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Changelog is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.

Welcome to the official GemStone IV Changelog! You can find many of the current year's releases listed below. Further information on past releases may be found below the current releases section in previous years' changelogs and among the annual Creating Adventure newsletters.

Current Releases

Release Date Category Project Description
02/07/2024 World Clockwerke Lore Mini lore blurb on the term clockwerke
02/03/2024 Development Obskruul A new armament material
02/03/2024 World Obskruul Lore The lore for the new armament material
01/14/2024 Development Luck Service A new profession skill - Bardic luck
01/14/2024 World Songstone Lore A lore blurb on the songstones used for bardic luck
01/12/2024 Development Material Rarity Addition of Material rarity to INSPECT, APPRAISE, and ANALZYE verbs
01/10/2024 World River Muagh expansion A river rafting area to traverse the River Muagh
01/08/2024 World Thrakwood Lore A lore blurb on the thrakwood bush
01/01/2024 Development Spell Disabler Review release continues Updates to a great many disabling spells began rolling out on 12/31/2023. Catch up on the details and discussion on Discord.
01/01/2024 Development It's a brand new year! New year, new changelog page! Check back soon for new changes!


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