Maelstrom Bay

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Maelstrom Bay is where the Tempest River converges with the Great Western Sea. The bay provides a safe harbor for ships, mainly smuggling vessels, to anchor near River's Rest away from the rough waves of the sea. It is often crossed by locals in River's Rest to reach the land north of the bay, which is home to numerous humanoids and several ruins. It serves as a gateway to the primary hunting grounds for most of the residents of River's Rest ranging from around level thirty into the mid-fifties.

Crossing the Bay

One requires some skill in swimming or the spell Water Walking (112) to cross Maelstrom Bay. Exiting the Bay on the side away from town, one either requires skill in climbing (about 15 ranks), or to swim below the surface and enter through a dungeon in the Ruined Tower. Crossing the Bay is one of the most frequent uses of Water Walking in the game, which also allows one to drag a dead body across the surface. Some player shops in the area often carry a sparkling aquamarine potion, which one should seek in such a situation upon needing to rescue a body by dragging.


It is quite difficult to circumvent the above requirements for entry, as the magical flows often inhibit incoming teleportation. Niima's Shrine, the Secret Study in the Marsh Keep, the Abandoned Cutter in the Smuggling Tunnels, and all stones in the Miasmal Forest are the only locations across the Bay where incoming teleportation is allowed, be it a gold ring, Transference (225), Planar Shift (740), or otherwise. Symbol of Seeking targets Niima's Shrine or the room directly inside the Marsh Keep portcullis. Careful aiming of the flinger can also allow one to land on Lookout Hill in Millah's Fen, where creatures do not roam. However, one may return to town from regions past the Bay by most conventional means of teleportation.

Areas Accessible by Crossing the Bay

As there are no creatures across the Bay less than level 30, less trained characters are generally advised against crossing the Bay without an escort. The areas include: