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Tsoran's map

This category lists all creatures found in the Krolvin Carrack hunting area. The Krolvin Carrack hunting area is nearest to the town of River's Rest. It is found on the Tsoran map RR-maelstrom.

The Krolvin Carrack is slave ship that has been beached on the shores north of Maelstrom Bay.

Landmarks and other information

To access the Krolvin Carrack, see Crossing Maelstrom Bay. One should first pass by the Ruined Tower, and then traverse the Shattered Moors, before boarding the ship. Please note that when exiting or entering the Carrack, one must climb with empty hands (i.e. climing the mast to enter; climbing the mainmast to exit).

  • The Captains Quarters and the Branding Room are the two well known landmarks within this beached ship.
  • If an adventurer becomes too encumbered while on the Carrack, they will find moving difficult:
The tilt of the deck causes you to mistep! Fortunately, you manage to regain your balance at the last moment.

or even impossible to move from room to room:

You lose your balance on the slanted deck! Despite your efforts to regain your footing, you fall flat on the deck. Roundtime: 6 sec.

It is worth pointing out there is some randomness to the movement inhibition: that is, with a fixed (but large) encumbrance, a character is not prevented entirely from moving, but will find it progressively more difficult as encumbrance increases further.

Please note that dragging anything around the Carrack is equally impossible from the poor construction of the deck. However, for rescuing dead characters, this point is in any case moot, since nothing can be dragged on or off the Carrack.


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