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Cera the Crow was a Human from Ubl in the County of Allace. In 5026, Cera, the commander of the Kraken Squadron, disregarded the warning to await reinforcements from Tamzyrr and Idolone when a well-organized fleet of krolvin led by Czag Dubra Drenloth was assaulting Ubl. She died while leading the Kraken Squadron on a full-on attack of the krolvin fleet, disrupting their blockade and gaining time for reinforcements to arrive.

Many in Ubl were not surprised when they learned of Commander Cera's death, as it was rumored that as a baby she was given a black crow as her pet, as part of the tradition that children receive animals at a very young age. It is said the pet received helps shape the child's personality forever. But days after receiving her pet, long before even her own memory could recall, the black crow died suddenly, leaving the family to replace the animal with another bird, but never truly forgetting the omen displayed for their daughter.

Commander Cera the Crow is still held in high honor among human fleets, known for the sacrifice of her and her soldiers' lives.

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