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Allace is a county of the Turamzzyrian Empire.


  • A white seagull with widespread wings facing to the left above a mountain peak on a field of dark blue

"Due to the great love that many of the people of Ubl hold for animal companions, it is unsurprising that one of their native birds was chosen to represent them and the county as a whole. Local legend holds that a seagull led a fisherman lost at sea in the midst of a tempest to the safety of a harbor, which later became the port of Ubl. The field of dark blue represents the sea, from which many of the county's residents draw their trade and support their families. The mountain peak is a recent addition following the Battle of Skyreach in 5020, an event considered a benchmark in Allace's modern history."

— Culoney of Hendor, The Crests of the Turamzzyrian Empire


Allace is a smaller territory than most of those in the Empire, but is strategically significant, as it comprises a vast expanse of coastline, supporting many major ports and a very lucrative fishing industry. The shoreline faces northwest, meaning that the strong storms that sweep up the coastline usually lose much of their power before they reach Allace. Estoria also serves as a natural buffer for Allace. The terrain is largely hilly, with the major city Ubl being located on a massive delta. The climate is moderate.

Ubl is a port city, though not as large as Tamzyrr or Fairport to the north. The people of the city are friendly and easy-going. The military presence there is just enough to defend the city and patrol the surrounding wilds. The people exhibit a love of nature and a fondness for shoreline dwellings.

The sea's bounty is the focus of trade in Allace, from fish, to lamp oil, to fine dyes extracted from mollusks.

The wines of Allace are quite good, and the most popular exports include the dry, plummy Allace syrah and the golden Allace muscat.


Oblone is a town located in Allace that is most known for having been established by a Half-elf as a community within the Empire for half-elves. Today, most elven blood has been bred out of its citizens due to the influx of Humans intermarrying with its original residents.


In 5020, two thousand men from Ubl died at the mountain of Skyreach in a terrible battle against the Horned Cabal. Word of the terrible defeat took only two hours to return home, leaving the city heartstruck and grieving for its loss. Allace has ever after been particularly wary of the Horned Cabal. On the Eve of the Reunion, the citizens of Allace honor the dead of Skyreach by arming and guarding their cities throughout the night as if they were besieged, and they thank the dead for protecting them and promise that their sacrifice will never be in vain.

In Allace, people with eyes of a particular shade of clear, bright sky-blue are said to have Niima's Eyes. Women and girls with Niima's Eyes are often found aboard ships that set sail from Allace, for they say in Allace that Charl will not harm a woman who reminds him of his daughter.

Visitors to the city of Ubl often remark upon the incredible fondness that the Ublites have for their pets and upon the wide variety of pets kept in the city. Rangers visiting Ubl feel particularly at home, for every courtesy is extended to a ranger's companion. The Ublites feel that a person without a pet is not properly balancing the impulses of nature with the impulses of civilization, and a newly born baby is presented with its first pet on the seventh day after its birth. The character of the animal, whatever it might be, is said to shape the child's personality forever.

— A Traveler's Guide to the Turamzzyrian Empire


Kraken Squadron

Ubl is a port city in the County of Allace, and though not as large as Tamzyrr or Fairport, it has a thriving fishing industry and is renowned for the quality and skill of its sailors. At the time, years after the Battle of Skyreach, Ubl had suffered significant losses to ground troops. Nevertheless, they were still able to produce a large number of ships for the Imperial Navy, and they furnished ships and the sailors to man them when needed. One such group is known as the Kraken Squadron. This fleet of naval ships is comprised mostly of galleys of various sizes, and they are renowned for their seamanship and aggressiveness in naval combat.

In 5026, a well organized fleet of krolvin under the leadership of Czag Dubra Drenloth, a ruthless krolvin warlord, led an assault on the shores of Ubl and took many of the docks and ships by surprise. For weeks, the port town was assaulted, their very life blood of sea trade cut off by the menacing blue apes. At the time, Lady Cera the Crow was the commander of the Kraken Squadron, and her fleet had been days out in the waters on a routine patrol. They learned of the attack on their home but were warned to await reinforcements from Tamzyrr and Idolone. The commander refused to let her city suffer.

In a brave and selfless act, Lady Cera led the Kraken Squadron in a full-on attack at the backside of the krolvin fleet, mercilessly tearing through them with no other purpose than to save the city, even at the cost of themselves. The battle known as Crow's Courage allowed the townspeople of Ubl to better manage landlocked defenses and safely transport refugees, when normally they would be focusing on fighting at the docks and coasts. In addition, the Kraken Squadron's fearless and suicidal tactics allowed reinforcements from Idolone to arrive to help in finishing off the remnants of the krolvin galleons, sinking or destroying almost every last one, including the Czag Dubra's flagship.

In the aftermath of the battle, only a handful of ships belonging to the Kraken Squadron remained, and over the years, their ranks would be replenished. But to this day, all members of the seafaring brigade still hold Commander Cera in high honor, knowing that even though she died that day, the sacrifice of her and her soldiers saved countless lives. Many in Ubl were not surprised when they learned of Commander Cera's death, as it was rumored that as a baby she was given a black crow as her pet, as part of the tradition that children receive animals at a very young age. It is said the pet received helps shape the child's personality forever. But days after receiving her pet, long before even her own memory could recall, the black crow died suddenly, leaving the family to replace the animal with another bird, but never truly forgetting the omen displayed for their daughter.

Their symbol is a black kraken on a field of white and blue.

— Lord Brieson Cassle of Highmount, Orders of the Turamzzyrian Empire

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