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The Vvrael are a malevolent force from another plane of existence. They have never been seen and the Vvrael servants within the Rift are only followers corrupted by the Vvrael's anti-mana nature. If they ever entered our realm physically our world may cease to exist. That is why the Chosen and their sacrifice was so incredible and why we continue to be wary of the menace the rift presents.

Thirteen Chosen would be called upon. The 4th of them would be found by the Vvrael first.

Key Figures

It would culiminate in the opening of The Rift.

Extended Recollections and Historical Reference

A more complete version of these can be found in the Vvrael Saga section of the House Phoenix website in its Library.

An abridged version can be found in Heathyr Hazelwood's first hand account in the Elanthian Times Volume I, Issue I under Faelynn's Feature as well as The Vvrael: A Chronicle

Behind the Scenes

The Vvrael was loosely based on crossing the Unlife, which was essentially nothing other than "anti-mana", with an extra-planar collective sentience called the Agoth. The Agothu were utterly alien along with the other "Older Ones" - either grotesque monstrosities called "Destroyers", or deceptively similar to ourselves and thus "Conformers" - who were "eerie demigods" of the Outer Void. The Vvrael is a singular self-aware collective entity of anti-mana, it has no physical form of its own. In this point of view of a singular awareness with a diversity of forms, the Vvrael is its servants, having no separate existence from what it consumes. It would not even be meaningful to fight The Vvrael itself. The Vvrael were never expelled from the Eye of the Drake, the Rift was never sealed. They failed to plunge the world into it.

In the I.C.E. Age history the Gates of the Void at the poles were sealed with powerful artifacts called the Eyes of Utha, gemstones floating over ornate pedestals, which were replaced with the Rift and Eyes of Koar for Elanthia. Terate replaced the figures of Ondoval and Schrek, the former wishing to destroy the northern Eye to end the world, the latter being half-possessed of Agoth and so trying to plunge the world into the interdimensional rift. The "Blade of the Void" was a soul eater belonging to Lorgalis. The "Knife of the Void", held by Ondoval, was the one that looked like an utterly black void in space.

The Vvrael is likely based on the Vedic world dragon Vritra, who is also the basis of the "wyrm" of the Shadow Valley story, and quite possibly the world dragon of DragonRealms. Risper was supposed to use a mace forged by Eonak on the Vvrael, which is probably an allusion to the mace of Indra, forged by the artisan god Tvastar. Indra was consumed in the maw of Vritra and slew the serpent from within the belly of the beast. The Vvrael quest was heavily influenced by the older Holy Grail quest stories, where some scholars believe its "dying god king of the wasteland" ultimately originates in the story of Vritra.

Types of followers


The Vvrael saga was the work of Ian, who was GM Aephir (One of the more accomplished coders, by reputation if not fact, in Gemstone IV recollection)

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