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Gender male
Race halfling
Title Master of Ceremonies
Venue Ebon Gate Festival
Status active

Chubbins is a halfling merchant who works out of the Ebon Gate shop First Comes Love.


You see Master of Ceremonies Chubbins.
He appears to be a Paradis Halfling.
He is rather short, with an enormous belly.  He appears to be advanced in years.  He has wide brown eyes and ruddy skin.  He has long, wavy silver hair carefully coiffed into a perfect upswept tableau.  He has a pudgy face and a bulbous nose.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a marred scepter in his right hand.
He is wearing a long-sleeved white silk shirt with tiny red hearts for buttons, a narrow red leather belt with a bright silver buckle, a thin black leather pouch with a pink heart-shaped clasp, some elegant black velvet trousers, and some highly polished black boots with a bright red stripe down each calf.