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Cobbler's Cobby is a shop in Cysaegir that sells cobbling materials. It is located in southern Cysaegir, next to Maeve's Furs. Several cobbling related NPCs reside within it, including a workshop foreman, Je'Synia, Villulia and a warehouse manager. Supplies and instructions as to the workings of cobbling can be found there, and there is a store specifically intended to sell various goods for cobbling. There are a total of eleven workshops, with the individual workshops requiring a fee of 1000 silvers for two hours, and the group workshops charging 300 silvers. The storage room shop is run by an old shopkeeper, who aside from shopping, cannot be interacted with.

[Cobbler's Cobby, Storage Room] RNUM: u4054005
Bound by thick cords, spotted leopard pelts lay in a heap outside of an overturned coffer. On a countertop in the rear of the room, clear jars are filled with an assortment of various-sized brass studs. Displayed on the opposite end of the counter are shiny buckles that can be used to adorn almost any style boots or shoes. You also see an attentive warehouse manager and a narrow flight of steps.
Obvious exits: east


  1. a tanned goat skin               8. some medium tanned leather
  2. a tanned sheep skin              9. some light tanned leather
  3. a tanned black boar hide         10. a length of knotted cord
  4. a tanned leopard skin            11. a short cutting knife
  5. a tanned warthog hide            12. a wedge of greyish white chalk
  6. a tanned tawny brindlecat hide   13. a set of braided cotton laces
  7. some heavy tanned leather        14. a small leather pouch
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# Item Type Info Details Price
1 a tanned goat skin 525
2 a tanned sheep skin 735
3 a tanned black boar hide 892
4 a tanned leopard skin 1050
5 a tanned warthog hide 1312
6 a tanned tawny brindlecat hide 1575
7 some heavy tanned leather 525
8 some medium tanned leather 630
9 some light tanned leather 735
10 a length of knotted cord 5250
11 a short cutting knife 5250
12 a wedge of greyish white chalk 105
13 a set of braided cotton laces 131
14 a small leather pouch 105
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Backroom Inventory

  Backroom Catalog
  15. a small vial of dye  

This item is available in the following colors or finishes:

  1. silvery               15. cobalt               29. burgundy
  2. white                 16. violet               30. peach
  3. ivory                 17. lavender             31. russet
  4. ecru                  18. amethyst             32. brown
  5. yellow                19. purple               33. umber
  6. pale green            20. plum                 34. black
  7. celadon               21. magenta              35. pink
  8. viridian              22. claret               36. blush
  9. emerald               23. crimson              37. grey
  10. turquoise            24. garnet               38. dark
  11. cerulean             25. scarlet              39. dusky
  12. blue                 26. red                  40. pearly
  13. indigo               27. vermilion            41. golden
  14. sapphire             28. wine                

This item is available in the following materials or features:


To customize your order, just add COLOR {colorname} MATERIAL {materialname} to your ORDER.
Example: ORDER 1 COLOR red MATERIAL mithril
Any of these dyes may be converted to a normal dye by taking it to a dyer's tent and using ORDER BOTTLE.