Wine Festival

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Sponsored by the Lorekeepers of Silverwood Manor, the Wine Festival has been held at Cheladore Farms on the first weekend of Phoenatos. Though Cheladore Farms is located in River's Rest, Silverwood Manor provides travel arrangements for those from Wehnimer's Landing, Icemule, or Ta'Vaalor who may also wish to attend.

The Wine Festival is a celebration of life, music, and, of course...fine wines. Those visiting this winery for the festival have been known to have difficulty leaving the tasting room, though not many seem to mind. This festival celebrates all forms of the grape from vine to wine. Attendees often come away with purple toes after helping juice the grapes for next year’s wine.

Past activities have included: a ‘whine’ contest, team grape stomping, ‘smashing’ stories, Grape Attack, the grape stomping show-off, and a grape cooking competition. The festival ends with a grand grape fight.