combat systems.
12/15/2021 Development Relieve Burden (314) Update Relieve Burden (314) has been updated to also reduce encumbrance from silver in chests. In addition, it may now be cast corpses to reduce the corpse's weight by 50% + 2% per seed 5 summation of Spiritual Lore - Blessings ranks.
12/08/2021 Development Miracle (350) Update Miracle (350) has been updated to no longer require 50 mana in order to activate (but still drains that amount). In addition, the TELEPORT option no longer requires the room to be a sanctuary.
12/03/2021 Development TUCK, UNTUCK, and Leggings slot Two new verbs and a new inventory slot.
12/02/2021 Development Alongside (At Feet) Inventory Update The PLACE verb has been updated with additional options. By using PLACE FEET, you can place an item you’re holding alongside you (at your feet). This frees your hand while the item remains in your inventory. It does not put the item on the ground in the room, so it cannot be swiped by the janitor.
12/02/2021 World Zul Logoth Mine Cart Update Travel between Khazar's Hold and Zhindel's Post.
11/26/2021 World A Grand Banquet The Grevnek dwarves of Zul Logoth hold a banquet in thanks.
11/24/2021 World Wehnimer's Landing Militia Barracks Re-Opened! After previously destroyed, the Wehnimer's Landing Militia barracks is back! A few minor updates, including a new rest area upstairs, an escape route from second to first floor, and regular holding cells, as well as bane cells for magic prisoners.
11/23/2021 World Wehnimer's Landing Town Council Offices Open! The offices of Wehnimer's Town Councilor Leafiara, Town Councilor Fahlo, Town Councilor Chamorr, and Town Councilor Chandrellia are now open!
11/04/2021 World Zul Logoth Opens Bank Branches Khazar's Hold and Zhindel's Post open bank branches for the bank of Zul Logoth.
10/28/2021 Development Alchemy Roundtime Reductions Alchemy roundtime reduced significantly
10/28/2021 Development COMBAT Verb Released! Combat statistics verb.
10/26/2021 Development OSA: Dark and Ominous Waters, The Eastern Seaboard OSA - Ocean is expanded into the east.
10/15/2021 Development Polymorph Potions New SimuCoin Store offering: a polymorph potion with 4 different variants. By drinking it, a character can change their 1) gender, 2) name, 3) race, or 4) profession.
10/12/2021 Development Suffusion Released New system to allow skill boosts for player services.
10/12/2021 Development Minor Assess Update Added creature bane weighting values to assess.
10/12/2021 Development Loresong Minimum Verses Update Standardized length of non-custom loresong verses to 4. Previously 2-4 verse lengths existed.
10/2/2021 Development Player Mail Release Players can now send and receive mail to one another, with a wide variety of customizations!
10/2/2021 Development Janitor recovery now available through Adventurer's Guild Players can now recover items lost to the janitor through the Adventurer's Guild. Targeting System.
10/01/2021 Event Ebon Gate: The Fate of Caligos Isle Open 10/01/2021 through 10/31/2021
09/25/2021 World OSA Flotilla Release The OSA pirate flotilla released
09/20/2021 World Wehnimer's Landing elects a new Mayor! In a heated election between Thadston and Amos, Wehnimer's Landing elects Thadston as their new Mayor!
09/20/2021 World Zul Logoth Nodes & SuperNodes Added new nodes and supernode plus identified their locations.
09/20/2021 Development Voln AoE Symbols Updated Voln Symbol of Sleep and Symbol of Turning updated to use AoE Targeting System.
09/19/2021 Development Animal Companion (630) Updates Animal Companion combat and quality of life improvements.
09/17/2021 Development Shroud of Deception Shroud of Deception (1212) now impacts trade modifiers.
09/13/2021 Development ANALYZE-Custom Flare Messaging Inclusion ANALYZE will now include information if your item has custom flare messaging added.
09/09/2021 World Ta'Vaalor Festival of the Fallen Biannual festival to honor the memory of those who have fallen serving Ta'Vaalor
09/09/2021 Development OSA - Sails, Breeze, and Call Wind. You can now use your magic to increase the speed of your vessel!
