Citadel Infirmary

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The Citadel Infirmary was the infirmary of the Citadel in River's Rest. Like many of the buildings in the Citadel compound, it was abandoned in 4058, M.E., when the Citadel fell to a combined Krolvin and troll force.

The Infirmary offered several clues towards the civilization of River's Rest prior to the fall of the Kannalan Empire. Noteworthy were advanced prosthetic limbs, which indicated an absence of ability to heal severed limbs. Also of note was a shrine to Aeia, who was a Lesser Spirit worshiped in the region around River's Rest.

After its fall, the infirmary was haunted by Krolvin pirates. The Infirmary was revealed in an event surrounding a Falcon-shaped cloak pin, which is now stored in the River's Rest Museum.

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