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The Czag Dubra ("Warbringer" in the Krolgeh language) is the nominal leader of a Krolvin War Fleet. As of 5122 there have been six known Czag Dubra to the greater Elanthian continent: Moradga, Akhri (briefly), Sankir, Krentuk, Kragnack, and Tyrrax.

The first known Czag Dubra was Moradga who went missing somewhere near Teras Isle and a power struggle emerged to who would assume her place. Eventually Sankir would separate himself and become the Czag Dubra. It is believed he was killed years later off the coast of River's Rest around 5103. Much of this had been recounted by the Drunken Defenders of the Rock (DDR) on Teras Isle. Here is their timeline:

20th of Fashanos Krolvin scouts are sighted on Teras. Speaks that is the Krolvin's time as foretold by the comet and that the residents of the isle are doomed.
24th of Fashanos Reports come in that the Krolvin are mapping the Isle. Several Krolvin drawn maps are found.
4th of Charlatos Prince Eregrek makes an appearance on the isle under the pretense of doing some surveying for new construction. When presented with evidence of the Krolvin being on the Isle, he seemed little concerned.
14th of Charlatos Fortuneers arrive on Teras to search for an artifact. Most are captured by the Krolvin and taken for interrogation. The Krolvin torture, interrogate, and then kill the emissary Ralguran from Zul Logoth. It is reported that Ralguran has been raised but is still in the hands of the Krolvin.
15th of Charlatos Krolvin invasions decimate the Isle. Krolvins issue an edict that all should leave or die. The residents and outside supporters bravely defend the rock.
26th of Charlatos Zul Logoth sends out inquires about the whereabouts of it Emissary Ralguran.
27th of Charlatos Emissary Ralguran is murdered and his head is placed on a spike at the statue in Kharam-Dzu.
4th of Olaesta Krolvin invade again. Most interesting was the Sankir showed some strange magic when he was killed. Apparently as soon as he is killed he turns to smoke and floats away.
18th of Olaesta Eregrek convinces many of the defenders of the rock to board the Star because the Krovlin were planning on sinking it. A huge battle occurred on the ship with the defenders finally repelling the Krolvin. Unfortunately the ship too damaged and had to put into port in the Landing. This left the Isle poorly defended.
21th of Olaesta With the defenders stranded on the main land, the Krolvin seized the the west side of the town. Rumors abound about Eregrek's loyalty.
3rd of Ivastaen The DDR is formed. As a slam to the Krolvin, the DDR takes the titles of the Krolvin leadership.
5th of Ivastaen Eregrek returns and removes the Emissary Ralguran's head form the spike.
5th of Ivastaen Major revolt in the Krolvin camp. Krolvin Emissary Galdkar arrives to announce that Moradga has been removed as Czag and that Akhri has been appointed temporary Czag. Galdkar accuses Sankir of using black magic against Krolvin code and is to be taken under questioning (presumably a death sentence to the Krolvin). Sankir revolts and kills Akhri, Galdkar, and Gnork. Sankir declares himself above the Czag and leaves the Isle for the Mainland along with a few other rebellious Krolvin.
11th of Ivastaen Eregrek bans all elven blood from Teras. Any person of elven blood caught in the streets are being taken to the boat for deportation.
18th of Ivastaen Grarg offers a truce to the citizens of Teras. The truce is rejected. (See the news release)
27th of Ivastaen Citizens of River Rest capture Gkig and Sankir. Sankir escapes after some questioning but Gkig is presumably in the hands of the Fortuneers.
8th of Lumnea Citizen Scrumples from River's Rest delivers a message from Sankir that warns the Citizens of Kharam-Dzu to be wary of the Krolvins remaining on the Isle in the near future.
16th of Lumnea Eregrek was dewormed by a stranger called Colgan. Colgan give Eregrek a waraxe that can kill the Krolvin permanently. Later in the evening Eregrek kills Grarg with the waraxe.
22nd of Lumnea Krigh is destroyed by Eregrek and the waraxe from Golgan.
29nd of Lumnea Arkdaln is destroyed by Eregrek and the waraxe from Golgan.

Krentuk, finding the Star of Khar'ta in 5112, assumed the position until he was slain in Darkstone Bay in the middle of the same year. During the Cross Into Shadows storyline, his brother, Kragnack had assumed the mantle, and ruled until his death of an apparent poisoning in 5118. He was succeeded by Tyrrax of Glaoveln, who styled himself the Czag Pritz.

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