09/09/2021 Development Cockatrice BCS Conversion Cockatrices are now BCS!
09/07/2021 Development Martial Knowledge Enhancives Martial Knowledge enhancives for PSM
09/07/2021 Development Warrior Profession Service Warriors learn Weighting, Padding, and Sighting
09/04/2021 World Zul Logoth Armed Protection Patrol Automatic dwarven patrol to help adventurers hunting in Zul Logoth hunting areas.
09/01/2021 World Erithi Funeral Customs A new document on erithi funeral rights
08/26/2021 Development OSA Update - Ship Customization Points Captain's Rejoice, you can now change your Trash Bucket and Map in your Quarters!
08/23/2021 World Unique Fauna of Atan Irith: Erithi Teadragons New lore document regarding erithi fauna
08/20/2021 Development Official GSIV Changelog This changelog, right here, was released on the wiki!
08/16/2021 Development OSA Rescue system & Vacant Ship Timer
08/13/2021 Event Duskruin Arena Open from 8/13/2021 through 8/31/2021
08/11/2021 Event Duskruin Arena HESS Utility Tool to view and track HESS Certificate progress/status.
08/11/2021 Development Cloud Forest & Cor'rah Hunting Update The Cloud Forest/Cor'rah area has acquired some new inhabitants.
08/10/2021 Development OSA: New PRENAME Titles New titles available to ship owners
08/09/2021 World Document: Sparrows of the Night Queen Lore of Ta'Nalfein
08/02/2021 World A History of the Flotilla The Rise and Fall of the Elite Open Seas Mercantyler Corps
07/30/2021 World OSA: Ocean Expansion 200 new rooms to sail through in the waters near Icemule Trace and south toward the Southron Wastes
07/26/2021 World In the Arena with the Kraet: A Guide to Elanthia’s Preeminent Gladiators Indepth information on Kraet and Kraet styles
07/20/2021 World Blood of the Sea: The Krolvin and Their Descendants A new lore document on the origins of the krolvin and the known history of their descendants.
07/16/2021 Development Entry, Exit, and Teleportation Review Multiple changes to ease the burdens of groups, rescues, and eligible transportation spell locations
07/16/2021 Development Unbalance Immunity Review Reviewing and removing unbalance immunity on a large number of creatures
07/16/2021 Development PSM: Phase 3 An extensive combat system release including Combat Maneuver updates, Effects, Feats, Weapon Techniques, and more
07/09/2021 Event Premium Fest - Gargolye's Retreat Open from 7/9/2021 through 7/18/2021
07/08/2021 World CHE Lockers in Cysaegir Cysaegir lockers are available to members of the Cooperative Houses of Elanthia
07/05/2021 World Wehnimer's Landing New Town Council Wehnimer's Landing elects four players to town council positions!
06/26/2021 World Erithi Lexicon A handy reference of Erithi words and terms
06/25/2021 World Upon the Surita Tree: Exciting Discoveries Lore for the new Aganjira and Shadarl materials
06/20/2021 Event New Verb Functionality: EVENT The EVENT verb will now let you see your stats for paid events like Rumor Woods and Duskruin.
06/18/2021 World PAT your friends, but not your enemies An update to the PAT verb
06/16/2021 World KNEEL before STUFF! An update to the KNEEL verb
06/11/2021 Event Rumor Woods Open from 6/11/2021 to 6/27/2021
06/11/2021 Development Mount Travel, Zul Logoth New options for MOUNT TRAVEL TOWN
06/10/2021 Development Mount Travel, Groups! Travel in groups while mounted
06/07/2021 World New Document: A Tale of Companionship Elanthian tales of the muntjac, gazelle, and moose
06/07/2021 Development Rune books QOL update Sorcerer rune books have ANALYZE information
06/03/2021 Development HOME Gets Some HELP (QoL) Use HOME HELP 15 to find your Premium Home
06/02/2021 World Scrounging Seaweed: Slippery Substance is Substantially Superior! More places to forage seaweed
05/24/2021 Development Weapon INSPECTion An update to INSPECT for weapons
05/24/2021 World Git Yer Gruntin Caps On! Updates to the GRUNT verb for Dwarves
05/24/2021 World Erithi Fashion From Formal to Casual New Erithian fashion and fabric lore
05/19/2021 World New Gem: Baystone A new gemstone discovered in Wehnimer's Landing!
