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Changelog is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.

Welcome to the official GemStone IV Changelog! You can find many of the current year's releases listed below. Further information on past releases may be found below the current releases section in previous years' changelogs and among the annual Creating Adventure newsletters.

Current Releases

New releases will be added at the top, but you can sort the table by date or category.

Release Date Category Project Description
01/18/2022 Development TRANSFER Update Empaths may now gain experience points when healing dead empaths.
01/18/2022 Development Major Bleed Bugfix Healing the underlying wound also heals a major bleed effect. Empaths now TRANSFER major bleed effects when healing the underlying wound.
01/12/2022 Development Graveyard Gate Update Graveyard Gate is considerably easier to PUSH open and roundtime penalties removed. (Prime/Shattered only as of 1/12/22)
01/11/2022 Development PSM AoE scaling changes Area of Effect skills now scale using 3 base targets, with an additional target every 50 Multi-Opponent Combat skill.
01/09/2022 World Aradhul Road Skill Checks The overall roundtime has been lowered on Aradhul Road. The sting of failure should not hurt as much. The lethal crits are still possible on huge failures, but are less frequent than before.
01/04/2022 Development Old Ta'Faendryl & Teleport Spells Teleport spells have been updated in Old Ta'Faendryl to return the caster (and their group, when applicable) closer to the entrance portal [Ta'Faendryl Approach]. This includes Spirit Guide (130), Symbol of Return, Sigil of Escape, and Sign of Darkness.
01/01/2022 Uncategorized New Year, New Changelog! Happy New Year! We're just getting started.


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