Cheladore Farms

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Located just outside of River's Rest, not far from the drawbridge, Cheladore Farms is a private vineyard operated by the Lorekeepers of Silverwood Manor. In years with a good grape harvest, it is the site of the Wine Festival. Cheladore Farms has a tasting room and kitchen that are opened to the public during the festival. A small area of the vineyard is also opened and a giant vat, for smashing grapes, is located nearby.


rich Elven berrywine
A surprising dash of mild citrus adds a poignant climax to the subtle flavors of berries and sweet spices.
A pleasant, complex flavor floods your senses, and you can detect a myriad of berries and sweet spices swirled within the elven wine.
bubbly Elven brut
This brut has numerous, very fine bubbles that rush up from the depths of its pale golden liquid to break into an effervescent, vanilla-scented mist that tickles your nose.
It has a clean, slightly lemony taste and a delicate, sweet finish.
Nalfein merlot
Blackberry flavors, fine spring water, and the relics of a less describable but nonetheless complex heritage mingle in a crisp, wakeful fashion in the ancient alcohol.
The tannins have long faded from this incredibly aged wine, leaving it smooth and mellow beyond belief.
red Sylvan wine
It reveals a sweet blackberry jam flavor with a soft dusty oaken taste and a note of fennel at the end.
A soft vanilla aftertaste complements the sweet, dark berry flavor.
Vornavian champagne
deep red cherrywine
Revitalizing! Truly exquisite -- a drink to make you sit up and take notice of the world.
Effervescent bubbles burst over your tongue, accompanied by a heady wave of exquisite flavor.
Ta'Vaalor burgundy
A complex aroma of lavender and vanilla heightens the flavor of the rich burgundy wine.
The full-bodied burgundy evokes notes of ripe raspberries beneath a subtle hint of smooth vanilla.
Ta'Ardena cuvee
Full-bodied and ripe, the taste quickly evolves into a complex symphony of flavors.
The pleasant aroma of the clear liquid only hints at the sweet taste, which teases your tongue with essences of earth and fruit.
Winedotter pearwine
The delicate aroma of honey-coated pears greets your nose as you taste this tangy-sweet wine.
The sweet yet mellow fruit flavor lingers on your tongue.
Vit'gno merlot
Vivid taste explodes mid-palate, with essences of plum and oak.
A long, lingering taste finishes in a display of harmony featuring fruit flavors with mild nuances of coffee.
Frizzal brut
A fresh, light taste delivers delicate apple and citrus characteristics.
Fruit flavors wash over your tongue without being cloying, resulting in a most refreshing taste.
fruity white wine
<i>A note of spicy cinnamon chases apricots, honey, and peaches in a subtle dance across your tongue.
An underlying flavor of honey melds into a sweet, fruity taste.
Empire Golden wine
Sweetness alights upon your tongue like sunshine, spreading a warmth through your body and leaving a numbing headiness in its wake.
Ripe and bursting with hints of citrus, the taste brightens the palate with the fresh flavors of the new harvest.

Grape Stomping

Going into the enormous open wine vat will stain your feet, causing you to have an extra line in your description.

You twitch suddenly and rake your foot on the ground, leaving bits of grape in its wake.

You grimace as you shift from foot to foot, working the grape pulp over your feet.

Grape sludge slides off of your legs and lands with a *plop*!

Rivulets of deep purple juice drip from your ankles and feet, and a faint scent of fresh grapes reaches your nose.

You do a silly little jig, splashing juice into the air.

You stomp the grapes vigorously, feeling them squish under your feet and ooze about your legs.

You stomp furiously at the grapes beneath your feet, covering yourself in juice.

You stomp about wildly, splaying juice and pulp in every direction!

You stomp frantically at the grapes, splashing juice everywhere.

You stomp your feet forcefully, careening wildly around the vat!

You stomp enthusiastically, splattering anyone nearby with flying bits of grape.

You glide elegantly around the vat of grapes, as graceful as a swan on a lake.

You leap up, then land in the grapes with a large juicy splash.

You lean against the side of the vat and slap your feet onto a mushy spot of juice. You don't accomplish much crushing, but you do manage to make a lot of noise.

You march around with quick staccato steps, causing the grapes to squish and fly across the vat.