05/15/2021 World Shi'hadara: The Erithi Masque Erithian lore document
05/12/2021 World Kraken's Fall Wizard Guild The Kraken's Fall wizard guild is now open!
05/05/2021 World Flight of the Manticore A world-wide storyline through the month of May
05/21/2021 Event Platinum Festival: The Ice Razor Back for it's 2nd run, the Ice Razor merchants ship arrived in the icy waters of Icemule Trace for a week of fun! Merchants, social events and intrigue were all a part of this Platinum-specific festival.
05/08/2021 World Landing Storyline: A Knight to Remember The first half of the year finished up Wehnimer's Landing latest storyline, A Knight to Remember, that saw the town carved into enemy territory and different factions fought to gain control!
05/04/2021 World Non-CHE Lockers in Cysaegir Cysaegir lockers are available to non-CHE members
05/03/2021 Development Premium Point Rewards Update New and revised Premium Point offerings
05/03/2021 World The Griffins Fly The annual flight of griffins, between 5/3/2021 and 5/7/2021
04/29/2021 Development Hurling Bandolier and Flechette Box Update
04/28/2021 World Mist Harbor Wizard Guild Released
04/27/2021 World Document Release: The Kikthuum Clan Dwarven cultural lore
04/22/2021 Development Glove Bow Updates
04/22/2021 Development Coin Hand Update
04/22/2021 Development WEALTH/SILVER Update
04/16/2021 Event Rings of Lumnis Open 4/16/2021 through 4/30/2021
04/15/2021 Development Rings of Lumnis: Brooch Upgrade
04/12/2021 Development Premium Contest Tracker Released
04/07/2021 Development Armor Group Naming Change
04/01/2021 Development Mobile Property Updates
03/31/2021 Development Swimming Roundtime Update
03/26/2021 Event Delirium Manor Returns Open 3/26/2021 through 4/4/2021
03/25/2021 Development NoAmbientMsg Flag A flag to prevent seeing ambient messaging from other players.
03/22/2021 Development Discord Authorization
03/20/2021 World Zul Logoth Hall of Clans The Hall of Clans Opens in Zul Logoth
03/19/2021 World Tunnel Talks in Zul Logoth Clan Leader Rodverg of Zul Logoth invites you to a council on improved trade relations across Elanthia.
03/03/2021 World Clovertooth Hall Updates
03/01/2021 Development Shroud of Deception (1212) Shroud of Deception (1212) is now live.
03/01/2021 Development Spells on Scrolls
02/19/2021 Development Covert Gesticulation
02/13/2021 Development Sonic Spell Updates
02/12/2021 Event Duskruin Arena Open 2/12/2021 through 2/28/2021
02/06/2021 Development Mana Flares Mana flares received an update to their functionality.
02/06/2021 World Document Release: A Library Mouse By Any Other Name A Whimsical Treatise on Elanthian Idiomatic Expressions for Scholars and Book Lovers
02/03/2021 World Shimmarglin Inn Update
02/03/2021 World Document Release: The Erithi & The Sea To The Waves We Go: A Traditional Erithi Sea Shanty
02/01/2021 Development Shell Armor updates
01/29/2021 World Wax Eloquent Reopens
01/18/2021 Development Quarterstaves Quicker
01/17/2021 Development Ghostly Instrument Update
01/09/2021 Development Searching Elementals
01/03/2021 Development Snow Crone Updates
01/01/2021 Development Frozen Bramble Patch Updates
01/01/2021 Development Premium and Platinum Point Pooling Premium and Platinum Points are now pooled together and can be used in any instance.